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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Freddie "Red" Cochrane

BORN May 6 1915; Elizabeth, New Jersey
DIED 1993; Elizabeth, New Jersey
HEIGHT 5-7 1/2
WEIGHT 126-148 lbs
MANAGERS Willie Gilzenberg, Larry Corbett

Cochrane was a scrapper who had a good start to his career, then hit an up-down period; After a couple of years, he peaked again and was at his best during 1940-1941; At this time, he won the Welterweight Championship of the World

Freddie defeated such men as Fritzie Zivic, Lew Jenkins, Jack "Kid" Berg, Johnny Jadick, Maxie Fisher, Pete Lello, Tommy Spiegel and Mickey Cohen

Bio by GorDoom

Despite (or maybe because of), his rather mundane career as a professional fighter; Freddie Cochrane did achieve one immutable mark in boxing history . . . He ranks in the all-time top ten of the most pedestrian fighters too ever become a true linear world champion.

Like modern day mutts like Billy Backus (welterweight), Jorge Vaca (welterweight) & Michael Moorer (heavyweight), among unfortunately too many others; Freddie the Red was somehow in the right place at the right time with the right connections.

What can you say about a boxer who had lost 30 fights before he won the welterweight title? His title winning "effort " against Fritzie Zivic on July 29th 1941 was one of the most blatantly fixed title bouts in history . . . Freddie's manager, the crafty Willie Gilzenberg, was heavily rumored too have more than a passing acquaintance with the bent-nose crowd . . .

Anyhow, "Red" turned pro in '33 & maintained his undercard status for years. Even losing a fight to the once great, but by then totally shot, former featherweight & jr. lightweight champion Benny "Little Fish" Bass in 1937.

Cochrane was a fighter with no discernible talents. He wasn't a slick boxer or a KO puncher -- or a gutsy fighter like a Greb, Berg, LaMotta, Fullmer, Basilio or Antuofermo -- who overcame their physical deficiencies with sheer guts & will. Cochrane was a nonentity & let's be blunt about it . . . a mobbed up fighter who also fortuitously had World War II extend his dismal career . . . For example, after he won the welterweight title, he engaged in an over the weight non-title fight with another mobbed up fighter, lightweight champion, Lew Jenkins, in which he won a 10 round decision. He followed that up with another 10 round decision the same year (1941), against no-hoper Bobby Britton on December 19th in Miami (a favored wintering spa for the mob).

Cochrane started 1942 with a whimper, losing a 10 rounder to Garvey Young in Boston. Then, on September 15th, in NYC, Freddie (or the powers that be), granted Fritzie Zivic a non-title rematch. Zivic proceeded to clean Freddie's clock for ten brutal rounds & won a unanimous 10 round decision. At that point, Cochrane must have decided discretion was the better part of valor & joined the Navy -- realizing fighting the Nipponese would be safer than defending his title . . . Which he didn't do until February 1 1946 against the rugged Marty Servo (KO by 4), who only had 15 KO's in 56 fights. Cochrane had prepared for this titanic effort by suffering two devastating non-title KO's against Rocky Graziano (KO by 10, KO by 10). Cochran retired after losing the title.

Red Cochran died in 1993 at age 77 of Alzheimer's disease. In June 1997, Ring magazine ran an interview with an elderly man who claimed to be Cochran. Cochran's daughter promptly sued.

Record: W-72; L-36; D-8 (26 kayos)

1999 The Cyber Boxing Zone
Jun  4 Steve Petronick            Elizabeth, NJ                     W  4
Jul 19 Dinny Boyle                Elizabeth, NJ                    KO  2
Jul 26 Tommy Mack                 Elizabeth, NJ                    KO  1
Sep  1 Frank Orlando              Elizabeth, NJ                     D  6
Nov 10 Johnny Riccaduli           Elizabeth, NJ                     D  6

Feb  7 Johnny Riccaduli           Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Jul  7 Marvin Hart                Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Jul 14 Jackie Corcoran            Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Jul 21 Jackie Corcoran            Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Aug 12 Paddy Gordon               Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Aug 19 Ernie Tackett              Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Sep 26 Lew Greenberg              Newark, NJ                       KO  4
Oct  8 Joe Ardito                 Newark, NJ                        W  6
Dec 20 Emil Calcagni              Teterboro, NJ                     W  6

Jan  7 Chang Collura              Newark, NJ                        L  6
Jan 22 Chang Collura              Elizabeth, NJ                    KO  3
Feb  5 Johnny Riccaduli           Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Feb 18 Joe Vacchiano              Newark, NJ                        W  6
Mar  3 Joe Ardito                 Elizabeth, NJ                     D  6
Mar 25 Julie Datz                 Newark, NJ                        W  8
May 14 Al Roth                    Newark, NJ                        W  8
May 29 Mickey Greb                Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Jun 11 Mickey Cohen               Nutley, NJ                       KO  2
Jul 25 Lou Monte                  Elizabeth, NJ                     L  6
Sep  9 Frankie Warno              Trenton, NJ                      KO  8
Sep 16 Lew Massey                 Newark, NJ                        L 10
Oct  7 Mickey Oage                Newark, NJ                        D 10
Oct 28 Max Fisher                 Newark, NJ                        L 10
Nov  8 Aldo Spoldi                Chicago, Il                       L 10
Dec  9 Max Fisher                 Newark, NJ                        W 10

Jan 17 Georgie Levy               Newark, NJ                        W 10
Feb 24 Johnny Jadick              Newark, NJ                        W 10
Apr  9 Lew Feldman                New York, NY                      L  8
May  9 Al Gillette                Newark, NJ                        W 10
Jun 29 Al Roth                    Newark, NJ                        L 10
Jul 21 Max Fisher                 Newark, NJ                        L 10
Sep  2 Enrico Venturi             New York, NY                      L 10
Sep 29 Phil Baker                 Jersey City, NJ                   L 10
Oct 19 Pete Mascia                Newark, NJ                        W 10
Nov  3 Charley Gomer              New York, NY                      W  8

Jan 22 Benny Bass                 Philadelphia, Pa                  L 10
Feb 19 Eddie Cool                 Philadelphia, Pa                  L 10
Mar 22 Tippy Larkin               Newark, NJ                        L  9
May 18 Irving Eldridge            New York, NY                      L  8
May 24 Tippy Larkin               Newark, NJ                        L 10
Jun  7 Freddie Miller             Woodhaven, Ct                     L  8
Jun 15 Johnny Alba                Elizabeth, NJ                    KO  3
Jun 28 Tony Morgano               Newark, NJ                        L 10
Jul  2 Tippy Larkin               Long Branch, NY                   L 10
Aug  3 Ralph Vona                 Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Aug 10 Ralph Vona                 Elizabeth, NJ                     W  6
Aug 16 Pedro Montanez             Jersey City, NJ                  LK  2
Sep 21 Bucky Keyes                Elizabeth, NJ                    KO  2
Sep 28 Mick Piskin                Newark, NJ                        L 10
Oct  4 Tommy Spiegel              Richmond, Va                      D 10
Oct 25 Tommy Spiegel              Richmond, Va                      W 10
Nov  8 Norment Quarles            Richmond, Va                      L 10
Nov 30 Tommy Spiegel              Coral Gables, Fl                  W 10
Dec 28 Nat Liftin                 New York, NY                      D  6

Feb 17 Mickey Duca                Wilmington, De                    D  8
Feb 24 Johnny Rohrig              Passaic, NJ                       W  8
Mar  3 Mickey Duca                Wilmington, De                    W 10
Apr  4 Max Fisher                 Newark, NJ                        W  8
Apr  8 Charles "Stumpy" Jacobs    Wilmington, De                    W 10
May  9 Eddie Alzek                Garfield, NJ                      D  8
Jun  6 Larry Mangine              Trenton, NJ                      KO  1
Jul  5 Tippy Larkin               Newark, NJ                        L 10
Jul 25 Jackie "Kid" Berg          Newark, NJ                        W 10
Aug  9 Phil Baker                 Newark, NJ                        W 10
Aug 23 Pete Mascia                Elizabeth, NJ                    KO  3
Aug 29 Tippy Larkin               Newark, NJ                        L 15
Oct 10 Paulie Walker              Trenton, NJ                      LK  5
Dec 26 Lou Lombardi               Newark, NJ                        W  8

Feb  6 Ray Napolitano             Newark, NJ                       KO  4
Feb 27 Billy Beauhold             Newark, NJ                        L 10
Mar 27 Tony Maglione              Trenton, NJ                       W  8
Apr 10 Mike Piskin                Newark, NJ                        L 10
Apr 24 Eddie Bring                Newark, NJ                        W 10
May  8 Lou Fortuna                Newark, NJ                        W  8
Jun 26 Lou Fortuna                Newark, NJ                        W 10
Jul 31 Tony Martin                Newark, NJ                        W 10
Oct  9 Julio Gonzalez             Newark, NJ                        W 10

Jan 15 Norman Hurdman             Baltimore, Md                     W  8
Feb 23 Mike Kaplan                New York, NY                      L  8
Mar 11 Larry Mangine              Trenton, NJ                      KO  3
Mar 18 Billy Beauhold             Newark, NJ                        D 10
Apr 12 Dave Chacon                Elizabeth, NJ                     W 10
May  3 Dave Chacon                Elizabeth, NJ                     W 10
Jun 25 Maurice Arnault            Newark, NJ                       KO  5
Jul  8 Mickey Makar               Newark, NJ                       KO  4
Sep 16 Bobby Masters              Newark, NJ                       KO  5
Oct 21 Norman Rubio               Newark, NJ                        W 10
Nov 25 Norman Rubio               Newark, NJ                        L 10
Dec 16 Vince DeLia                Trenton, NJ                      KO  3
Dec 30 Joe DeJesus                Newark, NJ                        W  8

Jan 13 Norman Rubio               Newark, NJ                        W 10
Feb  5 Norman Hurdman             Perth Amboy, NJ                   W  8
Feb 27 Ray Powell                 Atlantic City, NJ                KO  3
Mar  5 Joe DeJesus                Perth Amboy, NJ                  KO  1
Mar 20 Oscar Poindexter           Atlantic City, NJ                KO  3
Apr 23 Rego Dell                  Perth Amboy, NJ                   W  8
Jun 27 Frankie Fariello           Long Branch, NY                  KO  3
Jul 29 Fritzie Zivic              Newark, NJ                        W 15
          -Welterweight Championship of the World
Oct  6 Lew Jenkins                New York, NY                      W 10
Dec 19 Bobby Britton              Miami, Fl                         W 10

May  8 Garvey Young               Boston, Ma                        L 10
Sep 10 Fritzie Zivic              New York, NY                      L 10

          -Cochrane served in the United States Navy during World War II

Jun  1 Pete Lello                 Jacksonville, Fl                 KO  2
Jun  8 Jimmy Mazzio               Charlotte, NC                    KO  2
Jun  9 Al Stanley                 Augusta, Ga                      KO  2
Jun 11 Eddie Miller               Atlanta, Ga                      KO  2
Jun 13 Alex Doyle                 Wilmington, De                   KO  2
Jun 29 Rocky Graziano             New York, NY                     LK 10
Jul 17 Lou Miller                 Knoxville, Tn                    KO  3
Aug 24 Rocky Graziano             New York, NY                     LK 10

Feb  1 Marty Servo                New York, NY                     LK  4
          -Welterweight Championship of the World

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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