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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Johnny Saxton

BORN   July 4 1930; Newark, New Jersey
DIED October 4 2008; Mangonia Park, Florida
HEIGHT.. 5-8 1/2
WEIGHT 142-153 lbs
MANAGER Frankie "Blinky" Palermo

Saxton was a very talented boxer and extremely popular too; He was not an overpowering hitter but punched well with his fast hands; He did not lose a professional bout until his 41st contest; During his career, he won the Welterweight Championship of the World

Johnny defeated such men as Carmen Basilio, Joey Giardello, Johnny Bratton, Virgil Akins, Gil Turner, Luther Rawlings, Joe Miceli, Freddie Dawson, Ralph "Tiger" Jones, Charley Salas, Ramon Fuentes, Tony Pellone, Danny Womber, Charley Williams and Joe Shaw

Saxton was inducted into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame in 1998

*** AMATEUR BOUTS (31-2) ***

          -Saxton won the New York Golden Glove Welterweight Championship

          -Saxton won the National AAU Welterweight Championship

          -Saxton won the National AAU Welterweight Championship


May  9 Jim Swan                   Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  3
Jul 20 Georgia Dixon              New York, NY                       KO  1
Aug 17 Dave Andrews               New York, NY                        W  8
Sep  6 George Hunter              Allentown, Pa                      KO  2
Oct 24 Horace Bailey              Trenton, NJ                         W  6
Dec  5 Bucky Slocum               Philadelphia, Pa                    W  4
Dec 21 Adrian Mogart              New York, NY                       KO  4

Jan 13 Mario Marino               New York, NY                       KO  2
Feb 10 Charley Salas              New York, NY                        W  8
Mar 15 Aldo Minelli               New York, NY                        W  8
Mar 22 John Bowman                Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  3
Apr 21 Joe Miceli                 New York, NY                        W 10
May 17 Bert Linam                 New York, NY                       KO  1
Jun  5 Lionel Isadore             Philadelphia, Pa                    W  6
Jun 26 Mike Koballa               Elizabeth, NJ                       W  8
Aug 28 Sonny Bunn                 Brooklyn, NY                        W 10
Sep 22 Tony Pellone               New York, NY                        W 10

Jul  2 Lloyd Tate                 Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  3
Jul 30 Gaby Ferland               Allentown, Pa                      KO  7
Aug  6 Joey Carkido               Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  6
Aug 20 Tommy Ciarlo               Allentown, Pa                      KO  5
Oct  4 Clarence "Honeychile" Johnson Philadelphia, Pa                 W 10
Nov  5 Marshall Clayton           Washington, DC                     KO  7
Nov 19 Charley Salas              Philadelphia, Pa                    W 10

Jan 25 Livio Minelli              New York, NY                       WF  6
Mar 15 Lestor Felton              New York, NY                       WF  6
Apr 17 Charlie Thompson           Fall River, Ma                      W 10
Apr 30 Bobby Lee                  Baltimore, Md                      KO  7
Jun  4 Luther Rawlings            Chicago, Il                         W 10
Jul 17 Bobby Lee                  Coatesville, Pa                     W 10
Jul 30 Virgil Akins               Chicago, Il                         W 10
Oct  3 Ralph "Tiger" Jones        New York, NY                        W 10
Oct 28 Mario Trigo                Milwaukee, Wi                      KO  4
Dec 12 Raul Perez                 New York, NY                       KO  1
Dec 29 Danny Womber               Milwaukee, Wi                       W 10

Feb 10 Freddie Dawson             Philadelphia, Pa                    W 10
Feb 24 Charley "Red" Williams     Miami Beach, Fl                     W 10
Mar 10 Wallace "Bud" Smith        Miami Beach, Fl                     D 10
Mar 31 Charley "Red" Williams     Brooklyn, NY                        W 10
May 26 Joe Miceli                 Detroit, Mi                         W 10
Jun 15 Gil Turner                 Philadelphia, Pa                    L 10
Sep 15 Charley "Red" Williams     Allentown, Pa                       W 10
Sep 29 Joey Giardello             Philadelphia, Pa                    W 10
Dec  3 Herman McCray              Fall River, Ma                     KO  3
Dec 30 Del Flanagan               Minneapolis, Mn                     L 10

Feb  1 Mickey Laurent             Brooklyn, NY                       KO  7
Feb 24 Johnny Bratton             Philadelphia, Pa                    W 10
Aug  4 Johnny Lombardo            Mount Carmel, Pa                    D 10
Sep 14 Kid Gavilan                Philadelphia, Pa                  SCH   
          -Welterweight Championship of the World;
           This bout was scheduled but postponed;
           Gavilan had the flu
Oct 20 Kid Gavilan                Philadelphia, Pa                    W 15
          -Welterweight Championship of the World
Dec  2 Ramon Fuentes              Los Angeles, Ca                     W  1

Feb 11 Ronnie Delaney             Akron, Oh                           L 10
Apr  1 Tony DeMarco               Boston, Ma                         LK 14
          -Welterweight Championship of the World
Jun 20 Jimmy Fuller               Brockton, Ma                       KO  6
Sep 15 Joe Shaw                   Portland, Or                        W 10
Oct 25 Jackie O'Brien             Holyoke, Ma                         W 10
Nov  9 Ralph "Tiger" Jones        Oakland, Ca                         W 10

Mar 14 Carmen Basilio             Chicago, Il                         W 15
          -Welterweight Championship of the World
May 16 Gil Turner                 Chicago, Il                        KO 10
Aug  7 Barry Allison              Boston, Ma                          W 10
Aug 23 Don Williams               Worcester, Ma                       W 10
Sep 12 Carmen Basilio             Syracuse, NY                       LK  9
          -Welterweight Championship of the World

Feb 22 Carmen Basilio             Cleveland, Oh                      LK  2
          -Welterweight Championship of the World
Sep  6 Joe Miceli                 Washington, DC                     LK  4

Oct  7 Barry Allison              Holyoke, Ma                         W 10
Oct 21 Denny Moyer                Portland, Or                        L 10
Dec 15 Willie Green               Providence, RI                     KO   

*** Assistance Was Provided By Tony Triem ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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