Jacob "Jakey" Max
("Kid" Max)

BORN    March 5 1892; Allentown, Pennsylvania
DIED July 17 1975; Allentown, Pennsylvania
MANAGER  Kid Ferry

Max was a scrappy, tough, left-handed competitor who hailed from Allentown, Pennsylvania but fought in Philadelphia often; He was a punishing body puncher and possessed a solid chin; Reportedly, Jakey engaged in 248 bouts and was never knocked down or stopped; He was also a noted football player

During his career, Jakey defeated Dick Pollard and "bested" such men as Kid Black, Young Riley, Kid Tracey and "Reddy" Holt in "No Decision" contests

Much data is missing from Jakey's career but r
esearch is ongoing to broaden our knowledge about this talented boxer; Any contributed data is greatly appreciated

Dec  1 Kid Black                  Allentown, Pa                  ND-W  6

Jan 19 Kid Johnson                Allentown, Pa                  ND-D  6
Mar  2 Young [Ringtown] Reilly    Allentown, Pa                  ND-W  6
Apr  6 Dick Pollard               Allentown, Pa                    KO   
Apr 20 "Handsome" Charlie Smith   Allentown, Pa                  ND-L  6
Aug 24 Pat Donaghy                Philadelphia, Pa               ND-D  6
Oct  2 Kid Tracey                 Philadelphia, Pa               ND-W  6
Nov  6 Frankie Smith              Philadelphia, Pa               ND-L  6
Nov 20 Pete Malone                Philadelphia, Pa               ND-D  6

Jan 11 Young [Ringtown] Reilly    Allentown, Pa                  ND-D  6
Feb 15 Young [Ringtown] Reilly    Allentown, Pa                  ND-D  6
Feb 22 Young [Ringtown] Reilly    Allentown, Pa                  ND-W  6
          -Some sources report "ND-W 10"
Mar 28 Young [Ringtown] Reilly    Allentown, Pa                  ND-W 10
          -Some sources report "Lancaster, Pa"
Apr 11 "Happy" Kid Leidy          Allentown, Pa                  ND-D 10
May  9 Charles Cannon             Allentown, Pa                    TK  4
Jul 19 Eugene "Reddy" Holt        Philadelphia, Pa               ND-W  6
Aug  2 Willie Moody               Philadelphia, Pa               ND-D  6
Aug 30 Tommy Carey                Philadelphia, Pa               ND-D  6
Sep 17 Charley Turner             Philadelphia, Pa               ND-L  6
Oct 17 Johnny Krause              Allentown, Pa                  ND-D 10
Oct 22 Freddie Kelly              Philadelphia, Pa               ND-L  6

(Believed to be 1913)
       Tushie Koch                                                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Koch did not show
       Johnny Hackett                                            ND-L   

Mar 19 Young Boehney              Allentown, Pa                     D  6

Jan 14 Steve Columbo              Allentown, Pa                    KO  4

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Jack Brazzo                                                      
       Steve Latzo                                                      
       Jack White                                                       
       Tommy Ginty                Allentown, Pa                         
       Bob Givier                                                       

Feb  4 Steve Latzo                Allentown, Pa                  ND-L 10
*** Most Data Was Provided By Luckett Davis *** *** Much Personal Data Was Provided By Dana Bala, Granddaughter *** *** Assistance Was Provided By Sid Schneck ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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