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Jem Roche

BORN   1878; Killurin, County Wexford, Ireland
DIED November 28 1934; Wexford, Ireland
HEIGHT 5-7 1/2 (Some sources report 5-8)
WEIGHT 189 lbs
MANAGER N.T. Tennant

Roche was the Heavyweight Champion of Ireland when Tommy Burns was Heavyweight Champion of the World; He held that title from 1905 until 1910, when he lost it to Matthew "P.O." Curran; Reportedly, in 1913, he won it back

After his retirement, Roche ran a bar in South Main Street, Wexford before becoming a bookmaker; Later, he was appointed manager of a commission agent's establishment in the town, a position he held up to his death

A plaque on the wall of a bank in the Bull Ring, Wexford, pays tribute to Roche as "a great fighter, great sportsman, but greater still in his own simplicity and modesty"; It makes no mention of his world title challenge to Tommy Burns

His manager, Tennant, gave Roche's record as - 30-7-1 with 23 KOs

Undated (Given by N.J. Tennant, manager)
       Billy Murphy               Wexford, Ireland                   KO   
       Tommy Davis                Liverpool, England                 KO  7
       Myler Keogh                                                   KO   
          -Keogh was a former Irish champion
       Frank Reilly               Liverpool, England                 KO   
       Harry Smith                Birmingham, England                KO   
       Billy Brierley             Liverpool, England                 KO   
       Charlie Higgins            Birmingham, England                KO   
       Charlie Cannon             London, England                    KO   
       J. McKeown                 Tipperary, Ireland                 KO   
       Sid Barber                 in America                         KO   
       T. Broadbent               London, England                    KO   
       Jem Clarke                 Dublin, Ireland                     W   
       Joe Hagan                  in America                          W   
          -This man was said to be a brother of "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien
       Packey Mahony              Cork, Ireland                       W   
       Johnny Matheson ("The Fighting Scot")                          W   
       Pedlar McMahon             Cardiff, Wales                      L 20
       Johnny Matheson ("The Fighting Scot")                          L   
       Paddy Connolly             Wexford, Ireland                    D   
          -Some sources report "W"

Aug 25 Jack Fitzpatrick           Dublin, Ireland                    KO  4
          -Heavyweight Championship of Ireland

Dec 10 Private Harris             Dublin, Ireland                    KO  6
          -Harris was the Heavyweight Champion of the British Army and Navy

Apr 24 Corporal McFadden          Dublin, Ireland                    KO 12
Aug  7 Charlie St.Clair           Dublin, Ireland                     W 10
Sep 20 "Young" John Sullivan      Dublin, Ireland                     L 20
          -Heavyweight Championship of Ireland
Dec 26 "Young" John Sullivan      Dublin, Ireland                    TK 18
          -Heavyweight Championship of Ireland

Aug 30 "Young" John Sullivan      Dublin, Ireland                     W 20
          -Heavyweight Championship of Ireland

Oct 12 Charlie Wilson             Dublin, Ireland                    TK  8
          -Some sources report "W 8";
          This was Wilson, reportedly a former Heavyweight Champion of Great Britain

Mar 17 Tommy Burns                Dublin, Ireland                    LK  1
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World
Apr 30 Bill Squires               Dublin, Ireland                    LT  4

Jul  9 Bill "Cyclone" Warren      Belfast, Ireland                   LT  3
          -Some sources report 7/14/09
Aug  2 Simon Broadbent            Dublin, Ireland                     W 10
          -Some sources report "Seaman Broadbent"
Aug 26 Bill "Cyclone" Warren      Dublin, Ireland                     W 20

Jun    Gunner Healy                                                   W   

Aug 18 Matthew "P.O." Curran      Dublin, Ireland                    LK  6
          -Heavyweight Championship of Ireland

       Johnny Summers                                                EX  1
          -Roche was knocked out

Sep 19 "Young" John Sullivan      Dublin, Ireland                    TK 15
          -Heavyweight Championship of Ireland

*** The Following Bout s Are Reported But Not Confirmed *** 
1903 Charlie Wilson L 2 -Reportedly, Wilson was a former Heavyweight Champion of Great Britain 1908-1910 Frank Craig Dublin, Ireland KO 1 *** Most Data Provided By Jan Skotnicki *** *** Some Data Provided By Patrick Myler ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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