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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Patrick "Reddy" Gallagher
(Patrick Joseph Gallagher)

A chapter (58 pages) about Gallagher is contained
in the book "The only thing I can do is to fight" by
Mark T. Dunn - a work that is highly recommended

           BORN   February 7 1864; Clarksville, Tennessee
(Fought out of Cleveland, Ohio)
  DIED November 13 1937; Denver, Colorado
  HEIGHT 5-7 3/4
  WEIGHT 153 lbs

Gallagher was very athletic; He boxed, wrestled and played football during his career and aspired to be a baseball pitcher; As a fighter, he was described as having great strength and being a hard-hitter who fought in rushes; He also had a long reach and was a quick dodger of punches

Some sources report that Reddy hit harder than "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey, was not second to him in cleverness of foot and had a left hand that, for quickness and weight, was never excelled in the middleweight class; Reportedly, Gallagher held his own in sparring matches with George LaBlanche and "stood off" Jake Kilrain in bouts

Reddy, who got his nickname from his red hair, was described as being a quiet, polite, well-behaved young man who did not drink; During his career, he defeated such men as Jimmy Connolly, Dick Collier and Sam Bittle

After his fighting days, he was boxing instructor at the Denver (Co) Athletic Club, owner of the Lewiston Hotel, operated a real estate company and was sports editor of the Denver (Co) Post (1929-1937).

Many old reports are very contradictory; If anyone discovers conclusive data that disagrees with these fight results, please advise Tracy Callis

Nov 29 -Gallagher challenged Lewis Rabshaw to fight with or without gloves 
          within one week; Rabshaw offered to fight for $50 to $100 without
          gloves to a finish; The outcome is not known

Feb  2 -Gallagher challenged fighters identified as Ed Dillon (the lightweight 
          champion of Michigan, Frank Ryan and Lewis Rabshaw with Dillon 
Jul 28 James "One-Eyed" Connolly  Cleveland, Oh                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
           Criminal action was threatened
Aug 19 James "One-Eyed" Connolly  Cleveland, Oh                     W  6
Sep 11 George LaBlanche           Cleveland, Oh                    EX   
Sep 18 Jimmy Carroll              Cleveland, Oh                    EX   
Nov  2 Al Rumsey                  Cleveland, Oh                    EX  1
          -This bout was scheduled for four rounds but Rumsey
           retired after the first round
Nov 24 Lucien Marc Christobal     Cleveland, Oh                   SCH   
          -This was a wrestling exhibition was scheduled but not held;
           Lucien declined to wrestle due to poor attendance; Only 30 
           people paid to watch.

Jan 25 Pete McCoy                 Cleveland, Oh                     D  6
          -Police intervened and stopped the fight in the sixth round
Mar 18 Dick Collier               Cleveland, Oh                    KO  1
Mar    Jack Fogarty               Pittsburgh, Pa                  SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
            Fogarty broke his hand prior to the contest;
            There are reports that Gallagher defeated
            Fogarty at a later date
May  2 "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey   Cleveland, Oh                     D  6
          -Dempsey broke his left arm just below the elbow 
           in the second round but finished the bout
Jul 28 Charley Mitchell           Cleveland, Oh                     L  6
           -Gallagher retired after six rounds; 
            Mitchell broke his own little finger;
            Some sources report 7/23/87
Sep     -Gallagher went on a sparring tour with Mervine Thompson, 
           O. E. Pooler, Mark Lamb and Al Woods through Ohio
Nov  2 Dick Collier               Cleveland, Oh                    EX  4
Nov 12 Matsada Sorakichi          Cleveland, Oh                    EX   
          -This was a wrestling exhibition; Gallagher won $50 
           by staying 15 minutes with no falls

Feb  7 Sam Bittle                 Cleveland, Oh                     W  6
          -Gallagher knocked Bittle down several times
May 30 Pete Mannen                Cleveland, Oh                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
           Gallagher's mother passed away
Sep 28 Will Zachritz              Cleveland, Oh                    LF  3
          -Gallagher was winning when a foul was allowed;
           The match was awarded to Zachritz
Dec 27 Jake Kilrain               Cleveland, Oh                    EX   
Dec 27 Jake Kilrain               Cleveland, Oh                    EX   
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date;
           Gallagher twice substituted for Charley Mitchell;
           This was part of a "Parson" Davies tour with
           Kilrain and Mitchell

May  8 George LaBlanche           San Francisco, Ca               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
           Gallagher would not agree to the stipulated
           weight of 158 lbs
Jun  1 Martin Flynn               Carlstadt, NJ                     ?   
          -This bout was held; the outcome is not known
Sep    Billy McCarthy             San Francisco, Ca               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
           Gallagher traveled from Cleveland, Oh and 
           could not reach San Francisco in time

May 29 Billy McCarthy             San Francisco, Ca               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
           Gallagher contracted malaria;
           Bob Fitzsimmons was substituted
Oct 18 Matsada Sorakichi          Denver, Co                        W   
          -This was a wrestling match for $3,000;
           Gallagher won in 15 minutes 45 seconds.

Sep 23 Young Mitchell (John Herget) San Francisco, Ca               L 13
          -Some sources report a knock out because Gallagher was unable 
           to continue after thirteen rounds; Others say Gallagher was out 
           cold; Peter Jackson was the referee; The fight was for $5,000
           with $750 to loser

Nov    -Gallagher became Captain of the Denver (Co) Athletic Club
           professional football team; He played right guard

Jan 30 Jess Smith                 Denver, Co                        W  2
          -Gallagher agreed to knock out Smith in two rounds;
           Smith and his backer, Bat Masterson, tried to avoid
           contact to win the prize money of $1,000; Fight was 
           awarded to Gallagher by the referee; Some call it win
           by disqualification of Smith
Jul  4 “Denver” Ed Smith          Denver, Co                        W  4
          -Smith agreed to knock out Gallagher in four rounds;
           Gallagher lasted and was awarded the match; Some call
           this a draw

Oct 13 J. McCormick               Denver, Co                       EX   
          -This was a wrestling exhibition
Oct 28 -Gallagher married and announced that he had promised his wife 
          that he would not fight again

Apr  5 Harry Dunn                 Denver, Co                        W   
          -This was a wrestling match; Gallagher won the 
           Graeco-Roman portion in under 5 minutes; In 
           collar-and-elbow the match was called a draw 
           after more than two hours

Aug  5 Jim Corbett                Denver, Co                       EX   
          -Corbett was preparing for a match with Billy Woods at Cripple Creek, Co
Sep  8 Joe Choynski               Denver, Co                       EX   

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Mar 11 Jack Fogarty               near Pittsburgh, Pa (on a barge)  ?   
          -Reportedly, this bout was held; The outcome is not known

May  9 Mike Lucie                 Troy, NY                        SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

*** Most Data In This Record Was Provided By Mark T. Dunn ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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