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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

George "Young" Gibbs

BORN c. 1878 (Fought out of Cleveland, Ohio)
WEIGHT 115-135 lbs
Oct  4 Jeff Powers                  Cleveland, Oh                    KO  5

Jan  1 Jack Hudson                  Cleveland, Oh                     L 20
Jan 23 Tommy McCarthy               Erie, Pa                         KO  2
Mar 19 Denny Gallagher              Erie, Pa                         KO  9
Mar 22 Freddie Green                Cleveland, Oh                    KO  5
Apr  6 Frank "Scotty" Cross         Detroit, Mi                      KO  8
          -This bout was on the Jim Jeffries-John Finnegan card
Apr 18 Frank Stackhouse             Cleveland, Oh                     W 20
Jun 28 Emil Sanchez                 Cleveland, Oh                    KO 17
Jul 26 Eddie Burns                  Cleveland, Oh                     D 20
Oct 22 Kid Herrick                  Akron, Oh                        ND  4
Nov 23 Grant Nickens                Ashtabula, Oh                     D 20
Dec 13 Steve Morrissey              Erie, Pa                         TK 12

Jan  9 Gus Gardner                  Ashtabula, Oh                    KO  8
Jan 14 Joe Youngs                   Youngstown, Oh                   KO 20
          -Some sources report "KO 12"; Some report "KO 14"
Jun 23 Phil Carney                  Cleveland, Oh                    TK  6
Sep  4 George Siddons               near Boston, Ma                  KO  6
Oct 15 William "Cyclone" Kelly      San Francisco, Ca                KO  7
Sep 20 Joe Youngs                   Ashtabula, Oh                    LK 11
Nov 22 Kid Williams                 Oakland, Ca                      KO  7
          -This man was not the famous boxer

Jan 16 "New York" Jack O'Brien      Oakland, Ca                       L 15
Feb  4 Dan Donovan                  Los Angeles, Ca                  KO  2
Feb 18 Jack McDonald                Oakland, Ca                      WF  2
Feb 25 -Phila Item carried a record of George Gibbs 
Mar 14 Mose LaFontise               Oakland, Ca                       W 15
May  9 Tim "Draffin" Murphy         Oakland, Ca                       D 15
Jun 13 Kid Williams                 Stockton, Ca                     TK  8
          -This man was not the famous boxer
Jul 11 Al Neill                     Los Angeles, Ca                   D 20
          -All bets were declared “off” after Neill refused to weigh 
            in and then sat in the ring for a half an hour; Neill was 
            described as “well-built” about the shoulders; In addition,
            he had a “strong aquiline profile” and an “upper lip that 
            goes with a strong face.” Gibbs was described as a lithe,
            graceful black man with a “thin yellow skin soft as satin.”
            The first part of the bout was tame and uninteresting; 
            Neill’s face was covered with gore during the “very hard-
            fought” second half of the bout as the fighting became 
            “more desperate.”
Oct  4 Tommy Reilly                 Seattle, Wa                       L 20
Oct  6 -After being soundly beaten by Tommy Reilly, Gibbs got into
           a “row” with a prostitute in the “disorderly part of town” 
           and was reported that he had beaten her; Gibbs tried to
           avoid being arrested by Patrolman Hubbard, who once was 
           a blacksmith and weighed nearly 300 pounds; Gibbs threw 
           a lighted lamp at Hubbard, which set the house on fire, 
           and then tried to escape; Patrolman Freeman was in Gibbs’ 
           way and an arrest was made; The next day, Gibbs told 
           the judge that that he was guilty of all charges made by
           the patrolmen; Gibbs was fined $10 and costs
Dec 15 Kid Williams                 Seattle, Wa                      NC  7
          -This man was not the famous boxer;
           Police intervened after a fighter swung at the referee
           and then the referee hit the boxer

Jan 29 "Indian" Joe Gregg           Tacoma, Wa                        D 20
Feb 26 Mose LaFontise               Butte, Mt                        LF  7
Mar 26 Jerry McCarthy               Salt Lake City, Ut                D 20
May 13 Jerry McCarthy               Salt Lake City, Ut               LT 10

Mar 12 "Brooklyn" Jack O'Brien      Kansas City, Mo                  TK  5
          -This man was actually "Billy Emerson"
Mar 24 Billy Rhodes                 Kansas City, Mo                  LK 11
Apr 19 Billy Clark                  Old Forge, Pa                    LK  2
Jul 19 Billy Rhodes                 Kansas City, Mo                   L 10
Nov 22 Kid Williams                 Oakland, Ca                      KO  7
          -This man was not the famous boxer

*** Photo Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization