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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Mose LaFontise
(Mose Jackson)

BORN   Fought out of Butte, Montana
WEIGHT 137-145 lbs
MANAGER Possibly Murray McLean (a cousin of Mose)
LaFontise was a scrappy fighter who happened to be mute; All of his brothers were mute and four were fighters; Two brothers who were boxers were Sid LaFontise and Jack LaFontise

During his career, Mose defeated such men as "Fireman" Jim Flynn, Jerry McCarthy, George "Young" Gibbs, Dave Barry, "Indian" Joe Gregg, Eugene Bezenah, Dave Reese and George "Mystery" Kerwin
Sep 14 Harry Finnick               Duluth, Mn                       L  4
Dec  5 George Phalen               Duluth, Mn                      ND  3

May 25 Billy Heffern               Duluth, Mn                       W 10

Aug 23 C.H. Wheeler                West Superior, Wi               KO  6
Oct 29 Ed Shepard                  Duluth, Mn                      KO 11

Aug 16 George "Biddy" Bishop       Butte, Mt                       KO  3

Feb 27 Martin Denny                Sacramento, Ca                   W 20
Apr 11 Harry Pigeon                Oakland, Ca                      W  8
Jun 15 Dave Reese                  Cripple Creek, Co               KO  6
Aug 16 Frank Bartley               Denver, Co                      LF 12
Sep  4 Jack Kane                   Denver, Co                      KO  2
          -Some sources report 9/05/99
Sep 26 Eugene Bezenah              Denver, Co                       W 20
Oct 30 George "Mystery" Kerwin     Chicago, Il                     KO  2
Nov  6 Jack Bennett                Chicago, Il                      L  6
          -Some sources report 11/07/99
Dec 19 "Fireman" Jim Flynn         Butte, Mt                        W 10

Feb 14 "Fireman" Jim Flynn         Butte, Mt                       TK  4
Mar 22 Tommy Riley                 Butte, Mt                       TK 10

Jul 15 Dave Barry                  Butte, Mt                        W 20
          -Some sources report "Jimmy Barry" on 7/17/01
Aug 31 Tom Tracey                  Butte, Mt                        D 20
          -Some sources report 1903 but the Phila (Pa) Item
          on 9/12/01 reported "recently"
Nov 22 Charles Johnson             Billings, Mt                    KO 20

Mar 14 George "Young" Gibbs        Oakland, Ca                      L 15
May 30 Fred Donovan                Provo, Ut                        L 13
Jun  2 Frank "Buddy" King          Salt Lake City, Ut               D 20
Jun 14 Jack Kelly                  Pocatello, Id                   TK  4
          -Some sources report "KO 10" in "Livingston, Mt"
Jul  5 Jerry McCarthy              Butte, Mt                        W 10
Aug    George Kearns               Pocatello, Id                   KO  5
Oct 27 Eddie Croake                Great Falls, Mt                 KO 11
          -Some sources report 11/07/02
Nov 12 Eddie Cook                  Great Falls, Mt                 KO   
          -Perhaps, the previous 2 bouts are the same
Dec  4 Jerry McCarthy              Butte, Mt                       KO  5
Dec 19 an unnamed opponent         Butte, Mt                       KO   
          -Sources report a "quick" knockout

Feb 26 George "Young" Gibbs        Butte, Mt                       WF  7
May 27 Jack Carter                 Anaconda, Mt                    KO  1
          -Some sources report 5/17/03 in "Butte, Mt"
Jul  3 Joe Walcott                 Butte, Mt                       LK  3
Jul 10 Dixie Kid (Aaron Brown)     Seattle, Wa                     LK 10
          -Some sources report 8/13/03
Sep 26 "Indian" Joe Gregg          Helena, Mt                      KO 13

Aug 15 Jerry McCarthy              Butte, Mt                        L 10
Sep 15 Jerry McCarthy              Butte, Mt                       LK  8
          -Some sources report 9/16/04

Jul 15 Dave Barry                  Butte, Mt                        W 20

Oct 20 -Tacoma (Wa) Daily News reported that LaFontise was 
         then working in the mines near Butte, Montana

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Tye                         San Francisco, Ca                L   
          -Tye reportedly defeated a man named "LaFontise"

*** Photo And Some Data Were Provided By Alan Knox *** 

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization