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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Eddie Perkins

BORN   March 3 1937; Clarksdale, Mississippi
DIED May 10 2012; Chicago, Illinois
WEIGHT 133 1/2-147 3/4 lbs
MANAGER Johnny Coulon
TRAINER Frank Tomasco

Perkins was a competitor whose ring skills won a world title for him; He compiled a career record of 75-20-2 with 21 knockouts; During his career, he captured the WBC Light Welterweight Championship of the World, the WBA Light Welterweight Championship of the World and the NABF Welterweight Championship

Eddie defeated such men as Duilio Loi, Armando Muniz, Kenny Lane, Frankie Ryff, Clyde Gray, Carlos Hernandez, Bernabe "Baby" Vasquez, Paolo Rosi, Hilario Morales, Larry Boardman, Gene Gresham, Paul Armstead, Leslie "Bunny" Grant, Joe N'Gidi, Vic Andreetti, Angel Robinson Garcia, Ryu Sorimachi, Domingo Rubio, Hidemori Tsujimoto, Mel Middleton, Borge Krogh, Maurice Cullen, Lion Furuyama, Adolph Pruitt, Mario Rositto, Yoshinori Takahashi, Mauro Vazquez, Bobby Scanlon, Joe Reynolds, Eddie Blay, Johnny Ricco, Jesse Avalos, Frank Flores, Angel Espada and Mackeed Mofokeng

Herb Goldman ranked him as the #19 All-Time Welterweight; He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2008

CHICAGO -- Hall of Fame junior welterweight Eddie Perkins, a two-time champion who fought in more than 20 countries, has died. He was 75.

Perkins, who suffered from dementia and diabetes, died at home in the arms of his son Lawrence on Thursday night, according to the family. Annie Perkins said her husband had just come home from the hospital.

Born March 3, 1937, in Clarksdale, Miss., Eddie Perkins compiled a 26-10 amateur record before turning pro in 1956.

Under the managerial eye of Hall of Famer Johnny Coulon, Perkins developed a crafty style. He fought Italy's Duilio Loi three times in the early 1960s, the first bout ending in a draw. Perkins won the rematch and the junior welterweight title, then lost it in the third bout.

Perkins regained the title in 1963 with a 15-round decision over Roberto Cruz of the Philippines and defended his title twice before losing a disputed decision to Carlos Hernandez.

He retired in 1975 with a 74-20-2 record, including 21 knockouts, and was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2008.

Dec 27 Norman Johnson             Milwaukee, Wi                       L  6

Jan 23 Jerry Jordan               Chicago, Il                         L  4
Apr 17 Jerry Jordan               Chicago, Il                         W  4
May  3 Billy Williams             Louisville, Ky                      W  4
Aug  9 Solomon Boysaw             Cleveland, Oh                       L  6
Sep 11 Jimmy McCoy                Chicago, Il                         W  6
Oct 30 Carlo Sarlo                Chicago, Il                         W  6
Dec 18 Don Ward                   Chicago, Il                         W  6

Jan 14 Chuck Adkins               Chicago, Il                        TK  1
Jan 29 Alan Kennedy               Chicago, Il                         W  6
Mar  4 Willie Dillon              Chicago, Il                        TK  5
Apr 16 Joe Reynolds               Chicago, Il                         W  6
May 14 Cecil Shorts               Chicago, Il                         L  8
Jun 25 Marvin "Candy" McFarland   Chicago, Il                         W  8
Sep 24 Cecil Shorts               Chicago, Il                        TK  2
Nov 12 Frankie Ryff               Chicago, Il                         W 10
Dec 17 Bernabe "Baby" Vasquez     Washington, DC                     TK  7

Jan 21 Lahouari Godih             Washington, DC                      L 10
Apr  8 Paul Armstead              Chicago, Il                         W 10
Jun  4 Hilario Morales            Los Angeles, Ca                     W 10
Sep 24 Carl Hubbard               Philadelphia, Pa                    L 10
Nov 28 Alfredo Urbina             Mexico City, Mexico                LT  7

Jan 12 Larry Boardman             Miami Beach, Fl                     W 10
Mar 30 Chico Rollins              Chicago, Il                        TK  6
May 18 Paolo Rosi                 Chicago, Il                         W 10
Aug 10 Joey Lopes                 Chicago, Il                        TK  7
Sep 28 Gene Gresham               Chicago, Il                         W 10
Nov 18 Francisco Santos           Sacramento, Ca                      W 10

Jan 12 Langston C. Morgan         Los Angeles, Ca                     L 10
Feb 27 Chuck Taylor               Chicago, Il                         W 10
May  6 Bernabe "Baby" Vasquez     Monterrey, Mexico                   W 10
Jun 12 Carlos Hernandez           Caracas, Venezuela                  W 10
Jul 10 Mauro Vazquez              Tijuana, Mexico                     W 10
Oct 21 Duilio Loi                 Milan, Italy                        D 15

Mar 26 Mel Middleton              Philadelphia, Pa                   TK  8
Jun  8 Dick Gilford               Fort Wayne, In                      W 10
Sep 14 Duilio Loi                 Milan, Italy                        W 15
          -WBA Light Welterweight Championship of the World
Dec 15 Duilio Loi                 Milan, Italy                        L 15
          -WBA Light Welterweight Championship of the World

Jan 14 Omrane Sadok               Paris, France                      KO  6
Feb 25 Angel Robinson Garcia      Paris, France                       W 10
Jun 15 Roberto Cruz               Malate, Philippines                 W 15
          -WBC Light Welterweight Championship of the World
          WBA Light Welterweight Championship of the World
Aug 27 Bobby Scanlon              Sacramento, Ca                      W 10
Oct  1 Joey Limas                 Albuquerque, NM                    TK 10

Jan  4 Yoshinori Takahashi        Tokyo, Japan                       KO 13
          -WBC Light Welterweight Championship of the World
          WBA Light Welterweight Championship of the World
Apr 18 Leslie "Bunny" Grant       Kingston, Jamaica                   W 15
          -WBC Light Welterweight Championship of the World
          WBA Light Welterweight Championship of the World
Jun 24 Les Sprague                Regina, Sask, Canada                W 10
Sep  6 Mauro Vazquez              Monterrey, Mexico                  TK  8
Sep 18 Mario Rositto              Bogota, Colombia                    W 10

Jan 18 Carlos Hernandez           Caracas, Venezuela                  L 15
          -WBC Light Welterweight Championship of the World
          WBA Light Welterweight Championship of the World
Apr 16 Johnny DePeiza             Port-of-Spain, Trinidad/Tobago      W 10
Aug  3 Jose Napoles               Juarez, Mexico                      L 10
Oct 25 Kenny Lane                 New Orleans, La                     W 12

May  2 Mel Ferguson               Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  8
Jul 31 Lennox Beckles             Georgetown, Guyana                  L 10
Sep 25 Eugenio Espinoza           Quito, Ecuador                     NC  3

Feb 14 Vic Andreetti              London, England                    TK  8
Mar  4 Joe N'Gidi                 Soweto, Natal, SAfrica              W 10
Apr  3 Adolph Pruitt              Las Vegas, Nv                       W 10
May 29 Paul Armstead              Las Vegas, Nv                       W 10
Aug 19 Nicolino Locche            Buenos Aires, Argentina             L 10
Oct  2 Adolph Pruitt              Las Vegas, Nv                       W 10
Dec  5 Angel Robinson Garcia      Milan, Italy                        W 10
Dec 19 Joao Henrique              Sao Paulo, Brazil                   D 10

Sep 30 Fernand Simard             Quebec, Que, Canada                KO  6
Oct 19 Mackeed Mofokeng           Soweto, Natal, SAfrica              W 10

Jan  2 Borge Krogh                Copenhagen, Denmark                 W 10
Mar 15 Richard "Kid" Borias       Durban, Natal, SAfrica              W 10
Mar 29 Joseph Sishi               Durban, Natal, SAfrica              W 10
Jun  5 Maurice Cullen             Copenhagen, Denmark                 W  8
Jul 11 Joao Henrique              Sao Paulo, Brazil                   L 10

Feb 16 Dino Del Cid               Chicago, Il                         W 10
Mar 25 Lion Furuyama              Tokyo, Japan                        W 10
Apr 27 Clyde Gray                 Chicago, Il                         W 10
Jul 21 Pedro Adigue Jr.           Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                 TK  5
Jul 26 Leslie "Bunny" Grant       Kingston, Jamaica                   L 10
Aug  8 Hidemori Tsujimoto         Tokyo, Japan                       TK  8
Sep  3 Johann Orsolics            Vienna, Austria                    KO  4
Sep 19 Raul Rodriguez             Chicago, Il                        NC  5
Nov 20 Don Davis                  Vienna, Austria                     W 10
Dec 19 Domingo Rubio              Santiago de Chile, Chile           TK  6

Mar 10 Dorman Crawford            San Jose, Costa Rica               TK 10
Oct 18 Angel Espada               San Juan, Puerto Rico               W 10

Apr  8 Frank Flores               Tucson, Az                          W 10
Apr 17 Jesse Avalos               Niles, Il                           W 10
May 13 Frankie Lewis              Chicago, Il                         W 10
Jul  8 Victor Ortiz               San Juan, Puerto Rico               L 10
Dec 15 Nelson Ruiz                Barquisimeto, Venezuela            KO 10

Jan 30 Armando Muniz              Denver, Co                          W 12
          -NABF Welterweight Championship
Mar 24 Aristeo Castro             Tucson, Az                         KO  2
Apr 21 Johnny Rico                Tucson, Az                          W 10
May 25 Eddie Blay                 Vienna, Austria                     W 10

Mar 22 Armando Muniz              Tucson, Az                          W 12
          -NABF Welterweight Championship
Apr 27 Angel Robinson Garcia      Tucson, Az                          W 10
May 13 Ryu Sorimachi              Tokyo, Japan                        W 10
Aug 16 Rocky Mattioli             Melbourne, Vic, Australia           L 10
Oct 26 Maxwell Malinga            Johannesburg, Transvaal, SAfrica    L 10
Nov 11 Shoji Tsujimoto            Tokyo, Japan                        L 10

May 31 Franz Csandl               Cologne, Germany                    L  8

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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