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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Bartholomew "Bat" Mullins

BORN   1848; Cork, Ireland (Some sources report January 1 1849) Fought out of London, England
DIED 1914; Chelsea, England
WEIGHT 128-135 lbs



Mullins was a two-handed fighter who was ready, willing and able - and quite shifty; During his career, he claimed the Lightweight Championship of England

May 21 Hoolan                       Aldershot, England               W   
Nov  1 Tim Heggerty                 London, England                  W 26

Jan 27 William Furze                Aldershot, England               W 35

May 27 Arthur Chambers              Manchester, England              D 43
          -Some sources report "W 43" in "Epsom Heath, Surrey, England"
Jul  8 Denny Nunan                  London, England                  W 28

Jan 26 W. Hitchin [Fosset]          Purfleet, England                W 31

Nov  6 E. Whyman                    London, England                  W  3
          -Finals of a 135 Pound Silver Cup Competition
Nov 11 E. Whyman                    London, England                  W   
          -Finals of a 154 Pound Silver Cup Competition
           Some sources report "T. Whyman"
Nov 14 Ben Bendoff                  London, England                  W   
Dec 12 Plantagenet Green            London, England                  W   
Dec 30 Denny Cronin                 London, England                  W   

Jan 21 -Mullins challened Ted Napper to a bout at 130 lbs 
Mar    Jim Gollogher                London, England                 TK  2
Feb  1 Charley Davis                London, England                  L  3
          -The previous 2 bouts were part of a 161-Pound Championship 
           Cup Competition
Feb  4 Ted Napper                   London, England                  W  3
          -Some sources report 2/06/72 in "Cambridge, England"
Feb  6 Denny Harrington             London, England                  W  3
          -Some sources report 2/10/72; The previous 2 bouts
           were part of a 134 Pound All-England Championship
           Competition for Jimmy Shaw's Silver Cup
Mar 23 -Mullins won a Silver Cup Boxing Competition
Apr  1 James Skipper                Bow, England                     W   
Apr  2 Stiff 'Un                    Bow, England                     W   
Apr  7 Jim Bibby                    Bow, England                     W   
Apr 16 Jack Ward                    Bow, England                     W  5
          -The previous 4 bouts were part of a 128-Pound Championship 
           Cup Competition; Some sources report 4/13/72
Nov 30 -Mullins challenged any man in the world at 128 lbs
           with bare knuckles, Billy Edwards preferred

Feb 11 -Mullins called himself Lightweight Champion and
           challenged any man in the world to a bout with

Aug 18 -Mullins stated in Bell's Life that he could not find
           opponents for a glove fight
Sep  1 -Mullins was challenged by Hugh Burns to a bout

Oct 20 William "Coddy" Middings     London, England                 EX   

*** Much Data Was Provided By Lawrence and Susan Law ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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