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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Robert Cohen

BORN   November 15 1930; Bone, Algeria
HEIGHT 5-3 1/2
WEIGHT 116 1/4-120 lbs
MANAGER Gaston Charles-Raymond

Cohen was a talented boxer who had "savvy" and punched effectively; He lost only four bouts in 43 contests; His career was shortened due to an automobile accident; During his career, he won the Bantamweight Championship of the World, the EBU Bantamweight Championship of Europe and the Bantamweight Championship of France

He defeated such men as Mario D'Agata, Henry "Pappy" Gault, Jean Sneyers, Andre Valignat, Theo Medina, Maurice Sandeyron, Roy Ankrah, Eddie Carson, Teddy Peckham, Jake Tuli and John Kelly

Cohen was inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 1988

Sep 12 Leon Gauche                Paris, France                      TK  2
Sep 20 Francis Pandocchi          Paris, France                       W  6
Sep 26 Emil Cordillot             Paris, France                       W  6
Oct 11 Henri Pageot               Paris, France                      KO  5
Oct 17 Florent Drouart            Paris, France                      TK  5
Nov  4 Sidiki Yansanne            Metz, France                       TK  6
Dec  2 Robert Meunier             Paris, France                       L  8
Dec 16 Michel Martin              Paris, France                      TK  8
          -Some sources report "W 8"
Dec 29 Lucien Gougelin            Paris, France                       W  8

Jan  5 Edmond Moletto             Paris, France                       W  8
Jan 19 Georges Lafage             Paris, France                       W  6
Feb  3 Jean Binet                 Paris, France                       W 10
Feb 25 Robert Lefuevre            Paris, France                       W  8
Mar 17 Felix Vanderdonckt         Paris, France                      TK  4
Apr  5 Robert Garcia              Oran, Algeria                       W  8
          -Some sources report "Paris, France"
May 15 Robert Meunier             Paris, France                      TK  8
May 29 Andre Jasse                Paris, France                      TK  9
Jun 30 Tino Cardinale             Paris, France                       W  8
Sep 18 Roland Gibert              Paris, France                      KO  1
          -Some sources report 9/16/52
Oct  2 Dante Bini                 Paris, France                       W 10
          -Some sources report 10/03/52
Oct 20 Theo Medina                Paris, France                       W 10
Nov 17 Andre Valignat             Paris, France                       W 10
Dec 19 Marcel Mathieu             Paris, France                      TK  7

Jan 19 Maurice Sandeyron          Paris, France                      TK  9
Feb 23 Jean Sneyers               Paris, France                       W 10
Mar 19 Gaetano Annaloro           Paris, France                       W 10
Mar 28 Jean Sneyers               Brussels, Belgium                   D 10
Apr 15 Henry "Pappy" Gault        Paris, France                       W 10
May 30 Gaetano Annaloro           Marseille, France                   D 10
Sep 25 Teddy Peckham              Manchester, England                TK  6
Oct 17 Dante Bini                 Casablanca, Morocco                 W 10
Nov  6 Maurice Sandeyron          Paris, France                       W 15
          -Bantamweight Championship of France
Dec 14 Jake Tuli                  Manchester, England                 W 10
          -Some sources report "London, England"

Feb 27 John Kelly                 Belfast, Ireland                   KO  3
          -EBU Bantamweight Championship of Europe
Mar 17 -Cohen relinquished the EBU Bantamweight Championship of Europe
Apr  7 Eddie Carson               Glasgow, Scotland                   W 10
Apr 30 Manny "Kid" Francis        Manchester, England                 W 10
May 15 Mario D'Agata              Tunis, Tunisia                      W 10
Sep 19 Chamroen Songkitrat        Bangkok, Thailand                   W 15
          -Bantamweight Championship of the World
Dec 20 Roy Ankrah                 Paris, France                      TK  4

Sep  3 Willie Toweel              Johannesburg, Transvaal, SAfrica    D 15 
          -Bantamweight Championship of the World
Dec 11 Cherif Hamia               Paris, France                      LT 10 
          -Some sources report 12/10/55

Jun 29 Mario D'Agata              Rome, Italy                        LT  7
          -Bantamweight Championship of the World

Jul 13 Peter Lock                 Ndola, Zambia                       L 10

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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