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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Mike Rossman
(Albert Michele DePiano)
(the "Jewish Bomber")

BORN   July 1 1955; Turnersville, New Jersey (Some sources report 1956 in Philadelphia, Pa)
WEIGHT 151-179 lbs
MANAGER Jimmy DePiano
CUT MAN Eddie Aliano

Rossman was a solid fighter - with a very stiff punch; Using that weapon, he began boxing at the age of 14 and had 23 amateur bouts before turning professional; As a pro, he relied mostly on that weapon and on the night that he put all of his skills together, he won the Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

During his career, he defeated such men as Victor Galindez, Aldo Traversaro, Mike Quarry, Ray Anderson, Lonnie Bennett, Christy Elliott, Mike Nixon, Gary Summerhays and Luke Capuano

Rossman was inducted into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame in 1995

Aug 10 Stanley Dawson              Atlantic City, NJ               KO  2
Sep 24 Robert Ziegler              Philadelphia, Pa                TK  3
Oct 22 Herman Nance                Philadelphia, Pa                TK  1
Oct 31 Larry Parker                Baltimore, Md                   TK  1
Nov 14 Nat Dixon                   Scranton, Pa                    KO  3
Dec  8 Lester Camper               Atlantic City, NJ               TK  6
Dec 15 Ed Townsend                 Scranton, Pa                    KO  2
Feb  9 Maximo Pierret              Scranton, Pa                     W  6
Feb 18 Greg Burch                  Philadelphia, Pa                 W  6
Mar 20 Joey Blair                  Scranton, Pa                    TK  6
Apr 29 Tyrone Freeman              Philadelphia, Pa                 W  6
Mar 29 Walter Riley                Scranton, Pa                    KO  1
Jun 17 Ray Hernandez               New York, NY                     W  6
Jul 15 Nat Dixon                   Philadelphia, Pa                 D  8
Jul 29 Mike Baker                  New York, NY                     W  8
Sep  9 Nat Dixon                   New York, NY                    TK  4
Oct 25 Mike Morgan                 New York, NY                     W  8
Nov 22 John Pinney                 New York, NY                    TK  5
Dec 11 Harold Richardson           Scranton, Pa                    TK  3

Jan 21 Matt Donovan                Largo, Md                        W 10
Feb 17 Matt Donovan                Philadelphia, Pa                 W 10
Apr 29 Dave Adkins                 Landover, Md                     W 10
Mar 19 Mike Nixon                  Binghamton, NY                   L 10
Aug  1 Mike Nixon                  Las Vegas, Nv                   KO  7
Sep 30 Mike Quarry                 New York, NY                     L 10
Dec 19 Al Styles                   Scranton, Pa                     W 10

Feb 13 Casey Gacic                 Owings Mills, Md                 D 10
Mar  8 Gene Wells                  New York, NY                     W 10
May 14 Jose Anglada                Weehawken, NJ                   KO  9
Jun 12 Tony Licata                 New Orleans, La                  L 10
Aug  6 Steve Smith                 Atlantic City, NJ               TK  6
Sep 28 Christy Elliott             Bronx, NY                       TK  3
Nov 10 Christy Elliott             South Orange, NJ                 D 10
Dec 11 Mike Quarry                 Las Vegas, Nv                    W 10

Mar  2 Ray Anderson                New York, NY                    TK  4
May 11 Mike Quarry                 New York, NY                    TK  6
Jul 17 Marcel Clay                 Miami Beach, Fl                 KO  1
Sep 29 Gary Summerhays             New York, NY                     W 10

Mar  2 Alvaro "Yaqui" Lopez        New York, NY                    LT  6
May 24 Lonnie Bennett              Philadelphia, Pa                TK  2
Jul 15 Matt Ross                   Atlantic City, NJ               KO  2
Sep 15 Victor Galindez             New Orleans, La                 TK 13
          -WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
Dec  5 Aldo Traversaro             Philadelphia, Pa                TK  6
          -WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

Apr 14 Victor Galindez             New Orleans, La                 LT 10
          -WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
Sep 18 Ramon Ronquillo             East Rutherford, NJ             LT  6

Jul 12 Don Addison                 Atlantic City, NJ                W 10
Sep  9 Al Bolden                   Atlantic City, NJ               KO 10
Nov 13 Luke Capuano                Chicago, Il                      W 10

Feb 22 Luke Capuano                Chicago, Il                      W 10
May 31 Dwight Qawi                 Atlantic City, NJ               LT  7

Apr 13 Charles Smith               Atlantic City, NJ               TK 10
Jun 15 Al Fracker                  Atlantic City, NJ               TK  6
Aug 17 Robert White                Atlantic City, NJ                W 10
Nov 23 Henry Sims                  Atlantic City, NJ               TK  5

*** Assistance Provided By
Seth Callis ***

*** Some Data Provided By
David Flood ***


Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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