Harry Harris
(the "Human Scissors")

BORN   November 18 1880; Chicago, Illinois
DIED June 5 1959; New York, New York
HEIGHT 5-7 1/2
WEIGHT 115 lbs
RECORD 39-2-7 (14 KO, 6 ND)

Harris, who began his career at age sixteen, was a masterful boxer and a good hitter; He fought a draw with the great Jimmy Barry in 1899 and when Terry McGovern abandoned the Bantamweight class in 1900, Harris claimed the title; His claim was disputed, however, until he defeated the English Champion, Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer, in 1901; Harris later became too heavy, vacated the title and moved up in weight

During his career, Harris defeated such men as "Torpedo" Billy Murphy, Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer, "Harlem" Tommy Murphy, Casper Leon, Harry Ware, Johnny Reagan, Barney "Kid" Abel, Morris Rauch and Charles Roden

Charley Rose ranked Harris as the #10 All-Time Bantamweight; He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2002; He is also a member of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

Apr  5 Dennis Mahoney             Chicago, Il                       W  5
Jun 12 Young Sweeney              Chicago, Il                       W  4
Sep  2 Archie Bernard             Chicago, Il                      KO  2

Oct  4 Dave Rosenberg             Chicago, Il                       W  3
Oct 16 Lee LaBlanche              Chicago, Il                       W  4
Nov  3 Chick Brooker              Chicago, Il                       W  3
Nov 18 Lee LaBlanche              St. Louis, Mo                     W  4
Dec 14 John Whitecraft            Flint, Mi                        KO  3
Dec 27 Morris Rauch               Chicago, Il                       D  6

Mar  7 Link Pope                  Chicago, Il                       W  6
Mar 19 Harry Sincere              Chicago, Il                       W  6
Apr  2 Morris Rauch               Chicago, Il                       W  6
Apr 16 Dan Lucas                  Chicago, Il                       W  6
Sep  9 George Ross                New York, NY                      W 10
Sep 24 Tut Reilly                 New York, NY                     KO  9
Oct 14 Billy "Kid" Trueman        New York, NY                     KO  6
Nov 12 Frank "Pinky" Evans        Brooklyn, NY                      W 10
Nov 22 Charles Roden              New York, NY                     KO  9

Jan 24 Kid Purdy                  Chicago, Il                       W  6
Jan 28 George Pardy               Chicago, Il                       W  6
Feb  7 Steve Flanagan             Chicago, Il                       L  6
Feb 24 Dick Sleif                 Chicago, Il                      KO  1
Mar 17 Larry Lacey                Chicago, Il                       W  6
May 19 "Torpedo" Billy Murphy     Chicago, Il                      KO  4
Jul  7 Sigmund "Sig" Hart         Davenport, Ia                     W 15
Aug  4 Sigmund "Sig" Hart         Clinton, Pa                      KO  6
Aug 10 Joe Hugelett               Davenport, Ia                    TK  3
Sep  1 Jimmy Barry                Chicago, Il                       D  6
Sep 22 Steve Flanagan             Chicago, Il                       D  6
Oct 14 Steve Flanagan             Chicago, Il                       D  6
Oct 18 Tim Callahan               Chicago, Il                       W  6
Nov 14 Billy Casey                Chicago, Il                      KO  5

Jan 20 Barney "Kid" Abel          Chicago, Il                      KO  3
Jan 27 Kid Carter                 Chicago, Il                      KO  2
Feb 28 Barney "Kid" Abel          Chicago, Il                       D  6
May 25 Morris Rauch               Chicago, Il                       D  6
May 29 William "Buddy" Ryan       Chicago, Il                       W  6
Jul  7 Tony Moran                 New York, NY                      W 10
Sep 21 Paddy Donovan              Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Oct  2 Jack Ryan                  Chicago, Il                       W  6
Oct 16 Casper Leon                Chicago, Il                       W  6
Oct 26 Johnny Reagan              Chicago, Il                       W  6
Oct 30 Dennis "Kid" McFadden      Chicago, Il                       W  6
Nov 27 Clarence Forbes            Chicago, Il                       L  6

Mar 18 Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer     London, England                   W 15
          -Bantamweight Championship of the World
Apr 15 Harry Ware                 London, England                   W 15
       Al Kirk                    Chicago, Il                      KO  3

Feb 27 Austin Rice                Chicago, Il                       D  6
Mar 26 Danny Dougherty            Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
          -Dougherty almost knocked Harris out in the 5th round
       Jack Chambers                                               KO  6

Dec 14 Barney "Kid" Abel          New York, NY                     ND  3

Mar 31 Jack Goodman               New York, NY                     ND  3

Feb 14 Jack Goodman               New York, NY                     ND  6
Mar 11 Jack Goodman               New York, NY                     ND  6
Jun  3 "Harlem" Tommy Murphy      New York, NY                     WF  8

          -Harris retired from the ring and went into the theatrical business

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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