WAIL! | The CBZ Journal | March 2005


Who's Hosin' Who?
Guest Editorial by Dan Hanley

Poem of the Month
By Tom Smario

Million Dollar Heist
By J.D. Vena

Flynn Outfoxes the Feds
By Robert Carson

Divorced but not Forgotten
By Ron Lipton

A Different Kind of Fight Night
By Ted Kluck

Touching Gloves With...
"Irish" Gil King

By Dan Hanley

A Look Back: Larry Boardman
By Dan Cuoco

The Sweet Science
Reviewed by Katherine Dunn

Cinderella Man [PDF]
By Michael DeLisa

The Good Professor [PDF]
By Don Cogswell

Flashback to the 2004 Hall of
Fame Inductions

Pictorial by Dan Hanley



A gym isn't just a gym
Most of the kids who come here
never make it to the pros
They came here to shadowbox
in front of huge mirrors
and study themselves.
They skip rope, punch bags
spar and learn dicipline
working hard. They listen
to wise old trainers who often
replace missing fathers. Men
who scold them when they need it.
Who knows what a young man
thinks about? The gym is an
asylum for the anarchy of raging
hormones. How different their
lives, how alike their hearts are.

--Tom Smario

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