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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Alfred "Alf" Powers

BORN   c. 1863 (Fought out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York)
WEIGHT 165 lbs

Powers was a popular fighter, trainer and second in the New York area; Early on, he was a pupil of "Professor" Mike Donovan

Alf defeated such men as Tom Henry and William Ronkey; He had a good reputation as a fighter but some data is contradictory; If anyone comes across conclusive data, please contact Tracy Callis

Jan  1 Tom Henry                  New York, NY                      D  4
          -Some sources report 1/14/84
Jul 25 -Powers seconded Tom Donnelly vs Jack Howard in New York, NY
Aug    Tom Henry                  Brooklyn, NY                     KO   

Aug 14 -Powers refereed the George Taggart-Jack Kibbons bout in New Utrecht, NY 
Nov 12 Tom Henry                  New York, NY                      L   
Nov 26 Jack Fallon                East New York, NY                 D  7
          -Reports vary - "ND 7" - "L 7" - "LK 7"; Police intervened; 
            Some sources report 11/02/85

Jan 26 Pete McCoy                 Hoboken, NJ                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Mar 14 -Powers dined with "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey at the home
            of Dempsey's parents (Fourteenth Ward) following the
            Dempsey-George LaBlanche fight; Dempsey's upper lip was 
            "severed", two of his upper front teeth were loose, his 
            nose (near the bridge) was cut but not fractured, and
            his left hand was somewhat swollen; He was not much 
            bruised about the body and he remarked that he was 
            feeling in good condition

Apr    William Ronkey             New York, NY                     KO   
Jun  2 -Powers seconded Johnny Reagan vs Jack Files near New York, NY
Jun 10 -Powers witnessed the signing of articles of agreement for a 
            the Johnny Reagan-Tom Henry fight to be held within eight
            weeks within 100 miles of New York, NY
Jun    -Powers trained Johnny Reagan for the Tom Henry fight

Dec 26 -Powers seconded Jake Hyams vs Jack McAuliffe in Brooklyn, NY

May  7 -The name Alfred Powers was listed among those killed in China
            (most from gunshot wounds)
Jun  7 -The name Alfred Powers was listed among Brooklyn substitute
            postal carriers and clerks
*** Photo Was Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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