JUNE 2005

Poem of the Month
By Tom Smario

Cinderella Man
Book Excerpt by Mike DeLisa

Entertaining Fighters and Prospects
By Adam Pollack

Fatty Langtry: Pudgy
Pugilist of the Past

By Robert Carson

John Klein: 19th-Century
Trainer Extraordinaire

By Pete Ehrmann

Ring Leader
By Ron Lipton

Incentives in Professional
Boxing Contracts

By Rafael Tenorio

Fight Town
Book Excerpt by Tim Dahlberg

The Regulation of Boxing
on Tribal Lands:
Towards a Pan-Indian
Boxing Commission

By James Alexander

Spotlight on Cut Man Lenny DeJesus
By Sam Gregory

Dick Wipperman
by Pete Ehrmann

Jack Johnson: The Dates,
the Events, the Sources

by Stuart Templeton

Touching Gloves with...
"Irish" Art Hafey

by Dan Hanley

Last Time Around

Me and "The Bucket"
are working our last fight card
next week. Boxing's future
dances like two desperate lovers
in a dingy old bar minutes before
closing time. The jukebox
is tired, the music obsolete.
Only it's history overflows
with rich hallelujahs

Now I'm 55. I grew up
with black and white television.
In twenty-something years
I've made 246 trips to the corner.
America changed. The public
wants Shock & Awe. Joe Louis
couldn't hold their attention.
Now it's Ultimate Fighting
and Mixed Martial Arts
and believe me, these guys
are talented. Many are educated.
They sport the same tatoos
as the young rabid audience
and pierce body parts Joe Louis
didn't know he had.

"The Bucket" who is a hard-core
boxing pervert can't deny it.
He understands history.
Hell, he knew Davey Moore,
Janis Joplin and Jimmy Reed.
All dead, overflowing with history,
nevertheless. On the other hand
I never knew any of them. But
I know boxing. Now I'm
the Cutman for the great
Randy Couture.

--Tom Smario

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