Johnny Moneghan

BORN 1830; Liverpool, England
HEIGHT 5-4 1/2
WEIGHT 124 lbs

Moneghan was the first Lightweight to claim the Championship of America;  He was a slashing boxer who possessed great strength and an uncanny ability to soak up punishment

Dec 18 “Little” Jimmy Hart        Island Pond, ---, Can    (51:00) KO 45
          -Moneghan claimed the Lightweight Championship of America

Jul 19 “Little” Jimmy Hart        Beverly, Ma              (14:00)  L  7
          -Lightweight Championship of America;
           Some sources report “LK 10”

          -Hart retired and Moneghan reclaimed the Lightweight Championship
           of America

Sep  3 “Little” Jimmy Hart        Calf Island                     SCH   
          -Lightweight Championship of America;
           This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Police intervened.  
Sep 28 “Young” Barney Aaron       near Providence, RI              LK 80
          -Lightweight Championship of America;
           This contest was not held “9/02/1857”;
           Reports vary on time - 3:19:00, 03:27:00, 03:40:00
Nov 23 “Little” Jimmy Hart        Buffalo, NY                      EX  3
Jul 19 Harry McLain               Fort Ward, NY          (3:15:00)  W 80
Apr 16 Hen Winkle                 New York, NY                     EX  2

*** Assistance Was Provided By Sergei Yurchenko ***

Record courtesy of Hunter Claypatch, Boxing Historian
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