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Louie Long

BORN   July 20 1881 (Fought out of Oakland, California and Spokane, Washington)
DIED June 18 1911; near Opal City, Oregon (Some sources report May 30 1911 at Hillman, Oregon); Shot and killed
WEIGHT 125-135 lbs
MANAGER George "Biddy" Bishop
TRAINER Mike Lynch

Long was a formidable warrior who owned a sharp jab and a stunning right hand; He fought anybody, any place, any time; Louie was a popular boxer in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States during the early 20th Century

Louie defeated such men as Caesar Attell, Frank McConnell, Aurelio Herrera and Spider Welch

Aug 20 Kid Healy                  Oakland, Ca                       KO  1
          -Some sources report "W 1"
Sep 24 Kid Chinner                Oakland, Ca                       KO  8
Nov  7 Frank McConnell            Oakland, Ca                        W 10
Dec 27 Joe Curran                 Oakland, Ca                        W   

Jul 24 Hugh McGordon              Oakland, Ca                       KO  4
          -Some sources report "W 4"
Dec 10 Caesar Attell              Oakland, Ca                       KO  4
          -Some sources report "W 4"

Jan 20 Kid McFadden               Oakland, Ca                        D 15
       Frank McConnell            Oakland, Ca                        D   
       Frank McConnell            Oakland, Ca                        L 10
May 29 Spider Welch               San Francisco, Ca                  L 10
Jul  2 Caesar Attell              Vancouver, BC, Canada             KO 12
Sep  7 George Memsic (Jimmy Burns) Vancouver, BC, Canada             L 20
Oct 10 Spider Welch               Oakland, Ca                        W 10
Oct 15 Aurelio Herrera            Vancouver, BC, Canada              D 20
          -Some sources report 10/16/1903

Feb 12 Aurelio Herrera            Anaconda, Mt                      KO  4
Mar  4 Charley Neary              Milwaukee, Wi                      L  6
May 11 Aurelio Herrera            Butte, Mt                          L 20
Oct  6 Jack Clifford              Helena, Mt                        LF 13
Dec 21 Kid Fredericks             Havre, Mt                          D 20

Jan 18 Jack Clifford              Marysville, Ca                     L 20
          -Some sources report 1/21/1905
Apr 29 Jack Cordell               Marysville, Ca                    KO 18
          -Some sources report 5/05/1905
May 29 Dick Hyland                Grass Valley, Ca                  LF  5
Sep  7 Rufus "Rufe" Turner        Sacramento, Ca                    LT  2
          -Some sources report 9/08/1905; some sources report "NC 2"

Jul 24 Johnny Crowe               Everett, Wa                       TK 19

May  5 Maurice Thompson           Spokane, Wa                       LF  4
Jul 11 Kid Sorg                   Vancouver, BC, Canada             KO  5

Apr 25 Eddie Santry               Taft, Ca                           D 20
May  2 Eddie Johnston             Newport, Wa                       KO   
Jul  4 Harry Lombard              Spirit Lake, Id                    D 10

Jan 10 Maurice Thompson           Butte, Mt                         LK  4
Sep 25 Elmer Perkins              Walla Walla, Wa                    W   
Nov 26 Roscoe Taylor              Tacoma, Wa                         D  6
Dec 10 Pete McVeigh               Ruston, Wa                         D  6
          -Some sources report "D 7" in Tacoma, Wa
Dec 20 Billy Butts                                                  KO  5

Jan  4 Billy Butts                Pendleton, Or                     KO  4
Jan  7 Eddie Marino               Spokane, Wa                        D  4
Jan 20 Frankie Edwards            Portland, Or                      WF  6
          -Some sources report "L 6" on 1/25/1910
Feb 11 Roy Standen                North Vancouver, BC, Canada       NC  4
Mar  4 "Oakland" Frankie Burns    Oakland, Ca                       NC   
Mar 23 Frank Smith                Oakland, Ca                        L   
Jun 13 Abe Label                  Tacoma, Wa                         L 10
Jul 19 Kid Forbes                 Butte, Mt                         KO  4
Nov 15 Kid Harrison               Palouse, Wa                       NC   

Feb  5 Eddie Shannon              Spokane, Wa                        D   
May 29 Tom Forhan                 Redmond, Or                       ND   
          -No verdict was reported
Jun 18 -Long was involved in an automobile chase with a Mr. Riley near Opal City, Or;
          At one point, Long stopped to fix a tire; Riley came upon him and shot Long twice
          in the back, and when Long attempted to protect himself, shot him another time;
          Long died; Riley was sentenced to 10 years prison for manslaughter

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Jul  4 Lupe "Beans" Carranza                                         D 20
       Lupe "Beans" Carranza                                       SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known;
          This bout was held approximately one year after the first
       Jack Moran                 San Francisco, Ca                  W  3
       "Utah" Bob Thompson        Oakland, Ca                        W  4
          -Some sources report this bout held in Utah
       George Murphy              Oakland, Ca                        W  3
       George McMurray            Oakland, Ca                        W  5
       George Murphy              Oakland, Ca                        W  1
       Jack Kearns                Oakland, Ca                        W 10
       Jack Dougherty             Oakland, Ca                        W  3
       George Baker               Oakland, Ca                        W 10
       Kid McFadden               Oakland, Ca                        W 10
       Spider Welch               Murrayville, Ca                    W  5
       Tom Herman                 Murrayville, Ca                    W 11
       Eddie Toy                  Murrayville, Ca                    W 17

       Louis "Kid" Scaler                                            W  4

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization