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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

James "Gunner" Moir

BORN   April 17 1879; London, England
DIED June 12 1939; London, England
WEIGHT 176-204 lbs

Moir was a raw, muscular fighter and a crude battler; He lacked a smooth style but always gave it his all; According to some sources, Moir was the Heavyweight Champion of Great Britain during his career; He was most famous for his fight with Tommy Burns for the Heavyweight Championship of the World

During his career, he defeated such men as "Bombardier" Billy Wells, Ben Taylor, Peter Felix, Jack Palmer, James "Tiger" Smith, Bill Heveron and Harry "Slounch" Dixon

Jun 20 Fred Barrett               London, England                     W  1
Jul 11 Charles Haghey             London, England                     L  6
Jul 25 Harry "Slounch" Dixon      London, England                    LK  4
Sep 26 Charlie Wilson             London, England                    LT  2
          -Some sources report "L 2"
Oct  5 Sergeant Harris            London, England                    KO  8
Dec 12 Sergeant Merekel           London, England                    KO  1

Feb 15 Bill Heveron               London, England                     W 10
Mar 21 Harry "Slounch" Dixon      London, England                     W 10
Apr 18 Gunner Hewitt              London, England                    KO  2
May 30 Ben Taylor                 London, England                     W 10
Dec 20 Bill Smith                 Sydney, NSW, Australia             TK  6
          -Some sources report "W 6"

Feb 13 Peter Felix                Sydney, NSW, Australia             KO  2
          -Some sources report 2/14/05

Feb 26 Jim Casey                  London, England                    KO  8
Oct 29 Jack Palmer                London, England                    WF  9
          -BBBC Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain

Feb 25 James "Tiger" Smith        London, England                    KO  1
          -BBBC Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain
Dec  2 Tommy Burns                London, England                    LK 10
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World

Apr 19 William "Iron" Hague       London, England                    LK  1
          -EBU Heavyweight Championship of Europe;
          BBBC Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain
Jul 23 "Young" Jack Johnson       London, England                    LK  2

Feb 23 Arthur Cripps              Sydney, NSW, Australia             LF  7
          -Some sources report "Dave Smith";
          Some sources report "WF 7"
May 23 Matthew "P.O." Curran      Mountain Ash, Wales                LF  2

Jan 11 "Bombardier" Billy Wells   London, England                    KO  3
Mar 24 Dan "Porky" Flynn          Manchester, England                LF  4

Sep  2 Matthew "P.O." Curran      London, England                    LK  1
Nov 18 Hawker Wilson              London, England                     L  6

Sep 10 "Bombardier" Billy Wells   London, England                    LK  5
          -BBBC Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain

*** Much Data Provided By Jan Skotnicki ***
Compiled By Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization