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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Title Claimant

Ernesto Marcel
("Flat Nose")

BORN   May 23 1948; Colon, Panama
WEIGHT 114 1/2 - 131 lbs

Marcel was a talented boxer who boxed well and hit well; He was talented when he began fighting and got even better as he gained experience; He won the WBA Featherweight Championship of the World, Featherweight Championship of the Panama and the Bantamweight Championship of Panama during his career

Ernesto defeated such men as Alexis Arguello, Samuel Serrano, Alfredo Marcano, Bernardo Caraballo, Antonio Gomez, Jose Arranz, Romiro Bolanos, Jose Smecca and Miguel Riasco

Apr 17 Valentin Worrell           Colon, Panama                      KO  1
May 22 Guillermo Porter           Colon, Panama                       W  4
Jul 24 Carlos Harris              Colon, Panama                       D  4
Aug 28 Leroy Carghill             Colon, Panama                       W  4
Sep 25 Luis Mochila Rodriguez     Colon, Panama                       W  4
Dec  3 Herbert Locke              Panama City, Panama                TK  5

Feb 26 Lazaro Frutos              Panama City, Panama                TK  2
Apr  1 Santos Pena                Panama City, Panama                KO  3
May 20 Agustin Cedeno             Colon, Panama                       W  8
Jul  2 Miguel Riasco              Colon, Panama                       L  8

Jan 20 Mario Molo                 Colon, Panama                       W  6
Feb 23 Encarnacion Guerrero       Colon, Panama                       W  6
Jun 30 Agustin Cedeno             Panama City, Panama                 L  8
Oct 17 Frank Leroy                Caracas, Venezuela                  W  8
Nov 16 Senen Rios                 Colon, Panama                      TK  9
Dec 22 Cammy Beto                 Colon, Panama                       W 10

Feb 28 Juvencio Guerrero          Colon, Panama                      KO  5
Mar 22 Eliodoro Pitalua           Colon, Panama                      KO  6
Apr 26 Eugenio Hurtado            Colon, Panama                      TK  6
          -Bantamweight Championship of Panama
Jun  1 Eugenio Hurtado            Panama City, Panama                 W 10
Jun 14 Jose Gonzalez              Colon, Panama                      TK  7
Jul 19 Julio Davis                Colon, Panama                      KO  3
Aug 23 Bernardo Caraballo         Colon, Panama                      KO  2
Oct  4 Freddie Rengifo            Colon, Panama                      KO  2
Dec 13 Miguel Riasco              Colon, Panama                      TK  8

Mar  7 Aurelio Muniz              Monterrey, Mexico                   W 10
Mar 20 Chano Herrera              Acapulco, Mexico                   KO  2
May 16 Roberto Duran              Panama City, Panama                LT 10
Aug  1 Miguel Riasco              Panama City, Panama                 W 12
          -Featherweight Championship of Panama
Oct 31 Alfredo Marcano            Panama City, Panama                 W 10
Nov 21 Wilson Yambo               Colon, Panama                      TK  3

Jan 23 Angel Macias               Panama City, Panama                KO  6
May  4 Alfredo Marcano            Caracas, Venezuela                  W 10
Aug 14 Jose Arranz                Panama City, Panama                TK  5
Oct  2 Mani Roque                 Colon, Panama                      KO  3
Nov 11 Kuniaki Shibata            Matsuyama, Japan                    D 15
          -WBC Featherweight Championship of the World

Feb  5 Jose Smecca                Panama City, Panama                KO  1
Jun 10 Jose Luis Lopez            Panama City, Panama                KO  1
Aug 19 Antonio Gomez              Maracay, Venezuela                  W 15
          -WBA Featherweight Championship of the World
Dec  2 Enrique Garcia             Panama City, Panama                TK  6
          -WBA Featherweight Championship of the World

Mar 17 Leonel Hernandez           Maracay, Venezuela                  L 10
May 19 Ramiro Bolanos             Panama City, Panama                 W 10
Jul 14 Antonio Gomez              Panama City, Panama                TK 12
          -WBA Featherweight Championship of the World
Sep  8 Shigemitsu "Spider" Nemoto Panama City, Panama                KO  9
          -WBA Featherweight Championship of the World
Dec  5 Samuel Serrano             Panama City, Panama                 W 10

Feb 16 Alexis Arguello            Panama City, Panama                 W 15
          -WBA Featherweight Championship of the World
May    -Marcel announced his retirement from the ring

*** Assistance Provided By Seth Callis ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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