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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

George Seddons

BORN 1847; Birmingham, England
DIED December 10 1884; Williamsburg, New York, New York
HEIGHT 5-2 1/2
WEIGHT 118 lbs
MANAGER George Leese
Dec 11 Barry the Kid                near Flushing, Long Island, NY    W 25
          -The fight was held at "St. Ronan's Well

May 13 Pete Dailey                                                    L 65

Oct  8 "Boston" Tommy Kelly         Smuttynose Island, Me             W 96
          -Featherweight Championship of America;
           Some sources report the fight was held at "Isle of Shoals" near
           Portsmouth, NH; Seddons was taken into custody, found guilty of 
           prizefighting, and sentenced to six months in prison

Aug 19 Punch Morris                 Fort Erie, Ont, Canada            W  6
          -This fight was held near Black Creek
Jan 25 John Lafferty                near St. Louis, Mo                W 19
          -This fight was held on Carroll's Island
Mar    -Seddons challenged Mike Coburn to a fight; Coburn accepted
May  9 -Seddons was arrested in St. Louis
May 28 John Lafferty                                                SCH   
          -This fight was scheduled; The outcome is not known;
           (Likely not held since Seddons was arrested in advance)
May 31 -Seddons was sentenced to six months in prison

May 25 -Seddons seconded Tim Collins vs Billy Edwards at Long Island, NY
Mar  4 -Seddons refereed the Harry Hicken-Bryan Campbell bout at Collier's Station, WV 
Aug  3 Arthur Chambers              Long Island, NY                   L 39
          -Lightweight Championship of America

Dec 10 -Seddons appeared at a "Benefit of Arthur Chambers" in New York, NY (Harry Hill's);
           Those appearing was Billy Edwards, Arthur Chambers, Mike Coburn, Ned Mallahan, 
           Warry Edwards, Jim Kelly, George Seddons, "The Mouse" and others equally well known;
           while the art of wrestling will be illustrated by John McMahon, Homer Lane, Matt Grace
           and Doyle

       Dan Dougherty                                                 ND   
          -This glove contest was fought during Apr-May 1875
           (about two weeks before Seddons' reported death)
May 12 -Buffalo (NY) Morning Express carried an article stating
           that Seddons had died
Jul 29 -Detroit (Mi) Free Press reported that Seddons arrived
           in Detroit the day before (on Jul 28)

Dec 28 Johnny Saunders              New York, NY                     EX   

Dec 12 -In Philadelphia, Arthur Chambers, in speaking about the death of 
           George Seddons, ex-champion of the featherweights, which occurred
           on Wednesday (Dec 10) in New York, said, "Seddons was one of the 
           cleverest fighters I ever met in the ring"

*** The Following Bouts Must Be In Error If Seddons Died In 1884 ***

Dec    John Connors                                                   D 15

Sep 30 -Seddons accompanied John L. Sullivan to Boston, Ma

*** Photo Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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