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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Title Contender

Eddie Machen
(Edward Mills Machen)

BORN   July 15 1932; Redding, California
DIED August 8 1972; San Francisco, California
WEIGHT 192-200 lbs
MANAGER. Dave Mills, Christie Louis, Sid Flaherty
TRAINER Christie Louis, Al Silvani

Machen was a talented boxer with a fine left jab and fast hands; He won his first 24 bouts before experiencing a draw; A top contender during most of his career, he is famous for his wins over Nino Valdes and his surprising loss to Ingemar Johansson that eliminated his chance at a heavyweight title shot against Floyd Patterson

He defeated such men as Jerry Quarry, Nino Valdes, Bob Baker, Wayne Bethea, Julio Mederos, Joey Maxim, Benny Wise, Johnny Summerlin, Howard King, Tommy "Hurricane" Jackson, John Holman, Pat McMurtry, Willi Besmanoff, Billy Hunter, Brian London, Doug Jones, Roger Rischer, Mike DeJohn, Duke Sabedong, George "Scrap Iron" Johnson and Joey Orbillo

Mar 22 Raul Flores                 Sacramento, Ca                  KO  1
Mar 29 Ed Robertson                Richmond, Ca                    KO  1
Apr 13 George Kennedy              San Francisco, Ca               KO  1
May 14 Clarence Williams           Redding, Ca                     KO  3
Jun 22 Artie Lucido                New York, NY                    KO  1
Aug  8 Shamus Jones                San Francisco, Ca               KO  2
Aug 26 Frank Buford                San Francisco, Ca               KO  8
Sep 13 Bill Davis                  Richmond Ca                     KO  1
Sep 27 Howard King                 Richmond, Ca                    KO 10
Nov 22 Max Chris                   Richmond, Ca                    KO  1
Dec 12 Benny Wise                  San Francisco, Ca                W 10

Feb 22 Julio Mederos               San Francisco, Ca                W 10
Apr 16 Nino Valdes                 San Francisco, Ca                W 10
Jun 18 Matt Jackson                San Francisco, Ca               KO  4
Jul 11 Nino Valdes                 Miami Beach, Fl                 KO  8
Aug 16 Walter Hafer                Portland, Or                    KO  4
Sep  4 Julio Mederos               Portland, Or                     W 10
Oct 24 John Holman                 Portland, Or                    KO  7
Dec  5 Johnny Summerlin            Syracuse, NY                     W 10

Jan 25 Joey Maxim                  Miami Beach, Fl                  W 10
May  3 Joey Maxim                  Louisville, Ky                   W 10
Jul 24 Bob Baker                   Chicago, Il                      W 10
Sep 18 Edgardo Romero              Portland, Or                    KO  5
Nov 13 Tommy "Hurricane" Jackson   San Francisco, Ca               KO 10

Apr  9 Zora Folley                 San Francisco, Ca                D 12
Sep 14 Ingemar Johansson           Goteborg, Sweden                LK  1

Mar  5 "Young" Jack Johnson        Portland, Or                     W 10
Mar 31 Clarence Williams           Sacramento, Ca                  KO  9
May 20 Reuben Vargas               San Francisco, Ca                W 10
Jul 22 Reuben Vargas               Portland, Or                    KO  6
Aug 11 Garvin Sawyer               Fresno, Ca                       W 10
Sep 16 Willi Besmanoff             Portland, Or                     W 10
Oct 27 Pat McMurtry                Portland, Or                    KO  1

Jan 18 Zora Folley                 San Francisco, Ca                L 12
Feb 26 Billy Hunter                New York, NY                    KO  9
May 20 Alex Miteff                 New York, NY                     W 10
Jun  8 Alonzo Johnson              Chicago, Il                      W 10
Sep  7 Charles "Sonny" Liston      Seattle, Wa                      L 12
Dec 19 Wayne Bethea                Portland, Or                     W 10

Feb 22 Garvin Sawyer               Stockton, Ca                    KO  5
Apr 10 Mike DeJohn                 San Francisco, Ca                W 10
Jul  1 Harold Johnson              Atlantic City, NJ                L 10
Sep 16 Mike DeJohn                 Syracuse, NY                    KO  9
Oct 17 Brian London                London, Eng                     KO  5
Dec  2 Doug Jones                  Miami Beach, Fl                  W 10

Apr 23 Bert Whitehurst             Los Angeles, Ca                 KO  6
May 28 Roger Rischer               San Francisco, Ca                W 10
Jul 10 Cleveland Williams          Houston, Tx                      D 10

Sep 18 Ollie Wilson                Santa Monica, Ca                KO  6
Oct 12 Alonzo Johnson              Santa Monica, Ca                KO  9
Nov  5 Bill McMurray               Sacramento, Ca                  KO  7
Nov 30 Dave Bailey                 Reno, Nv                        KO  8

Feb 17 Duke Sabedong               San Francisco, Ca               KO  1
Jul  5 Floyd Patterson             Stockholm, Sweden                L 12

Mar  5 Ernie Terrell               Chicago, Il                      L 15
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World
May 10 Elmer Rush                  San Francisco, Ca                D 10

Feb  3 Karl Mildenberger           Frankfurt, Ger                   L 10
Jun  3 Manuel Ramos                Los Angeles, Ca                  L 10
Jun 23 Joey Orbillo                Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10
Jul 15 Jerry Quarry                Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10
Sep 29 George "Scrap Iron" Johnson Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10
Nov 21 Joe Frazier                 Los Angeles, Ca                 LT 10

Mar 28 Henry Clark                 Sacramento, Ca                   L 12
May 26 Boone Kirkman               Seattle, Wa                     LK  3

          -Machen announced his retirement from the ring 

*** Assistance Provided By Seth Callis ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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