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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Black Dynamite

William "Bill" Richmond
(the "Black Terror")

BORN   August 5 1763; Cuckold's Town, Richmond, Staten Island, New York
DIED December 28 1829; Haymarket, London, England (Some sources report December 29 1829)
HEIGHT.. 5-9
WEIGHT 152-168 lbs

Richmond was born a slave and taken to England by an English military man who found him when fighting in America; Young Bill was given an education, taught trades and became a cabinet maker; He worked as an apprentice, was well-liked and described as polite, intelligent, communicative, humorous and an excellent cricketer

But, Bill insisted on wearing bright, gaudy clothes that brought about much taunting by his peers; In addition, he received more agitation due to his eye for the young, white ladies; Bill obliged the jeers by settling matters with his fists

Reportedly, Richmond was the hangman who executed Nathan Hale on September 26, 1776; He was also famous as the trainer and manager of Tom Molineaux, who fought the British Champion, Tom Cribb, in 1810 and 1811; Following his retirement from boxing, he operated a pub in London and also set up a boxing academy

Richmond was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1999

Undated (Early Fights)
       George "Dockey" Moore      York, England               (25:00) W   
       an unnamed opponent        York, England                       W   
       an unnamed opponent        York, England                       W   
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
       an unnamed opponent        York, England                       W   
       Frank Meyers               York, England                       W   
          -This was an "impromptu" fight
       Whipmaker Green            London, England             (10:00) W   

Jan 23 George Maddox              Wimbledon Commons, England          L  3

May 21 Youssop, the Jew           Blackheath, England                 W  6
Jul  8 Jack Holmes                Cricklewood Green, England  (39:00) W 26
          -Some sources report "Kilburn, England"
Oct  8 Tom Cribb                  Hailsham, Sussex, England (1:30:00) L   

Apr  9 Isaac Wood                 Combe Wood, England                 W 23
Apr 14 Jack Carter                Nuneaton, England           (25:00) W   
          -Some sources report "Epsom Downs, England"
       an unnamed opponent        near Wildsen Green, England  (2:00) W   
       Atkinson                   Golder's Green, England     (20:00) W   
Aug  9 George Maddox              near Margate, England               W 52

May  1 Jack Power                                             (15:00) W   

May  3 Jack Davis                                             (20:00) W 13

Aug 11 Tom Shelton                Moulsey Hurst, England      (29:30) W 23

May 23 Hall                                                          EX   
May 23 Tom Oliver                                                    EX   
Dec 20 an unnamed opponent                                           EX 

Feb 12 Harry Harmer                                                  EX   
Mar 11 Harry Harmer                                                  EX   
Apr 15 Harry Harmer                                                  EX   

Nov 12 Jack Carter                                                    W  3
          -This was an "impromptu" fight

Apr 25 an unnamed opponent                                           EX   

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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