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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Black Dynamite

Kyle Whitney

BORN   Fought out of San Francisco, California
WEIGHT 147 lbs
MANAGER Ben Kunelman



Whitney was a talented fighter who compiled a fine record in the days when few "setups" were provided for young fighters; During his career, he fought for the Colored Welterweight Championship of the World

Kyle defeated such men as Dixie Kid (Aaron Brown), Billy "Honey" Mellody, Dick Sullivan, Andy Morris, Al Benedict, "Young" Jack Johnson, "Battling" Bill Hurley and fought "Draws" with Mike "Twin" Sullivan, Frank Mantell and Ralph Calloway; Some sources report that he defeated Joe Walcott

Oct 20 Jim Horn                   San Francisco, Ca                   L  4
Nov 17 Charley Geraghty           San Francisco, Ca                   W  4
Dec  8 Otto Knopp                 San Francisco, Ca                  KO  2

Jan  5 Harry Reilly               San Francisco, Ca                   L  4
Feb 16 Freddie Haas               San Francisco, Ca                   W  4
Sep  7 Ed Carter                  San Francisco, Ca                   W  4
Nov  9 "Sailor" Frank Gordon      San Francisco, Ca                   W  4
Dec 14 George Martin              San Francisco, Ca                   W  4

Jan 11 Mike McClure               San Francisco, Ca                   D  4
Mar  1 "Smiling" Joe Kelly        San Francisco, Ca                   W  4
Mar  8 Joe Mitchell               San Francisco, Ca                  KO  4
Apr  5 Joe "Spider" Welsh         San Francisco, Ca                   W  4
Apr 11 George Herbert             Vallejo, Ca                         D 20
May 31 George Peterson            San Francisco, Ca                  TK  4
Jun 21 Beans Carranza             San Francisco, Ca                  TK  3
Jul  5 Dick Hart                  San Francisco, Ca                  TK  2
Jul 26 Roughhouse McDonald        San Francisco, Ca                   D  4
Sep  2 Ed Carter                  Colma, Ca                          KO  6
Oct 25 Dick Sullivan              Marysville, Ca                      L 12

Mar 26 Billy Burke                Vallejo, Ca                        KO  2
May  6 Ralph Calloway             San Francisco, Ca                   D  4
May 30 Dick Sullivan              Vallejo, Ca                        KO 19
Jun 26 Jack Gardner               San Francisco, Ca                  LT 13
          -Some sources report 5/05/08
Sep 13 Jack O'Keefe               Vallejo, Ca                        TK  6

Feb 19 Al Neill                   San Francisco, Ca                  LK 14
May 26 Mike "Twin" Sullivan       San Francisco, Ca                   D 20
          -Some sources report 5/25/09
Jun 25 Howard Baker               Sacramento, Ca                      D 20
Sep 20 Harry Mansfield            Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  6
Oct 12 "Young" Jack Johnson       Boston, Ma                          W 12
          -Some sources report "W 10"
Nov  8 Billy Rolfe                Boston, Ma                          W 10
Nov 19 Mickey McDonough           Manchester, NH                      W 15
          -Some sources report "W 10"

Jan 14 Billy "Honey" Mellody      Boston, Ma                          W 10
Jan 19 Andy Morris                Salem, Ma                           W 10
          -Some sources report "KO 7"
Mar 15 Dixie Kid (Aaron Brown)    Boston, Ma                          W  8
Apr 19 "Battling" Bill Hurley     Lawrence, Ma                        W 15
          -Some sources report "W 10";
          Some sources report 4/19/09
May 13 Joe Walcott                Brockton, Ma                       TK  9
          -Some sources report "W 7";
          Some sources report "NC 8"
Aug 11 Frank Mantell              Webster, Ma                         D 12
Sep 19 Al Benedict                Glens Falls, NY                    KO  5
Nov 14 Jumbo Wells                Troy, NY                            D 15
          -Some sources report "ND-W 15" in "Watervliet, NY";
Nov 14 Kid Henry                  Watervliet, NY                     ND 15
          -Were the previous 2 bouts held the same date ?
Nov 22 Christy Williams           Boston, Ma                          D 10
Dec  5 Kid Henry                  Schenectady, NY                    NC  7
Dec 22 Hayward Briggs             Millvale, Ma                       TK  8
          -Perhaps, this bout was held in "Millvale, Pa"

Jan 25 Eddie Palmer               Memphis, Tn                         L  8
Jan 26 Hock Bones                 Memphis, Tn                         L  8
Feb 20 Hock Bones                 Memphis, Tn                         D  8
          -Some sources report "W 8" on 2/25/11
Mar 23 Jeff Clark                 Lawrence, Ma                        D 12
          -Some sources report "L 12"

Dec 16 Willie Langford            Albany, NY                         ND 10

Jan 18 Hock Bones                 Brooklyn, NY                       ND 10
Jul 14 Gorilla Jones              Memphis, Tn                         W  8
          -This man was not the famous William "Gorilla" Jones

Feb 11 "Young" Peter Jackson      New Orleans, La                     W  6
          -This man was not the famous "Young" Peter Jackson
May  4 Eddie Palmer               New Orleans, La                     L 20
          -Colored Welterweight Championship of the World
Apr    Eddie Palmer               New Orleans, La                    LK 16
Sep 14 Eddie Palmer               New Orleans, La                     L 20

Mar 18 Gorilla Jones              New Orleans, La                    TK  8
          -This man was not the famous William "Gorilla" Jones

Jan 14 Young Wilson               New Orleans, La                    KO  4
Mar  5 Jeff Clark                 Tulsa, Ok                           L 15
Sep 25 Jack Downey                Salt Lake City, Ut                  L  6

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Feb 25 Young Ashport              Brockton, Ma                       TK  2
          -Ashport fought "Young" Whitney;
          Was "Young" Whitney the same as "Kyle Whitney"

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization