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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Jack Hammond

BORN    (Fought out of Detroit, Michigan)
WEIGHT  150-155 lbs

Hammond was a scrappy fighter who had a nice career; He did well in the early part of his career but struggled as he moved up in competition - who doesn't? He is most famous for his contests with Tommy Burns and Jack Root

During his career, he defeated such men as Charley Johnson, Lon Beckwith, Reddy Phillips, Tom McCune, Billy Kelly, Jack McDonough and George Ryan

Nov  9 Frank Roy                  Detroit, Mi                      KO  3

Mar 15 Fred Brown                 Toledo, Oh                        W  6
Apr 21 Jack Regan                 Detroit, Mi                      KO  3
Oct 21 Sanford Pope               Ann Arbor, Mi                    KO  2
Nov 24 Frank Fortelka             Cleveland, Oh                    TK  9

Jan 24 George Ryan                Milwaukee, Wi                     D  8
          -Some sources report "L 8"
Feb  3 George "Kid" Lavigne       Detroit, Mi                      EX  4
Mar  9 William "Kid" McPartland   Detroit, Mi                      ND  6
Mar    Jack Root                  Chicago, Il                      LK  2
          -Some sources report 03/12/1898
Apr 11 Lon Beckwith               Mt. Clemens, Mi                  KO  3
Apr 28 Buff Ryan                  Detroit, Mi                       W  8
Jun 21 Billy Kelly                Detroit, Mi                      KO  1
          -Some sources report 06/22/1898
Jul 19 Jack Moffatt               Toledo, Oh                       LT 10
          -Some sources report "L 10"; Some sources report 07/20/1898
Nov 10 Al Colwell                 Detroit, Mi                      LK  5
Dec 12 Homer Selby                Detroit, Mi                      ND  6
          -Some sources report 12/13/1898

Jan 25 George Ryan                Milwaukee, Wi                    KO  4
          -Some sources report "KO 5"
Feb  7 Jack Collins               Detroit, Mi                      KO  5
Feb 24 Jack McDonough             Milwaukee, Wi                     W  6
Mar 20 Paddy Nagle                Detroit, Mi                       D  8
Mar 28 Pat Trahey                 Grand Rapids, Mi                 KO  2
Apr 10 Reddy Phillips             Detroit, Mi                      TK  5
          -Some sources report "W 8";
           Some sources report 04/11/1899
Jun 10 Paddy Nagle                Detroit, Mi                      KO  1
Jun 29 Bob Douglas                Milwaukee, Wi                     D  6
          -Some sources report 06/30/1899
Oct  9 Frank Scott                Detroit, Mi                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; Scott did not show
Oct  9 Kid Wellman                Detroit, Mi                       W  6
Oct 17 James Jackson              L'Anse, Mi                       KO  1
          -Jackson fought under the name of "Black Strap"
Oct 24 "Philadelphia" Ryan        Grand Rapids, Mi                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; Ryan did not show;
            Perhaps, this man was "Philadelphia" Tommy Ryan, who
            had appeared in Grand Rapids in May 1899 and performed
Oct 24 Frank Hammil               Grand Rapids, Mi                 EX   
Oct 27 Frank Scott                Milwaukee, Wi                     W  6
Nov  3 Jim Watts                  Detroit, Mi                       L 10
Nov 29 Jim Watts                  Detroit, Mi                       D 10
Dec 11 Jim Watts                  Detroit, Mi                       D 10

Jan 23 Charley Johnson            Detroit, Mi                       W 10
          -Some sources report 01/24/1900
Feb  2 Reddy Phillips             Flint, Mi                         D 10
Feb  5 Jack Root                  Milwaukee, Wi                    LK  2
Mar 14 George Moore               Saginaw, Mi                       W  8
          -Championship of the Northwest;
           Some sources report "W 10"
Apr 11 Charles Harper             Saginaw, Mi                       D  4 

May  8 Tom McCune                 Sault Ste. Marie, Mi             KO  9
Dec  3 Billy Moore                Sault Ste. Marie, Mi              D 10

Jan 24 Jack Beauscholte           Milwaukee, Wi                    LT  2
          -Some sources report 01/23/1903
Sep 15 Jack Glenn                 Rhinelander, Wi                  KO  3
Oct 12 Tommy Burns                Sault Ste. Marie, Mi             LK  3
          -Middleweight Championship of Michigan
Oct 23 Jack Parres                Rhinelander, Wi                  LK  8

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***
       Kid Robinson               Denver, Co                        D   
       Pete McKenna               Chicago, Il                      KO  1
       Wallace Frew               Detroit, Mi                       W  4
       George Black               Detroit, Mi                      KO  3
       George Elfring             Cleveland, Oh                    KO  2
       Andy Travis                Detroit, Mi                       W 13
       Jack Barr                  Detroit, Mi                      KO  3
       Jim Watts                  Detroit, Mi                       L 10
          -Perhaps, this is the same as one of the 1899 bouts

       Tom McCune                 Detroit, Mi                       D  4

       George Ryan                                                 LF  3

Apr  7 Al McCoy                   Brooklyn, NY                     LK  2
          -McCoy fought a man named "Jack Hammond" of Dayton, Ohio;
           Was he possibly the same as this "Jack Hammond" ? It had
           been many years since this "Jack Hammond" boxed

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization