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Vicente Rondon
(Vicente Paul Rondon)
(El Muchachote de Barlovento)

BORN   July 7 1958; San Jose de Rio Chico, Miranda, Venezuela
DIED December 28 1992; Santa Ana de Carapita, Caracas, Venezuela
WEIGHT 160-201 3/4 lbs
MANAGER Tuto Zabala

Rondon was a tall fighter with a strong punch; As he stepped up in competition, the going got tougher but he was still formidable; Only when he began to take on heavyweights, was the task too great; Outside the ring, his life was frequently in turmoil and eventually took its toll; During his ring career, he won the WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World and the Light Heavyweight Championship of Venezuela

During his career, he defeated such men as Luis Rodriguez, Bennie Briscoe, Roger Rouse, Gomeo Brennan, Avenamar Peralta, Doyle Baird, Jimmy Dupree, Allen Thomas, Karl Zurheide, Piero Del Papa,  Pedro Miranda and Jose Monon Gonzalez

*** MILITARY BOUTS (12-0, 12 KO) ***

*** TWO AMATEUR BOUTS (22-0, 19 KO) ***

       Jose Luis Garcia                                             W   
       Edgar Aponte                Caracas, Venezuela              KO  1
           -National Heavyweight Championship of Venezuela


Jun 28 Jose Carabello              Caracas, Venezuela              KO  3
Jul 26 Luis Troconis               Caracas, Venezuela              KO  1
Oct 29 Pedro Vanegas               Barranquilla, Colombia          KO  4
Nov  5 Pedro Vanegas               Cartegena, Colombia             KO  6

Jun 25 Marco Tulio Polanco         Caracas, Venezuela              KO  3
Sep 16 Melville Bennett            Caracas, Venezuela              KO  2
Nov 14 Marcos Pirela               Caracas, Venezuela              KO  2
Dec  4 Marco Tulio Polanco         Caracas, Venezuela              NC  2

Jan 23 -Rondon was in a street fight in Caracas; When
          a warrant was issued for his arrest, he went to 
          Puerto Rico
Mar 20 Danny Machado               Caracas, Venezuela              KO  3
Jun 12 Marco Tulio Polanco         Caracas, Venezuela              KO  3
Sep  9 Tony Smith                  Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico        KO  3
Oct 14 Pedro Miranda               San Juan, Puerto Rico           KO 10
Nov 10 Harold Richardson           San Juan, Puerto Rico            D 10
Dec 14 Phil Robenson               Caracas, Venezuela              KO  5

Jan 12 Bobby Warthem               New York, NY                     L 10
Apr 19 Jose Monon Gonzalez         New York, NY                    LK  8
Jun  3 Luis Rodriguez              San Juan, Puerto Rico            W 10
Jul 18 Luis Rodriguez              San Juan, Puerto Rico            L 10
Sep  9 Charlie Austin              San Juan, Puerto Rico            W 10
Sep 23 Bennie Briscoe              San Juan, Puerto Rico            W 10
Nov  3 Juarez DeLima               San Juan, Puerto Rico            L 10
Nov 12 Charlie Jordan              Miami Beach, Fl                  W 10
Nov 26 Charlie Jordan              Miami Beach, Fl                  W 10

Jan 26 Bennie Briscoe              San Juan, Puerto Rico           LK  8
Apr  1 Allen Thomas                Chicago, Il                      W 10
May  6 Karl Zurheide               Chicago, Il                      W 10
May 30 Jose Luis Garcia            Caracas, Venezuela               W 12
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Venezuela
Jul  5 Eddie Talhami               San Juan, Puerto Rico            W 10
Aug  9 Stan Johnson                San Juan, Puerto Rico           NC  7
Oct 26 Angel Oquendo               San Juan, Puerto Rico           KO  6
Nov 29 Randy Stevens               San Juan, Puerto Rico           KO  5
Dec  6 Avenamar Peralta            Buenos Aires, Argentina          W 10

Apr    Freddie Williams            San Juan, Puerto Rico           KO  4
May    Levan Roundtree             San Juan, Puerto Rico            W 10
Aug 11 Hydra Lacey                 Miami Beach, Fl                 KO  2
Oct  6 Willie Johnson              Miami Beach, Fl                 KO  4
Nov  8 Roger Rouse                 San Juan, Puerto Rico            W 10

Feb 27 Jimmy Dupree                Caracas, Venezuela              KO  6
          -WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

          -Kid Gavilan commented after the fight:  
          "Que barbaro!  Que manera de ponerle corazon.  
          Se mericia la corona!" For his part, Dupree and his 
          managers claimed he had been drugged.

Jun  5 Piero Del Papa              Caracas, Venezuela              KO  1
        -WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jul 11 John Griffin                Valencia, Spain                  W 10
Aug 21 Eddie Jones                 Caracas, Venezuela               W 15
        -WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
Oct 15 Conny Velensek              Berlin, Germany                  W 10
Oct 26 Gomeo Brennan               Miami Beach, Fl                 KO 14
        -WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
Dec 15 Doyle Baird                 Cleveland, Oh                   KO  8
        -WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

Apr  7 Bob Foster                  Miami Beach, Fl                 LT  2
          -WBC Light Heavyweight Championship of the World;
          WBA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

          -Rondon claimed that his trainer drugged him prior 
          to the fight

Jul 11 Ron Lyle                    Denver, Co                      LK  2
Aug 26 Earnie Shavers              Canton, Oh                       L 10
Dec  1 Jose Manuel Urtain          Madrid, Spain                    L 10

Feb 15 Larry Beilfuss              San Juan, Puerto Rico            W 10
Apr  3 Oliver Wright               Miami Beach, Fl                  W 10
May 19 Len Hutchins                Detroit, Mi                      L 10
Jun 14 Tom Bogs                    Copenhagen, Denmark              L 10
Aug 24 Mike Boswell                Indianapolis, In                KO  4
Sep 10 John Conteh                 London, England                 LK  9
Nov 17 Ruediger Schmidtke          Frankfurt, Germany               L 10

Feb 19 Rodney Bobick               Miami Beach, Fl                 LK  3
Jun  6 Jose "King" Roman           Tampa, Fl                       LK  2

*** Assistance Provided By Seth Callis ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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