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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Billy Snailham

BORN   Fought out of San Francisco, California
WEIGHT 122-150 lbs

Snailham was a capable fighter who had careers in the ring as a boxer, trainer, promoter and referee; He also operated a famous training camp; Aside from his boxing involvements, outside the ring he was a member of the Bridge & Structural Ironworkers Organization

Billy defeated such men as Solomon "Solly" Smith, C. Attell, "Fighting" Dick Hyland, Tommy Feltz, Johnny Ritchie, Billy DeCoursey and Joe "Spider" Welsh

Jun 29 Joe "Spider" Welch         San Francisco, Ca                  W  3
          -Welch fought "W. Snailham"

Jul  4 Willie Schoenbein          San Francisco, Ca                  W  3
          -Some sources report "KO 3" vs. "Billy Schoenbein" in 1904
Dec 20 Tommy Gilfeather           San Francisco, Ca                  D 10

Jan 25 Tommy Gilfeather           Oakland, Ca                        D 15
Mar 25 Dennis "Kid" McFadden      Oakland, Ca                       LK  8
          -Some sources report "LK 7"
Apr 15 Tommy Gilfeather           Stockton, Ca                      KO  8

Feb  5 Mississippi                Oakland, Ca                       LK  9
         -Some sources report "LK 8" on 2/06/03
Jun 18 Mike Memsic                Portland, Or                      LT  6
Aug  1 John "Silent" Rowan        Bingham, Ca                        D 20
Oct  9 Johnny Ritchie             Victoria, BC, Canada               W 20

Aug 10 Kid Texas                  San Diego, Ca                      D 20
Aug 26 Solomon "Solly" Smith      San Diego, Ca                     KO  3
          -Smith went down to avoid Snailham's blows
Oct  5 Johnny Ritchie             San Diego, Ca                      D 20
          -Featherweight Championship of the Pacific Coast
Dec  1 Benny "Kid" Solomon        San Diego, Ca                      D 15

Jan 31 Jockey Bennett             San Francisco, Ca                  W 10
Mar 10 Bobby Johnson              Vallejo, Ca                       KO  4
Mar 24 Billy DeCoursey            San Diego, Ca                      D 15
May  5 "Fighting" Dick Hyland     Sacramento, Ca                     W 20
Nov 22 Johnny Crowe               Sacramento, Ca                     W 20
Nov 28 Danny Lynch                Vallejo, Ca                       TK  6
          -Perhaps, the verdict wass "W 6";
           This bout may have involved Billy's brother

Feb 28 Johnny Crowe               Sacramento, Ca                     D 20
Sep 28 Johnny Crowe               Everett, Mi                       KO 13
          -Crowe died in the dressing room as a result of the 
           knockout; Snailham hit Crowe with a combination to
           the kidney and heart; Crowe collapsed in the ring
           and died without regaining consciousness; The autopsy
           showed that Crowe had an enlarged heart, stomach 
           problems, and a clot in the brain; Snailham had
           fought Crowe at least three times in the past year,
           and Crowe had been knocked out during a fight with
           Louie Long just two months before

Jan 14 Tim Callahan               Vallejo, Ca                       D 20
          -Some sources report 1/15/07;
          Some sources report "Los Angeles, Ca"
Jul  2 Rufus "Rufe" Turner        San Diego, Ca                     D 20
Dec 19 Louis "Kid" Scaler         Sacramento, Ca                   LK  9

Mar 20 Louis "Kid" Scaler         Bakersfield, Ca                   L 20
Apr 24 Tommy Feltz                Sacramento, Ca                    W   
Apr 30 Tommy Feltz                Buffalo, NY                       W 20
Jul  4 Tommy Feltz                Chico, Ca                         W 20
Aug 21 Danny Webster              Los Angeles, Ca                   L 20
          -Some sources report 8/17/08

Feb 25 Charley Reilly             San Francisco, Ca                 D  4
Mar 18 "Oakland" Frankie Burns    San Francisco, Ca                LK  1
          -Some sources report "California" Frankie Burns

Oct 19 Kid Moler                  Stockton, Ca                     LF   
          -Some sources report 10/25/11 vs "Kid Molan"  

May 10 -Snailham referred the William Hickman (Al McCoy)-Robert Turney bout
          in San Francisco, Ca; Tunney died

*** The Following Bouts Were Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Frank McConnell                                               W  3
       Joe Bradshaw                                                  W  4
       Joe Fields                                                    W  3
       Jack Nolan                                                    W  4
       Joe Bradshaw                                                  W  4
       C. Attell                                                     W 20
          -This man may have been "Caesar Attell"
       Jimmy Ryan                                                   KO  2
       George Curran                                                KO  2

       Al Craford                                                   KO  1
       J.H.V. Duskey                                                KO  1
       J.H. Faceo                                                   KO  2
       Billy Connolly                                               KO  1
       Jack Murphy                                                  KO  1
       Teddy Moran                                                  KO  1
       Jack Stone                                                   KO  4

       Johnny Crowe                                                  W 20

*** Bottom Photos Were Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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