"Denver" Ed Smith
(Edward Corcoran)
BORN March 17 1865; Birmingham, England
HEIGHT 5-10 1/2
WEIGHT 160-176 lbs
MANAGER Frank Kelly
Smith was a very competitive fighter who had good boxing skills and was quick and bouncy; He began fighting in England but migrated to America shortly afterwards and fought here for most of his career; Nat Fleischer reported his career record (Ring Record Book, 1963) as 57-7-3 with 10 knockouts

"Denver" Ed defeated such men as Mike Cleary, Joe Goddard, John Clow, Dick Matthews, Jim Daly, Larry Farrell and Mike Queenan
          -Smith toured England with Jem Mace and boxed exhibitions

          -Smith reportedly defeated 36 minor opponents in England
       Charlie Mitchell            in England                      D   
          -London Rules were used for this bout;
           Police intervened

          -Smith came to America in 1884 with George Fryer and Alf Greenfield

          -Smith took on all-comers in Baltimore, Md for 6 weeks

          -Smith took on all-comers in Philadelphia, Pa

       Dennis Shay                 Baltimore, Md                   W  4
       Jim O'Day                   New York, NY                    W  4
          -Some sources report "Baltimore, Md"
       Dick Roberts                New York, NY                    W  4
          -Some sources report "Baltimore, Md"
       Tommy Chandler              New York, NY                    W  4
       Dooney Harris               New York, NY                    W   
       Dan Gallagher               Butte, Mt                      KO  3

       Tom Henry                   New York, NY                   KO  4
          -Some sources report "W 4"
Jul 25 Jimmy "One-Eyed" Connolly   Chicago, Il                     L  5
          -Some sources report "W 5";
           Possibly, Connolly lasted and claimed the win

          -Smith joined the Jack Burke Combination and toured America
           giving exhibitions

       Jack Burke                                                 EX   
       Fred Ingalls                Helena, Mt                     KO  2
          -Some sources report "Italy, Mt
Nov  7 John Clow                   Dodge City, Ks                 LF 10
          -Some sources report 10/07/85
           Some sources report "LF 4"
Nov 21 John Clow                   Wichita, Ks                    KO  6
          -Some sources report 10/20/85

May 29 Dick Matthews               Alameda, Ca                    TK  6
          -Police intervened
Jul 24 Herbert Slade               Reno, Nv                       EX  3
Sep  3 Jerry Slattery              Salt Lake City, Ut            SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; Slattery did not show

Dec 25 Roddy Thomas                Philadelphia, Pa                W  4
          -London rules and gloves were used

Oct  1 Larry Farrell               Denver, Co                     KO  2
          -Farrell used the name "Billy Keough"
Oct 13 Con Riordan                 Denver, Co                     EX  3

Feb 21 George LaBlanche            Denver, Co                     NC  2
          -Police intervened;
           Some sources report 3/02/89; 
           Some sources report "W 2"; 
           Some sources report "D 2"
May 17 Patsy Daley                 New York, NY                   KO  7
          -Some sources report "Peter Dailey"
Jun  4 Mike Cleary                 Hot Springs, Ar                KO  1
Jun    Jack Burgess                Moberly, Mo                    LK  8

Jan 21 George Kessler              Denver, Co                     ND  7
Apr  3 Mike Cleary                 Hot Springs, Ar                KO  3
May 19 Peter Jackson               Chicago, Il                    LT  5
Jun 16 Jim Daly                    Buffalo, NY                     W  7
           -Police intervened; Reports vary - "W 7" - "KO 6" - "TK 7" 
Nov 25 George Godfrey              Hoboken, NJ                    LT 23

Dec 12 Tiffin Gilmore              Columbus, Oh                    W  4

Mar  8 Budge Beaucaire             Hull, Ont, Can                 KO  3
Apr  2 Mike Monaghan               Philadelphia, Pa               ND  4
Apr 23 Billy Leedom                Philadelphia, Pa                L  3
          -Some sources report "D 4"
Apr 25 Joe Choynski                Philadelphia, Pa               ND  3
          -Some sources report "LT 4" on 4/30/92
Jun  9 Paddy Shea                  Wichita, Ks                     L 10
          -Smith was better but Shea lasted and claimed the win

Mar  3 Joe Goddard                 New Orleans, La                KO 18
Jul  4 Patrick "Reddy" Gallagher   Denver, Co                      L  4
          -Smith agreed to knock out Gallagher in four rounds;
           Gallagher lasted and was awarded the match; Some call
           this a draw - "D 4"
Jul 14 Peter Maher                 Salt Lake City, Ut             ND  4
Jul 22 Jim Williams                Salt Lake City, Ut             ND  4

Oct  3 Larry Farrell               Denver, Co                     WF  6
          -Farrell used the name "Billy Keough";
           Some sources report "W 6"

Oct    -Smith was offered $3,000 to fight Steve O'Donnell by 
           an Olympic Club (not clear, New Orleans or San Francisco);
           Smith refused

Oct 11 -Smith declared himself Heavyweight Champion of the World
           and challenged anyone to a match
Dec 14 Mike Queenan                Birmingham, Al                 KO  1
Dec 14 Jerry Slattery              Birmingham, Al                  W  4
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Dec 15 Eugene McElroy              Birmingham, Al                  W  4

       Jerry Slattery                                            SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Feb 11 -Smith challenged Jim Corbett to a match
Nov 19 Joe Goddard                 Johannesburg, Trans, SA        LK  4
          -Heavyweight Championship of South Africa;
           Some sources report Heavyweight Championship of the World;
           Some sources report 11/07/96;
           Some sources report 11/09/96
Dec 26 -Smith arrived in New York, NY from South Africa
           on the steamship, "Campania"

May 10 Joe Choynski                New York, NY                   LF  4
          -Some sources report "San Francisco, Ca"

       Jim McCormick               Leadville, Co                  LK  2

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Jim Fell                                                  SCH   
          -The previous bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
       Mike Fitzgerald                                             D  5
          -Reportedly, Smith was the Champion of the Pacific Coast

       Jimmy Murray                New York, NY                    W  3

Jan    George Kessler              Denver, Co                      D   
          -The crowd broke into the ring; Fighting was even between the men;
           Perhaps, this bout is a reference to the 01/21/1890 contest

May 24 L.D. Brown                  Hilo, Hi, Hi                   LF  2

Jun 30 Jack Ryan                   Seattle, Wa                    KO  3

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization