"Utah" Bob Thompson
(Robert Lawrence Thompson)

BORN   c. 1876 (Some sources report 1861)
WEIGHT 133-145 lbs

Thompson was a shifty fighter who was clever and could hit; He performed as a lightweight and then as a welterweight but the scales never bothered him in selecting an opponent; "Utah" Bob's greatest achievement was probably his victory over the young and inexperienced Jack Johnson

During his career, Thompson defeated such men as Jack Johnson, Frank Purcell, William "Kid" Parker, Billy DeCoursey and Tom Carter, who unfortunately died from injuries

Undated (1892-1896)
       Jim Silley                                                   W  4
       Lon Agnew                                                    D  4
       Charles King                                                 W  7
       Frank Morton                                                 W  4
       Arthur Johnson                                               W  3

Jul  2 Frank Richards             in Utah                           W 10
Nov 11 Walter McCampbell          Ogden, Ut                        ND  3 
Nov 17 Frank Richards             in Utah                           D 26

Jan 14 Tom Plater                 Ogden, Ut                        KO  2
          -Some sources report 1/13/93;
           Some sources report "Ben Plator"
Aug  7 Roy Condie                                                  KO  3
Aug 13 John Whittaker                                              KO  3
Oct 26 Montana Kid (Dave Reese)                                     W 15
          -Some sources report "W 5"

Jan 26 Billy Moran                in Utah                          KO  1
Feb  6 Frank Purcell              Salt Lake City, Ut                W 10
Feb  9 Bobby Carroll              Ogden, Ut                         W  6
May 21 Dick "Kid" Irvine          Salt Lake City, Ut               KO  2
          -Some sources report "Kid Ervin"
Jun 13 Bobby Carroll              Ogden, Ut                        KO  6
Oct    Kid Robinson               Denver, Co                        D 16
          -Police intervened
Nov    Billy Mahan                Denver, Co                        D 30
          -Some sources report "D 50"
Dec    Jim Davis                  Cripple Creek, Co                KO  4

Jan 31 Jack Crowley               Cripple Creek, Co                 D 30
Apr 11 Jack Johnson               Galveston, Tx                     W  4
          -Some sources report 1899 
Apr    Nick Burley                Kansas City, Mo                   L  3
Jun 13 Lon Agnew                  Kansas City, Mo                   D  8
Jul  9 Jim Tompkins               Kansas City, Mo                  KO  9

Apr 28 Dick Case                  Salt Lake City, Ut               LK 45
          -Some sources report 4/27/96
Jul 29 Tom Carter                 Salt Lake City, Ut               KO 12
          -Carter died; Some sources report 7/28/96

Apr 14 Lon Agnew                  San Francisco, Ca                LK 12
Jul  2 Harry Woods                San Francisco, Ca                 D 15
Oct 22 William "Kid" Parker       Los Angeles, Ca                  LK 12
          -Some sources report "LT 11" 
Nov 23 Phil "Soldier" Green       Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10

Jan 14 Harry Houston              Los Angeles, Ca                  TK  3
Feb 11 Frenchy Hurst              Los Angeles, Ca                  KO  3
Feb 25 Harry Jones                Los Angeles, Ca                  TK  4
Aug 12 Ben Lewis                  Los Angeles, Ca                  WF  9
Sep  2 William "Kid" Parker       Los Angeles, Ca                   W 15
Oct 14 Jimmy Lawler               Los Angeles, Ca                   W 15
Nov 28 William "Kid" Parker       Los Angeles, Ca                   L 15
          -Some sources report "LK 15"

Mar 30 Jimmy "Spider" Kelly       Los Angeles, Ca                   L 15
May 15 Billy DeCoursey            Los Angeles, Ca                  TK 13
          -Thomspon outweighed DeCoursey by nearly 20 pounds
Sep 25 Billy Gallagher            Los Angeles, Ca                   D 20
          -Some sources report 9/25/98
Oct 21 Mike Leonard               Los Angeles, Ca                  TK  2
Dec 18 Ben Tremble                Los Angeles, Ca                   D 20

Feb 23 Bert Woods                 Stockton, Ca                      D 20
Mar 19 Rufe Turner                Stockton, Ca                     LK 14
Dec  3 Aurelio Herrera            Bakersfield, Ca                   D 10

May 31 Frank Fields               Oxnard, Ca                       LT  6
          -Some sources report 1901

Dec 17 -Thompson was alive and working in Los Angeles, Ca

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Sep  2 William "Kid" Parker       Los Angeles, Ca                   W 15

       Louie Long                 Oakland, Ca                       L  4
          -Some sources report this bout held in Utah

*** Photo And Some Data Provided By The John O. Dunbar Estate ***

*** Some Data Provided By Alan Knox ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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