"Rough House" Ware
(William Ware; One authoritative source reports Charles Ware )

Little is known about Ware except for his fascinating name

His record here is constructed primarily from results taken from major fighters' bouts and consequently shows mostly losses to them

If all of his bouts were known, doubtless many wins would be included

Feb 13 Nat Dewey                  Atlanta, Ga                       D  8
May    Battling Johnson           Chattanooga, Tn                  KO  1
Aug  7 "Young" Jack Johnson       New Orleans, La                   D 10

Jan  8 Dave Mills                                                   D 10
Jun  9 Jeff Clark                 Memphis, Tn                       L  8

Jan  1 Harry Wills                New Orleans, La                  LK 10
Apr 20 Sam Langford               Memphis, Tn                       L  8

Mar 12 Kid Norfolk                Colon, Pan                        L 25

Feb  9 Harry Wallace              New Orleans, La                  KO 14

Aug 19 Sam Langford               Tulsa, Ok                        LK  9

Jan 29 Hugh Walker                Leavenworth, Ks                  ND  4
May  3 Battling Norfolk           New Orleans, La                  KO 10
Jun  7 Sam Langford               New Orleans, La                  LK  9
Jul  5 Battling Norfolk           Memphis, Tn                       L  8
          -Some sources report 7/04/20
Aug 27 Battling Gahee             New Orleans, La                   L 15

Feb 22 Fred Fulton                Allentown, Pa                    LK  3
Jul  4 Lee Anderson               Phoenix, Az                       L 10
Sep  8 "Mexican" Joe Lawson       Brooklyn, NY                     KO  2
Oct 18 Billy Hooper               Atlanta, Ga                       L 10 
Oct 20 John Lester Johnson        Brooklyn, NY                     LK  3
Dec  5 Jim Green                  Freeport, NY                      L 10

Feb  3 Ray Bennett                New York, NY                      D 10
          -Some sources report "NC 10"
Mar 10 Ray Bennett                New York, NY                     LT 10
Mar 20 "Big" Bill Tate            Columbus, Oh                     LT  2
Apr 17 James "Tut" Jackson        Dayton, Oh                       LK  1
May 24 Mack House                 Los Angeles, Ca                  LK  2
Jun  5 Billy Hooper               Atlanta, Ga                       L   

Jan 15 Clem Johnson               Staten Island, NY                LT 10
          -Some sources report "LK 6"
Nov 13 Ray Bennett                Brooklyn, NY                      D 12
          -Some sources report "D 10"
Dec  7 George Godfrey             Philadelphia, Pa                 LK  1

May 30 Willie Scott               Clarksburg, WV                   LK  2

Jun 16 Battling Owens             New Orleans, La                   L 15

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       "Original" Gorilla Jones                                   SCH   
       Sam Langford               New Orleans, La                 SCH   
       George "Kid" Cotton        New Orleans, La                 SCH   
       Jeff Clark                 New Orleans, La                 SCH   
          -The previous 4 bouts were scheduled;
           The outcomes are not known

       Kid Norfolk                                                  L 20

Jan 12 Kid Norfolk                Colon, Pan                       LK  2
          -Sources report that Norfolk fought "Young Rough House";
           Perhaps, he was actually "Rough House" Ware

       "Black" Gunboat Smith      in Panama                         L 20
       "Black" Gunboat Smith      in Panama                        LK 12

       Jack Thompson              Tulsa, Ok                        LK  9

       Ray Neuman                                                  LK  3

       Battling Gahee             New Orleans, La                   L 20
          -Perhaps, this is the 8/27/20 bout

       Joe Trabon                                                  LK  2
       Joe Trabon                                                  LK  4

*** Much Data Was Provided By Tim Leone, late Historian, IBRO ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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