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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion

Thomas "Tom" Cribb
(the "Black Diamond")

BORN   July 8 1781; Hanaham, Gloucestershire, England
DIED May 11 1848; Woolwich, London, England
HEIGHT.. 5-10
WEIGHT 189-199 lbs

Cribb is one of England's most celebrated champions; He made "milling on the retreat" acceptable as a mode of fighting; Upon his retirement in 1822, he was awarded a lion-skin championship belt, the first "title belt"; After retirement, Cribb maintained "The Union Arms" on Panton Street in Picadilly, London for many years, until he lost it in 1839

Cribb was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1954 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991

          -Cribb returned from service in the British Navy

Jan  7 George Maddox             Wood Green, Eng            (2:12:00) W 76
Feb 15 Tom "Tough" Blake         Blackheath, Eng            (1:30:00) W 20
May 21 Ikey Pig                  Blackheath, Eng              (30:00) W 11
Jul 20 George Nichols            Blackwater, Hants, Eng     (1:30:00) L 52
Oct  8 Bill Richmond             Hailsham, Sussex, Eng      (1:30:00) W 

Apr  8 Jem Belcher               Moulsey Hurst, Eng           (55:00) W 41
          -Cribb was knocked out in round 18 but had
          broken his right hand; The fight was allowed to 
          continue and Cribb won 35 minutes later

May 10 George Horton             Woburn, Eng                          W 25
Oct 25 Bob Gregson               Moulsey Hurst, Eng           (45:00) W 23
          -Cribb claimed the Championship of England
       an unnamed opponent                                            W   

Feb  1 Jem Belcher               Epsom Downs, Eng             (40:00) W 31
          -Championship of England

Dec 18 Tom Molineaux             Copthall Common, Eng         (55:00) W 33
          -Championship of England;
           Some sources report "W 40"

Sep 28 Tom Molineaux             Thistleton Gap, Eng          (19:10) W 11
          -Championship of England

Dec  2 -A Silver Champion's Cup was awarded to Cribb 
          at Castle Tavern, Holborn

       Symonds, the Jew          Cripplegate, Eng                     W   
       Massa Kendrick                                                 W   
          -This was a "private" fight;
           The date seems unlikely due to Kendrick's age
       Tom Molineaux                                                 EX   

Jun 15 -Cribb sparred before the Emperor of Russia                          EX   

Nov  7 an unnamed opponent                                    (20:00) W   

Mar 11 Carter                                                        EX   
Apr 15 Bitton                                                        EX   
          -This bout was part of a Benefit for Bill Richmond
May 15 Tom Oliver                                                    EX   

Apr  1 Dan Donnelly              Strand, Eng                         NC   

Feb  1 Jack Carter               London, Eng                   (1:00) W  1

Apr 24 an unnamed opponent                                           EX   
May  9 Bill Neate                Bath, Eng                           NC   
Jul 19 -Cribb served as a Page at the Coronation of King George IV 

May 18 -Cribb anounced his retirement from the ring and relinquished 
          the Championship of England; He was awarded a lion-skin belt
          that was later purchased by Tom Sayers

Record courtesy of Jan Skotnicki, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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