Ken Norton
(Kenneth Howard Norton)

BORN   August 9 1943; Jacksonville, Illinois (Some sources report 1945)
HEIGHT 6-2 3/4
WEIGHT 200-225 lbs
TRAINER Eddie Futch
RECORD 42-7-1 (33 KO)

Norton was an outstanding heavyweight in perhaps the most talented heavyweight era of all time; He owned an excellent jab and a booming overhand right

He defeated Muhammad Ali in their first bout and a number of boxing writers believe that he won all three of his contests against Ali; He also fought Larry Holmes to a standstill in their desperate "near-even" battle for the WBC Heavyweight Championship

Ken was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1992 and the United States Marine Corps Sports Hall of Fame in 2004

Norton-Holmes 1978 Fight Video Clip

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Nov 14 Grady Brazell              San Diego, Ca                    KO  5

Jan 16 Sam Wyatt                  San Diego, Ca                     W  6
Feb  6 Harold Dutra               Sacramento, Ca                   KO  3
Mar 26 Jimmy Gilmore              San Diego, Ca                    KO  7
Jul 23 Wayne Kindred              San Diego, Ca                    KO  6
Dec  5 Cornell Nolan              Los Angeles, Ca                  KO  6

Feb 11 Joe Hemphill               Woodland Hills, Ca               KO  3
Feb 20 Wayne Kindred              Los Angeles, Ca                  TK  9
Mar 31 Pedro Sanchez              San Diego, Ca                    KO  2
May 29 Bill McMurray              Los Angeles, Ca                  TK  7
Jul 25 Gary Bates                 San Diego, Ca                    KO  8
Oct 21 Julius Garcia              San Diego, Ca                    KO  3

Feb  4 Aaron Eastling             Las Vegas, Nv                    KO  2
Mar 13 Stamford "Kid" Harris      San Diego, Ca                    TK  3
Apr  7 Bob Mashburn               Cleveland, Oh                    KO  4
May  8 Ray "Junior" Ellis         San Diego, Ca                    KO  2
Jul  2 Jose Luis Garcia           Los Angeles, Ca                  LK  8
Aug 29 Roy Dean "Cookie" Wallace  San Diego, Ca                    KO  4
Sep 26 Chuck Leslie               Woodland Hills, Ca                W 10
Oct 16 Robie Harris               San Diego, Ca                    KO  2

Apr 24 Steve Carter               Woodland Hills, Ca               TK  3
Jun 12 Vic Brown                  Santa Monica, Ca                 KO  5
Aug 10 Chuck Haynes               Santa Monica, Ca                 KO 10
Sep 30 James J. Woody             San Diego, Ca                     W 10

Feb 17 Charlie "Emperor" Harris   San Diego, Ca                    KO  3
Mar 17 Jack O'Halloran            San Diego, Ca                     W 10
Jun  5 Herschel Jacobs            San Diego, Ca                     W 10
Jun 30 James J. Woody             San Diego, Ca                    KO  8
Nov 21 Henry Clark                Stateline, Nv                    KO  9
Dec 13 Charlie Reno               San Diego, Ca                     W 10

Mar 31 Muhammad Ali               San Diego, Ca                     W 12
         -NABF Heavyweight Championship
May  8 Mike Williams              Washington, DC                   EX  4
Sep 10 Muhammad Ali               Inglewood, Ca                     L 12
         -NABF Heavyweight Championship

Mar 26 George Foreman             Caracas, Venezuela               LT  2
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jun 25 Boone Kirkman              Seattle, Wa                      TK  8

Mar  4 Reco Brooks                Oklahoma City, Ok                KO  1
Mar 24 Jerry Quarry               New York, NY                     TK  5
         -NABF Heavyweight Championship
Aug 14 Jose Luis Garcia           St. Paul, Mn                     KO  5

Jan  3 Pedro Lovell               Las Vegas, Nv                    KO  5
Apr 30 Ron Stander                Landover, Md                     TK  5
Jul 10 Larry Middleton            San Diego, Ca                    TK 10
Sep 28 Muhammad Ali               Bronx, NY                         L 15
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World

May 11 Duane Bobick               New York, NY                     TK  1
Sep 14 Lorenzo Zanon              Las Vegas, Nv                    KO  5
Nov  5 Jimmy Young                Las Vegas, Nv                     W 15
	  -WBC Heavyweight Championship Eliminator Bout

Mar 29 -Norton was declared WBC Heavyweight Champion
Jun  9 Larry Holmes               Las Vegas, Nv                     L 15
	  -WBC Heavyweight Championship of the World
Nov 10 Clifford "Randy" Stephens  Las Vegas, Nv                    KO  4

Mar 23 Earnie Shavers             Las Vegas, Nv                    LK  1
Aug 19 Scott Ledoux               Bloomington, Mn                   D 10

Nov  7 Randall "Tex" Cobb         San Antonio, Tx                   W 10
       -Some sources report "El Paso, Tx"

May 11 Gerry Cooney               New York, NY                     LT  1

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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