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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Nat Langham

BORN May 1820; Hinckley, Lancashire, England
DIED September 1 1871; London, England
HEIGHT 5-10 (Some sources report  5-11)
WEIGHT 152-156 lbs



Langham was one of the greatest of the British Bare Knuckle Middleweight Champions; He was so good that, at one time, he was a favorite with the English ring patrons as a candidate for the heavyweight crown; He was the only man who ever beat the celebrated Tom Sayers

Nat had quick hands and was primarily a left-handed hitter; His style was to jab the opponent's eyes until they closed; His finisher - a left hook - was called the "pick-axe"

Langham was born into poverty and always seemed to be ill-fed; His lungs were weak and he suffered bad health all through his life; He also spoke with a speech impediment but he surely could fight

       Bill Crozier                                                  KO   
       Ned Ellis                                                     KO   
          -Perhaps, this is the 2/02/43 bout

Feb  2 William Ellis              Hinckley, Eng                      KO  8
          -Some sources report 2/09/43; Some sources report 2/12/43

May  7 Teddy Lowe                 Long Reach, Eng            (50:00) KO 43
          -Some sources report "Tom Lowe"

Jun 12 Doc Campbell               near London, Eng           (35:00) KO 27

Sep 23 George Gutteridge          Bourne, Eng                (93:00) KO 85
          -Some sources report Middleweight Championship of England;
           Some sources report "Guttridge" in "Lincolnshire"

May  4 William Sparkes            Woking Common, Eng         (63:00) KO 67

May  6 Harry Orme                                          (2:59:00) LK 117
          -Middleweight Championship of England

Oct 18 Tom Sayers                 Lakenheath, Eng          (2:02:00) KO 61
          -Middleweight Championship of England

Sep 22 Ben Caunt                  River Medway, Eng         (1:29:00) D 60
          -Some sources report 9/09/57; Some sources report 9/21/57;
           Some sources report "Home Circuit"

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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