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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Jim Franey

BORN August 15 1873; Portland, Oregon (Fought out of Cincinnati, Ohio)
DIED August 17 1899; San Francisco, California
WEIGHT 140 lbs


Franey was a capable fighter who built an impressive record up to the last year or two of his career; When he met Frank McConnell in the ring, he sustained injuries that proved fatal and he died the next day

Among those he defeated were Jimmy Murray, George McKenzie, Charles "Rough House" Burns and "Australian" Jim Ryan

       Ed "Dud" Evans             Portland, Or                      W  3
          -Some sources report 8/27/98
       Billy Carr                 Portland, Or                      D 72
       Billy Carr                 Portland, Or                     KO 10
       Jim Kelly                  Portland, Or                     KO  3
          -Bare Knuckles were used
       J. Cooper                  Portland, Or                     KO  7
          -Bare Knuckles were used
       Billy Robson               Portland, Or                     KO  2
          -Bare Knuckles were used
       Charley Thompson           Salt Lake City, Ut                W  4
       Jim Conners                Salt Lake City, Ut               KO  2
       Mat Kelly                  Salt Lake City, Ut               KO  3
       Tom McCabe                 Salt Lake City, Ut               KO  2
       Sidney Nugent              Minneapolis, Mn                   W  6
          -Some sources report "Sidney Mudget"
       Billy Woodside             Minneapolis, Mn                   W  5
          -Some sources report "W 6"
       Jack Kelly                 Minneapolis, Mn                   W  7
       Tom Martin                 Minneapolis, Mn                  KO  2
       Elmer Gardner              St. Paul, Mn                     KO  2
          -Bare Knuckles were used; Some sources report "KO 1"
       Jack Sullivan              St. Paul, Mn                      W  3
       Denny Kelly                St. Paul, Mn                     KO  3

Apr 12 Charles Gannon             Portland, Or                     ND  3
          -Some sources report "W 4" at Indianapolis, In;
           Some sources report "W 3"

Jun  5 George McKenzie            St. Paul, Mn                     KO 11
          -Some sources report "KO 6";
           Some sources report "KO 6" in a second bout at "St. Paul";
           Some sources report a first bout may have been at "Minneapolis, Mn"

Sep  5 Jimmy Murray               Louisville, Ky                   KO  6
          -Some sources report 11/16/95 in Cincinnati, Oh;
Dec  5 Frank Fisher               New York, NY                     LF  4
          -Some sources report "LK 4" vs "Harry Fisher"

Feb 25 Charles McKeever           Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  4
          -Some sources report "W 6"
Mar  7 Owen Ziegler               Philadelphia, Pa                 LT  4
          -Some sources report 02/26/1896; Some sources report "ND 4"
       Leslie Pierce              Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
May 14 "Wilmington" Jack Daly     Wilmington, De                    D 10
          -Some sources report "D 11"
Jun 11 "Wilmington" Jack Daly     Wilmington, De                   LT 10
          -Police intervened; Some sources report "D 10"
       Billy Payne                Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  3
          -Police intervened
Dec 16 Charles "Rough House" Burns Cincinnati, Oh                   W 10
Dec 31 Jack Cooney                Cincinnati, Oh                   KO  2

Mar  1 Barney Smith               Cincinnati, Oh                   KO  1
May 17 Charles "Rough House" Burns Cincinnati, Oh                  KO  5
       Charles "Rough House" Burns Cincinnati, Oh                   W 10
Aug  9 Charles "Kid" McCoy        Cincinnati, Oh                   EX  4
          -Franey lasted and claimed "W 4"

Sep 26 "Australian" Jim Ryan      Louisville, Ky                   WF 11
          -Some sources report "KO 11";
           Some sources report 9/27/98
Nov 11 "Australian" Jim Ryan      Louisville, Ky                   LT  4
          -Some sources report 11/23/98;
           Franey sprained an ankle and could not continue
Dec 19 "Australian" Jim Ryan      Cincinnati, Oh                    D 10
          -Some sources report "W 10"

Jun 16 Charlie Goff               San Francisco, Ca                LK  9
          -Some sources report 6/17/99;
           Some sources report "L 19"
Aug 16 Frank McConnell            San Francisco, Ca                LK 14
          -McConnell knocked Franey unconscious in the 14th round;
           He regained consciousness a few hours later but died on
           the following day

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Billy Gallagher            St. Paul, Mn                     KO  5
       Charles Slusher            Louisville, Ky                   KO  2

*** Much Data Was Provided By Luckett Davis ***

*** Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

*** Photo And Some Data Was Provided By Alan Knox ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization