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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Black Dynamite

James Wharton
(the "Moroccan Prince")
("Young Molineaux")
("Jemmy the Black")

BORN   March 3 1813; Morocco
DIED April 25 1856; Liverpool, England
HEIGHT.. 5-8
WEIGHT 150-154 lbs

Wharton was a muscular, natural athlete who was an outstanding boxer and wrestler; He possessed fighting "savvy" and was aggressive, quick, strong and powerful; In addition, he was fearless, game and durable; James was pleasant and full of life; It showed as he walked with a bounce and wore colorful, gaudy clothes

As a young boy, he worked as a cabin boy on a ship where he first learned to box - with shipmates; After he established himself as a fighter, he had great difficulty getting real fights since he was so extremely talented

Undated (About 1831)
          -Wharton engaged in numerous exhibition bouts against mates aboard his ship   

          -Wharton received boxing instruction from Jem Burns in London, Eng

Apr 16 Tom McKeever               Whetstone, England          (54:00) W   

       Wilsden                                                        W  
       Evans                                                          W   
       Bill fisher                Liverpool, England        (1:10:00) W 49

Feb  9 Tom Britton                Liverpool, England        (4:04:00) D   
          -Wharton was better; Britton was badly punished;
           The rowdy crowd threatened Wharton

Apr 18 Harry Preston              Birmingham, England                 W 16

          -Wharton toured Scotland giving exhibitions

       Sandy McNeish              in Scotland                        KO   
          -McNeish was a heavyweight
Oct 21 Renwick                    Cambo, England                    SCH   
          -Police intervened; The ring was moved
Oct 21 Renwick                    Middletown Ridge, England (1:30:00) W 89
          -The fight was finally held here

Apr  3 -Wharton trained and seconded Ben Caunt vs Bold Bendigo (William Thompson)
           at Skipworth Common, England

          -Wharton toured Scotland and Ireland giving exhibitions

Mar    Renwick                    Newcastle, England                 TK 64

Jun  9 Hammer Lane                                                   KO 52

          -Wharton and Hammer Lane toured England giving exhibitions

Sep  9 -Wharton trained and seconded Ben Caunt vs Bold Bendigo (William Thompson)
           at Stoney Stratford, England 
Jun  5 -Wharton trained and seconded Bold Bendigo (William Thompson)
           vs Tom Paddock at Mildenhall, England 

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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