December 2000
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The Next Dominant Heavyweight Is.....

by Jim King

The Next Dominant Heavyweight Is.....

......... Oh you were expecting an answer? Well sorry to disappoint you, but the next great Heavyweight may not exist right now. Mike Tyson Vs Andrew Golota drew me and the rest of the Masochists to the tube another 6 minute $50 rip-off. Interesting how a fight between a 30 something washed up fighter like Tyson Vs a man who has won as many big fights drew so much interest. A few weeks later Lewis - Tua , which was supposed to be a fight of the year candidate, ended my insomnia. These fights further illustrated the gap between the Big 3 Lewis , Tyson, Holyfield and the pretenders I mean the " Young heavyweights.

A few months earlier I sat in front of the tube and witnessed 2 Heavyweight fights and read about a 3rd one. They all featured " Young Heavyweights." Men who we are told will be future champs when the old heads are long gone. The first fight was a farce between a man named Mount Whitaker and some stiff named Robert Davis. Davis was undefeated coming in off an " impressive " win over 40 something Greg Page and Whitaker was coming off a win over the " immortal " Monte Barrett. I checked the channel twice to make sure it was HBO and not the comedy channel. Could have fooled me. Now this fight was a substitute but still why were we subjected to this? Thankfully Carnera, I mean Whitaker ended it early. Great guy, can't fight. Then the main event came. Kirk Johnson, 1948 Olympic silver medallist. Ok it was 1992 but he has fought so many stiffs for so long it seems it was 1948 when he won a silver. His opponent was Joe Louis, well at least that is how Jim Lampley made Oleg Maskaev sound. I don't know if old Oleg is married , but if he isn't Lamps may be interested. He foamed all over Maskaev making me think Pavlov could have used him instead of that dog. The fight was entertaining I must say. Entertaining like a tough man contest as opposed to two young studs as it was billed. Maskaev was knocked out in four as he was more wide open then Monica Lewinsky and Johnson finished him off. After the fight Johnson challenged Lennox Lewis. I am sure Lennox would accept the challenge as soon as he stopped laughing. Finally Wladimir Klitschko won the WBO title this past Saturday over the "Great Middleweight" Chris Byrd. I will admit Klitschko is tall and big and can fight a little but lets hold off the Dempsey comparisons.

Yes I am a cynic, but its just because I am tired of people using the word " great" or " Future star" on guys after one or two decent wins. Have we not learned from the Michael Grant example? I think Lewis just knocked him down again! Yes we all want to spot greatness, but maybe it is just not there yet. I say, enjoy the fights for what they are. Young guys learning on the job. But be cautious. When an Oleg Maskaev drops a man with no chin like Rahman or a novice like Jefferson lets not compare him as Lampley seemed to to Joe Louis. When a Kirk Johnson beats Maskaev lets not call him great or Klitschko or anyone. The only way we can tell greatness is when they beat a Tyson, Lewis, or Holyfield. Until they reach the majors and succeed lets just be patient and let the future champ come along

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