Bruce Seldon
(Bruce Samuel Seldon)
(the "Atlantic City Express")

BORN   January 30 1967; Atlantic City, New Jersey
HEIGHT 6-1 1/2 (Some sources report 6-2)
WEIGHT 209-263 lbs
MANAGERS Rocco De Persia, Jim Kurtz, Joe Thompson
TRAINER Richie Kates

Seldon was beautifully muscled and very strong; He possessed good punching skills but could be outpunched and outboxed; During his career, Bruce won the WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World and the IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship

Despite his wonderful career, he is, unfortunately, most famous for his Heavyweight Championship bout against Mike Tyson in which he lost the WBA title

Seldon-Bowe 1991 Fight Video Clip

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Oct  4 Joel McGraw                Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  1
Nov 23 Tyrone Barwill             Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  1
          -Some sources report 11/24/88

Mar 21 Mike Robinson              Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  3
May 30 Jesse McGhee               Atlantic City, NJ                   W  4
Jun 25 Warren Thompson            Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  3
Aug 22 Ezara Sellers              Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  2
Sep 15 Isaac Poole                Miami, Fl                          KO  1
Nov 28 Hassan Shabazz             Buffalo, NY                        TK  5

Jan 15 Lorenzo Canady             Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  2
Feb 18 Amos Lisboa                Atlantic City, NJ                  KO  1
Mar 23 Jerry Jones                Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  8
          -Some sources report "TK 7"
Apr  7 Danny Wofford              Miami, Fl                           W  6
May 18 Osvaldo "Ossie" Ocasio     San Jose, Ca                        W  8
Jun 24 Tom Sandner                Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  2
Aug 16 John Morton                Boston, Ma                         TK  7
Nov  1 David Bey                  Atlantic City, NJ                  TK 10

Jan 11 Jose Nino Ribalta          Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  3
Mar 22 Percell Davis              Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  1
Apr 18 Oliver McCall              Atlantic City, NJ                  LT  9
Aug  9 Riddick Bowe               Atlantic City, NJ                  LK  1

Jan 19 Jesse Ferguson             Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  5
          -IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship
Feb  9 Dion Burgess               Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  1
Apr 16 Jim Taylor                 Oklahoma City, Ok                  TK  1
Jun 22 Larry Givens               Greensburg, In                     TK  2
Jul  9 Mike Dixon                 Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10
Sep 18 Percell Davis              Bushkill, Pa                       TK  3
Oct 14 Tony Tubbs                 Atlantic City, NJ                   L 10

Jan 24 Alexander Popov            Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  2
          -IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship
Feb 15 Al Shoffner                Philadelphia, Pa                   TK  7
Apr 17 Mike Robinson              Bushkill, Pa                       KO  2
Aug  6 Greg Page                  Bayamon, Puerto Rico               TK  9
          -IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship

Feb 19 Nathaniel Fitch            Charlotte, NC                      TK  4
          -IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship
Jul  2 Tui Toia                   Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  3
Dec 17 Bill Corrigan              Quito, Ecuador                     KO  1

Apr  8 Tony Tucker                Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  7
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World
Aug 19 Joe Hipp                   Las Vegas, Nv                      TK 10
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World

Sep  7 Mike Tyson                 Las Vegas, Nv                      LT  1
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World

Mar  6 Otis Tisdale               Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  3
Apr  9 Lenzie Morgan              Philadelphia, Pa                   TK  2
May 15 Gerald Nobles              Las Vegas, Nv                      LT  9

Oct 28 Tye Fields                 Las Vegas, Nv                      LK  2

Feb 10 Marcus Rhode               Philadelphia, Pa                   TK  1
Mar 10 Jay Sweetman               Winchester, Va                     KO  2

May 31 Livin Castillo             Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  5
Sep  5 Kevin Johnson              Atlantic City, NJ                  LT  5
Nov  7 Brad Gregory               Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  2

May 15 Gabe Brown                 Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  5
Jul 24 Fres Oquendo               Chicago, Il                        LK  9
          -NABA Heavyweight Championship

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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