Yankee Sullivan
(James Ambrose)
(alias Frank Murray)

BORN : March 10 1811; Brandon, Ireland (near Cork)
(Various sources report April 12, 1813 or April 12, 1815)
DIED : May 31 1856; San Francisco, California (found dead in prison)

HEIGHT : 5-10 WEIGHT : 160 lbs RACE : White

Sullivan was fast, tough, spunky and hit hard with both fists

       Jack Stewart             in Ireland                (2:08:00)  W   
       Dick Trainer             in Ireland                (1:45:00)  W 73
       George Sharpless         in Ireland                (1:05:00)  W 27
       Tom Brady                in Ireland                  (30:00)  W 17
       Johnny White                                         (40:00)  W 18
       Jim Sykes                in England                           W   
Jan    Pat O'Connor             New York, NY                         W   
Feb 15 Bob Carbrey              Boston, Ma                          EX 60
       -Gloves were used
Feb  2 Johnny "Hammer" Lane     Crookham Common, Eng        (34:00)  W 19
       -Middleweight Championship of England
Sep  2 Vincent Hammond          League Island, Pa           (10:00)  W  8
       -This fight was held near Philadelphia, Pa
Jan 24 Tom Secor                Staten Island, NY         (1:05:00)  W 67
Aug 20 William Bell             Hart's Island, America    (1:26:00)  W 24
May 11 Bob Caunt                Harper's Ferry, WV          (12:00)  W  7
May 31 -Sullivan got into a barroom fight with Tom Hyer
        at New York, NY
Feb  7 Tom Hyer          Stillpond Creek, Md         (17:18)  L 16
       -This fight was scheduled to be held at
        Rock Point, Md on Jan 10 but was moved
        due to police 
       -Sullivan claimed the Heavyweight Championship
        of America after Tom Hyer retired
Oct 12 John Morrissey           Boston Corners, NY          (53:00)  L 37
       -Heavyweight Championship of America;
        Sullivan beat Morrissey badly but left
        the ring and ignored the call of "time";
        The referee gave the bout to Morrissey
       -Sullivan went to San Francisco, Ca where he was
        arrested and jailed as an underground suspect
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