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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Mike Leonard
("Beau Brummel of Boxing")

BORN 1874; Brooklyn, New York
WEIGHT 130-140 lbs



Leonard was a very popular fighter who was a crowd-pleaser in the ring and out; As a boxer, he had difficulty against top quality fighters (Who doesn't?); A stylist dresser, he was always clothed in fashionable attire; Mike had a strong ambition to perform on the stage

During his career, Leonard defeated such men as Jimmy Dime (two times), Jim Burge, Stanton Abbott, George Reynolds, Jack Hanley, Harry Lemons, Charles Gehring, and
Willie Clark

Jan  7 Joe Burke                    Brooklyn, NY                      W   
May  5 Jack Skelly                  Brooklyn, NY                      L   
          -This was an Amateur bout
Dec  1 Eddie Pierce                 Brooklyn, NY                      L  4

Apr  3 Henry Mich                   New York, NY                      W   
          -Some sources report "Henry Michel"
Apr 21 Billy Ernst                  Brooklyn, NY                      L  3
Oct 24 Billy Ernst                  Brooklyn, NY                      L 10

Jan 30 Jack Robinson                Brooklyn, NY                     KO  2
Feb 27 Willie Clark                 Brooklyn, NY                      W  8
          -Police intervened
Apr 15 Jim Rice                     Brooklyn, NY                      W  8
Jun 22 George Reynolds              Brooklyn, NY                     TK 10
          -Some sources report "KO 9"
Sep  4 Billy Ernst                  Newark, NJ                      SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Sep  5 Jim Burge                    Newark, NJ                        D  4
Sep 22 Jim Burge                    Brooklyn, NY                      W  6
Sep 29 Jack McAuliffe               Brooklyn, NY                     EX  3

Jan 11 George Reynolds              New York, NY                     ND  6
Jun 14 Jack Cushing                 Llewellyn, NJ                    KO  6
          -This was the first boxing contest filmed (done by Thomas Edison)
Aug  1 Eddie Pierce                 Brooklyn, NY                      D  8

Mar 12 Charles Barnett              New York, NY                      D  6
          -Some sources report "Jerry Barnett"
Mar 25 Tom Roberts                  Burlington, NJ                   ND  3
Apr  3 Eddie Pierce                 Brooklyn, NY                      L  8
          -Some sources report "George Pierce"
Apr 24 Chuck Connors                New York, NY                     KO  4
May 14 Jim Judge                    Scranton, Pa                      D  6
Jun 17 Jim Judge                    Scranton, Pa                    SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; Police intervened
Jul 20 Charles Gehring              Baltimore, Md                    TK  1
Aug 17 "Wilmington" Jack Daly       Baltimore, Md                    ND  2
          -Police intervened; Some sources report "D 2"
Aug 19 George Dixon                 New York, NY                     EX  2
          -Police intervened; Some sources report "NC 1"
Aug 20 Fred Sweigert                Baltimore, Md                     L  4
Aug 22 Billy Payne                  Baltimore, Md                     L  4
Sep 23 Charles Gehring              Baltimore, Md                    NC  3
          -Police intervened
Dec 19 Jerome Quigley               Philadelphia, Pa                  L  6

Feb 20 Jimmy Dime                   Troy, NY                          W 10
Jun 22 Joe Burke                    Brooklyn, NY                      L  8
          -Some sources report "LK 8"
Jul 27 William "Matty" Matthews     New York, NY                      D  8
Aug 26 Bill Selfridge               New York, NY                     NC  4
Dec  5 Owen Ziegler                 Trenton, NJ                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Dec  5 Stanton Abbott               Brooklyn, NY                     KO  3
Dec 22 Jimmy Dime                   Troy, NY                          W 10

Jan 19 Billy Ahearn                 Troy, NY                          W 20
          -Some sources report "KO 17"
Feb 24 Billy Ahearn                 Troy, NY                          D 20
Mar 17 William "Spike" Sullivan     New York, NY                     LK  8
May  8 Tommy Good                   New York, NY                      L 10
May 18 Joe Gans                     San Francisco, Ca                 L 20
Aug 10 Harry Peterson               Troy, NY                          L 20
Sep  7 Ed Steele                    Troy, NY                         ND  4
Oct 26 Harry Lemons                 Niagara Falls, NY                 D 15
Nov 24 Harry Lemons                 Niagara Falls, NY                 D 20
          -Some sources report "D 15"
Dec  1 Jack Hanley                  Rochester, NY                    KO 15
Dec 21 William "Matty" Matthews     Rochester, NY                     L 20

Jan  1 John Laughlin                Rochester, NY                     D 20
Jan 15 Martin Judge                 Toronto, Ont, Canada              D 20
Jan 29 Jack Bennett                 Toronto, Ont, Canada              D 20
Mar  7 Harry Lemons                 Buffalo, NY                      LK 20
Apr 30 Fred Wolff                   Erie, Pa                          W 10
May 30 Harry Lemons                 Elmira, NY                       KO 15
Jun 13 Joe Dean                     Buffalo, NY                       W  4
Jul  4 Jerome Quigley               Elmira, NY                        D 10
Jul 30 Tom Broderick                Brooklyn, NY                     LT  6
Aug 27 Jerome Quigley               New York, NY                      D 10
Nov 12 Jack Carrig                  Chicago, Il                      LT  5
          -Some sources report "L 5"
Nov 14 Charley "Rough House" Burns  Cincinnati, Oh                    L 10

Oct 21 Bob Thompson                 Los Angeles, Ca                  LT  2

Jan  5 Peter Boyle                  Chicago, Il                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but postponed
Jan 12 Peter Boyle                  Chicago, Il                      LT  3

Mar 17 Warren Zubrick               Fort Erie, Ont, Canada           LT  1

Jul 23 Tommy Murray                 Philadelphia, Pa                 KO  6
Aug 13 Young Lansing                Philadelphia, Pa                 LK  3
Nov 19 Mike McGeehan                Philadelphia, Pa                 LT  4

Nov 30 Young Schaeffer              New York, NY                     ND  3

May 10 Young Griffo                 New York, NY                     ND  6
          -This man possibly was not the Champion, Young Griffo

         -Leonard fought intermittently against unnamed opponents

May 16 Billy Allen                  New York, NY                     LK  2

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Jackson                                                        W   
       Jackson                                                        L   
       Danny McVeigh                                                  W   

       Billy Ernst                  Brooklyn, NY                      L  3
       Billy Ernst                  Brooklyn, NY                     LT 10

       Dan Murphy                   New York, NY                      L  3
          -Some sources report "LT 3"

       Kid Oglesby                  Butte, Mt                         L 20

Jul    Ben Griffin                  Spokane Falls, Wa                 L 10
          -Reportedly, this bout was held during 1899 prior to Jul 17

*** Top Photo And Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization