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Rinsing off the Mouthpiece
By GorDoom

Current Champions, Top Contenders, and Fighters to Watch Out For
By Adam Pollack

Hopkins-De La Hoya: A True Boxing Super Bowl
By Dean Vios

They Sure Don't Get Any Easier
By Orion Foote

The Best Argentinean Fighters of All Time, Class by Class
By MartŪn Cameron

Hand Speed Among the Big Fellows
By Don Cogswell

Flashback to the 2003 Hall of Fame Inductions
Pictorial by Dan Hanley

Vince Martinez
By Dan Cuoco

Black Dynamite: Len Johnson
By Rob Howard

Wes Ramey
By Tracy Callis and Keith Palmer

Henry Hank, One of Boxing's Forgotten Warriors
By Dan Cuoco

Joe Gans, the Old Master

Joe Gans: Championship Years
Two Articles By Monte Cox


























Current Champions, Top Contenders, and Fighters to Watch Out For

by Adam Pollack 



Vitali Klitschko: His fights with Lennox Lewis and Corrie Sanders fights have the public excited about a heavyweight again. The guy can fight.

Corrie Sanders: Letís see someone else take those left-hand bombs.

Lamon Brewster: Toughness, chin, and heart are qualities very few heavies have shown lately, and they earned him a win against Wladimir Klitschko. But Brewster didnít exactly follow it up against Kali Meehan.

Wladimir Klitschko: Still a dangerous, entertaining puncher, despite absence of chin, conditioning, and pacing.

Jameel McCline: Huge guy with good conditioning. Donít count him out.

Chris Byrd: Defensive specialist; minimal offense means heíll never be dominant or entertaining.

Andrew Golota: Was redeemed somewhat against Byrd, but always quits against punchers, which Byrd is not.

John Ruiz: His wins actually reduce opinions of him. Hugging and grabbing should not make a champion.

Hasim Rahman: Still a former champ with a good jab, heart, and some pop.

David Tua: Canít box but still a huge puncher. Needs to get in the ring.

Fres Oquendo: Still a test for most.

Joe Mesi: Showed some toughness in his last two, but that may have cost him his career, which is TBA until more is known about his medical condition.

Monte Barrett: Good boxer and a test for anyone.

Danny Williams: Against Tyson he showed a chin, heart, speed, good pop, conditioning, and good combinations for a man that big.

Kali Meehan: Tougher than expected against Brewster.

Kirk Johnson: Embarrassed by Wlad, but still okay in todayís division.

James Toney: Keep in mind, his only heavy win was against a shot Evander Holyfield, and heís coming off a long layoff as a result of injury. September 23 bout against Booker might be more competitive and duller than most expect.

Mike Tyson: Still a dangerous puncher. No shame in losing to Williams.

Vassiliy Jirov: Truly a cruiser, showed in the Mesi fight he can be a threat at heavy.

Rydell Booker: Former Golden Gloves champion. Pretty quick. Has recent wins over Arthur Williams, Uriah Grant, and Art Jimmerson.



Audley Harrison (17-0): Olympic gold medalist in 2000. Older guy, but big, tall, strong, and fights southpaw. Has faced nobodies.

Calvin Brock (20-0): Good amateur background, he was the 2000 U.S. Olympian and beat Dominick Guinn in the amateurs. Win over undefeated Terry Smith was a bit of a step up. May have some chin issues, but picks his punches well.

Juan Carlos Gomez (37-1): After a long layoff, he got stopped by Yamplier Azcuy when caught cold. But still donít entirely count him out. He has good speed, punches often, has good footwork, and a difficult southpaw style.

Nicolai Valuev (37-0): Good record but has been protected, fighting mostly nobodies. Needs to step it up. Fact that he hasnít and is older than 30 says his people know something. How often have 6-foot-10 heavyweights had a chin?

Samuel Peter (20-0): Won his first test against Charles Shufford.

Dominick Guinn (25-1): Lost to Barrett but still a commodity in the wide-open division.




Wayne Braithwaite: Looks to be one of the better cruiserweights in a while.

OíNeal Bell: Could eventually make a great entertaining fight with Braithwaite.

Jean Marc Mormeck: Wins over Virgil Hill and Gurov.



Valery Brudov (28-0): Good record but hasnít fought anyone.

Felix Cora, Jr. (10-0): Recent bouts with Simms Jr. have put him on the map.




Antonio Tarver: Heís the man now, but where does he go from here?

Roy Jones Jr.: Ray Robinson dealt with losses. Can he? Scheduled September 25 bout with experienced Glencoffe Johnson.

Zsolt Erdei: Recent win over Julio Gonzalez gives him the lineal title (Gonzalez beat Michalczewski close). Solidified claim with close win over previously undefeated Hugo Garay.

Julio Gonzalez: Still a fun guy to watch.

Dariusz Michalczewski: Now maybe youíll come to America? Still a durable, hard puncher, but Gonzalezís style was all wrong for him.



Hugo Garay (20-1): Made it close with Erdei in losing majority decision.

Rico Hoye (17-0): Recent knockout win over Richard Hall.




Joe Calzaghe: At 37-0, simply the best at this weight. Should be a superstar but has not been moved as well as he should be.

Manny Siaca: Just beat Anthony Mundine.

Anthony Mundine: Beat Echols but has ironic KO loss to Sven Ottke, and just lost to Siaca.

Antwun Echols: Head case lost to Mundine, but still a big puncher who can make for an entertaining fight with the right matchup.



Jeff Lacy (16-0): Big punch but susceptible to being outboxed. Has hand problems.

Anthony Hanshaw (18-0): Quick boxer but not much power. Lost to Jermain Taylor in the Olympic Trials.

Mikkel Kessler (34-0): Recent wins over Dingaan Thobela and Julio Cesar Green.




Bernard Hopkins: The champ until someone takes it from him. Showed some age against William Joppy.

Oscar De La Hoya: Will have to be at his best for Hopkins.

Felix Sturm: Lost to Jermaine Taylor in the 2000 Olympics. Fight with De La Hoya proved he has the skill to hang with anyone.

Jermain Taylor: Looks to have the right stuff.

Howard Eastman: Would be a better test than Joppy was.

Trinidad vs. Mayorga: October 2 fight should be a great one and the winner should automatically become a top contender. Questions are how much Trinidad has lost in long layoff, particularly in regards to his chin and condition against a man who may test both, and how effective Ricardo will be at a higher weight against a man as strong as or stronger than him.



Tarvis Simms (19-0): Hasnít fought anyone, but his brother just won a championship.

Kelly Pavlik (21-0): Opposition not the best, but is a former top U.S. amateur and has a KO2 win over Grady Brewer, who just defeated young contenders Anthony Thompson and Sechew Powell.

Jesus Gonzales (11-0): Former top amateur southpaw is young and developing with the right manager in Cameron Dunkin.




Ronald ďWinkyĒ Wright: Has finally proven heís the best at the weight thanks to gutsy Mosley giving him the opportunity.

Shane Mosley: Should consider going back to 147 or getting a better manager. Canít figure why he thinks he can defeat Wright in rematch. Will have to completely overhaul game plan if he expects to win.

Kassim Ouma: Has earned a shot. His entertaining style matches well with anyone.

Daniel Santos: Proved toughness in bout with Antonio Margarito.

Travis Simms: Switch-hitter coming off impressive win over former undefeated Alejandro Garcia for WBA crown.



Paul Williams (23-0): Tall southpaw looks to have some potential.

Peter Manfredo, Jr. (21-0): Fairly protected; best wins a 2002 KO7 over shot Frankie Randall, and í04 KO over then 17-0 Sherwin Davis, who had KO win over former 2000 Olympian Dante Craig. Manfredo is coming off a win over Anthony Bonsante.

Marco Antonio Rubio (23-0-1): Lately making a name for himself.

Yuri Foreman (14-0): Pretty good, intelligent amateur boxer, just getting started as a pro, but not much power.




Cory Spinks: Slick but somewhat stinky style will be tough for anyone to beat. Looked pretty good against an aging Gonzalez, but still couldnít get a knockout.

Vernon Forrest: Still a good boxer and a threat to anyone, Spinks included.

Antonio Margarito: Title opportunity was well past due, so he moved up to 154 and lost questionable decision to Santos. This guy is tall, strong, and a very busy, nonstop puncher.

Zab Judah: Blew it against Spinks.



Kermit Cintron (24-0): May be the next Trinidad. Entertaining, hard puncher.

Ishe Smith (14-0): Solid in all departments, but might lack that something special.

Thomas Damgaard (34-0): Good record, but at 32, this southpaw might need to make his move quickly.




Kostya Tszyu: The great champ who might finally be defeated by injuries and inactivity. Sharmba Mitchell has been keeping sharp and active.

Sharmba Mitchell: Willing to take on anyone; credit him for that.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Would like to see if he can take a punch at this weight. Have to give it up to him for fighting DeMarcus Corley, who could have spelled trouble for him.

Arturo Gatti: The guy who has given the most to the sport; always dangerous against anyone.

Ricky Hatton: Looks to have the right stuff and is coming along well.

Vivian Harris: Donít forget about this guy. Has improved and can punch too, despite lone loss to Ray Oliveira.

Juan Valenzuela: Tough as nails, hard worker, a heart tester who will make you earn it.

James Leija: Win over Francisco Bojado puts him up there again.



Miguel Cotto (21-0): Moving along nicely; can box and punch, looks to be the real deal. Overcame tests in former champ Bazan, undefeated Maussa, NíDou (who previously gave Mitchell hell) and previously undefeated amateur nemesis Pinto.

Mohamed Abdulaev (14-1): Still strong, very entertaining style; only loss a fight he had won easily until stopped in the last round.

Demetrius Hopkins (15-0-1): Young boxer moving along carefully.

David Diaz (25-0): Southpawís career has moved slowly, but coming off wins over Gallardo, Augustus and Ener Julio.

Antonio Mesquita (30-0): Good record, but at 31, needs to step it up.

Paul Malignaggi (18-0): Probably lacks sufficient power in todayís deep field.




Diego Corrales: Wins over Joel Casamayor and Acelino Freitas redeemed him.

Jose Luis Castillo: Still a tough dude, as he proved against Juan Lazcano.

Acelino Freitas: Guy can punch like hell, but moved too much against Diego.

Paul Spadafora: Busy puncher who stays in range can be good match for anyone.

Juan Diaz: Entertaining, aggressive, active style, always comes to fight in shape; looked good against Lavka Sim. Question will be his chin against the top dogs.

Joel Casamayor: Still a threat to anyone.



Jose Miguel Cotto (24-0): Just starting to step up the competition.

Jose Armando Santa Cruz (17-0): Tall lightweight still developing.

Koba Gogaladze (15-0): Coming off win over Lamar Murphy.

Urbano Antillon (13-0): Seen on HBO Latino against Adan Hernandez, still developing.




Erik Morales: Always in a good fight. Rubber match with Barrera should be excellent.

Marco Antonio Barrera: Never count out this veteran.

Robbie Peden: Shocker win against Campbell.

Nate Campbell: Still a good fighter, but needs to pay attention at all times.

Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai: Coming off win over Steve Forbes. Has wins over Lakva Sim and Lamont Pearson.



Mike Anchondo (25-0): Short stature, good punch, seems wild.

Jason Litzau (11-0): Former amateur just getting started.




Manny Pacquiao: Dream match with Marquez was excellent. Could there be a rematch?

Juan Manuel Marquez: Overcame tendency to choke and get conservative against the better fighters; proved his skill and will in gritty performance against the Pac man.

In-Jin Chi: Entertaining, durable fighter.

Chris John: WBA champ needs more exposure.



Rocky Juarez (21-0): Olympic silver medalist coming along, but recent close ones shows he needs more experience before moving to the top.

Steven Luevano (24-0): Former top amateur southpaw improving, but lacks power.

Roberto Guerrero (13-0-1): Tall southpaw coming off win over Enrique Sanchez.




Oscar Larios: Entertaining fighter on very good win streak since last loss to Jorrin, which he avenged by KO1.

Israel Vazquez: Lost to Larios, but wins over Jorge Julio and Jose Luis Valbuena have earned him another shot.



Joan Guzman (21-0): Strong as a bull, entertaining hard puncher. Good win over Agapito Sanchez.

Jose Aguiniga (24-0): Entertaining and improving.

Ricardo Cordoba (22-0): Young southpaw may be one to watch.




Rafael Marquez: Awesome and entertaining, can box and punch. One of the best pound-for-pound today.

Veeraphol Sahaprom: Unbeaten since 1996; could be the test for Marquez.



Silence Mabuza (16-0): Power puncher is untested.

Steve Molitor (19-0): Southpaw coming off win over Hugo Dianzo, but lacks power.

Daniel Ponce De Leon (20-0): Powerful southpaw.

Gabriel Elizondo (17-0): Awesome fight with Donaire in 2001 proved he has skill and heart. Weakness is lack of power.

Mike Oliver (6-0): Beginning career but was pretty good amateur. Someone help him get fights.




Marc Johnson: Like Zaragoza, old vet in defeating Montiel proved he still has a few good ones left.

Martin Castillo: Deserves shot after getting ripped off against Machado.

Fernando Montiel: Still a talented fighter despite loss to Johnson.

Masamori Tokuyama: WBC champ undefeated since 1997, has wins over Penalosa.

Alexander Munoz: Good record and powerful but hasnít fought anyone.

Eric Morel: Dream matchups could be against Johnson or Montiel. Lone loss questionable.

Luis Perez: Beat Machado twice.

Katsushige Kawashima: Coming off KO rematch win over Masamori Tokuyama, who was unbeaten since 1997.



Jose Navarro (20-0): Good amateur with solid skill but lacks strength or speed.

Luis Maldonado (28-0): Needs to step it up but appears to have some pop.




Lorenzo Parra: Close win over former undefeated Morel to win the title. Can box and has some pop. Recently defeated former champ Yosam Choi.

Irene Pacheco: Undefeated IBF champ.

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam: At 52-2, heís the most experienced fly, and this WBC champion southpaw hasnít been defeated since 1996.



Vic Darchinyan (21-0): At 29, southpaw stepping it up against Pacheco.

Brahim Asloum (16-0): Former 2000 gold medalist moving along.

Brian Viloria (15-0): Good power, entertaining; moving along nicely.

Omar Narvaez (16-0-2): Southpaw, at 28, needs to step it up.

Glenn Donaire (12-1): Entertaining.




Jorge Arce: Good boxer coming off KO win over Melchor Cob Castro; won title with KO win over Yo-Sam Choi, who defeated Saman Sorjaturong (who defeated Humberto Gonzalez). Arceís last loss was in a great 1999 fight with Michael Carbajal. Arce was leading on the cards but stopped in the 11th round.

Rosendo Alvarez: Still a tough one and gave Ricardo Lopez his toughest fights, but problem has been inconsistency. Coming off draw with Burgos.

Beibis Mendoza: Three tough and close ones with Alvarez shows heís still a threat. Last defeated Yo-Sam Choi.

Victor Burgos: Coming off KO win over Alex Sanchez and draw with Alvarez, but so-so results before that.

Nelson Dieppa: Tough veteran.




Daniel Reyes: Coming off KO wins over Leyva and Cardenas.

Eagle Kyowa: Just beat Aguirre for the WBC crown.

Yutaka Niida: Just defeated veteran Noel Arambulet

Juan Landaeta: Has loss to Arambulet; win and draw against Chana Porpaoin. Has scheduled 10-30 bout with Niida.



Ivan Calderon (20-0): Undefeated southpaw lacks power but defeated Alex Sanchez and Edgar Cardenas and Roberto Leyva recently.

Rodel Mayol (18-0): Good power for a little guy.

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