Robert "Bobby" Dobbs

BORN    1869; Cartersville, Georgia (Some sources report December 27 1858; Knoxville, Tn)
DIED    December 25 1930; Charleston, South Carolina
HEIGHT  5-8 1/2
WEIGHT  125-136 lbs
MANAGER Jack Skelly

Dobbs was quick, agile and clever and possessed a good left hand and a stiff right; He hit to the body and head and could get very rough due to some wrestling experience from his early career; Dobbs was quite popular as a fighter. After he retired from the ring, he ran a gym and training quarters for fighters

Some sources report that Dobbs' earliest bouts occurred in 1884; Other sources report he fought in the South and West as early as 1875; In England, Dobbs toured with Professor Bill Moore's booth, where he became well-known as "a total abstainer, non-smoker, diet expert, and fresh air fanatic"; Bobby claimed to have had over 1,000 fights during his career; This is possible considering his extensive touring on the English fairgrounds

       "California" Jack O'Brien   San Francisco, Ca               LK  3

       Billy Moore                 Ogden, Ut                       KO  4
       Dave Campbell               Ogden, Ut                       KO  2
       Jack McCann                 Ogden, Ut                       KO  8
       Billy Hamilton                                               D   
          -Some sources report this bout held at Hot Springs

       Will Robinson               Colorado Springs, Co            KO  6
       Black Brock                 Pueblo, Co                      KO  7
       John Wilson                 Pueblo, Co                      KO  7
Aug 15 Montana Kid                 Salt Lake City, Ut               D  8
          -Some sources call this man "Dave Reese"
Aug 21 Dick Hollywood (of Ogden)   Ogden, Ut                        D  4
          -Some sources report "KO 2"
Nov  5 William Harwood             Ogden, Ut                      SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; Police intervened
Nov 21 Montana Kid                 Ogden, Ut                       LF 10

Mar    Miner Ferguson              Pueblo, Co                      KO 11
May 10 Reddy Brennan               near Pueblo, Co                 KO  5
       Wiley Evans                 Pueblo, Co                      KO  2
       Bill Corbett                Pueblo, Co                      KO  3
Jun 14 Bill Corbett                Pueblo, Co                      KO  5
          -Corbett claimed he was fouled
Jul 11 Aaron Sherry                South Omaha, Ne                 KO 31   
Aug  5 Ed Carr                     Lincoln, Ne                    SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
       Dick Case                   San Francisco, Ca               KO 19

       an unnamed opponent         Ogden, Ut                       KO  2
Apr  7 "California" Jack O'Brien   San Francisco, Ca               KO  3
          -Many fans called the contest a fake
May 13 Danny Needham               San Francisco, Ca               EX   
Aug 25 George McKenzie             San Francisco, Ca               KO 24
       Jack Mania                  San Francisco, Ca               KO  2
Oct 27 Charley Johnson             San Francisco, Ca               KO 41
Nov    Frank Childs                San Francisco, Ca               KO  3
Nov    Charley Turner              San Francisco, Ca                D 11
          -This bout was held during Nov-Dec 1892
Nov 11 Robert Mushett              Ogden, Ut                       KO  1
          -Mushett went by the moniker "Young Brady";
           Some sources report "KO 2"
Nov 25 Jim Barron                  San Francisco, Ca               LK  2
          -Many fans called the contest a fake

Jan 31 Black Pearl (Harris Martin) Sacramento, Ca                  KO 18
          -Some sources report "San Francisco, Ca"
       Frank Ramsey                Sacramento, Ca                  KO  8
Feb  5 Billy Mahan                 Sacramento, Ca                   W 10
          -Some sources report 2/20/93;
           Some sources report "KO 10"
       Ed Burke                    Spokane, Wa                     KO  2
       Mort Freeman                Spokane, Wa                     KO 20
       Professor Briggs            Spokane, Wa                     KO 10
       Jack Casey                  Spokane, Wa                     KO 20
Aug  1 Paddy Purtell               West Superior, Wi               KO  6
Aug  3 Jack Hall                   Minneapolis, Mn                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Hall was stricken with gastritis and could not fight 
Aug  3 Jim Burge                   Minneapolis, Mn                  D 20
          -Some sources report "KO 20"
Dec  4 Tom Murray                  Minneapolis, Mn                  W  6
Dec 29 Tom Murray                  Minneapolis, Mn                  W 20
          -Some sources report "KO 20"

Jan 25 George "Cyclone" Jackson    Minneapolis, Mn                 ND   
          -Some sources report "KO 3" in Feb 1894
Mar 12 Stanton Abbott              Minneapolis, Mn                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Abbott cancelled when he learned Dobbs was colored
Mar 19 Billy Lavigne               Minneapolis, Mn                 TK  5
Apr 16 Billy "Shadow" Maber        Minneapolis, Mn                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
            Maber injured an arm during training
Apr 23 George "Kid" Lavigne        Minneapolis, Mn                 EX   
Apr 23 Dick Moore                  Minneapolis, Mn                 EX  3
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
May    Paddy Purtell               Duluth, Mn                       D  6
May 10 Tom Tracey                  Cincinnati, Oh                  EX   
May 12 "Pepper" Griffin            Cincinnati, Oh                  EX  3
May 15 Tom Tracey                  Indianapolis, In                EX  3
May 16 Jim Beals                   Indianapolis, In                EX  3
May 17 Joe Calvert                 Indianapolis, In               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
May 21 Tom Tracey                  Pittsburgh, Pa                  EX  3
May 23 Jimmy Kelley                Pittsburgh, Pa                  KO  1
May 24 Jim Maloney                 Pittsburgh, Pa                 SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
May 27 Tom Tracey                  Chicago, Il                     EX  4
Jun  5 Tom Tracey                  Chicago, Il                      D  4
          -Some sources report "ND 4"
Jun  5 Jim Nelson                  Chicago, Il                      W  4
          -Different sources report the same date for the previous 2 bouts
Aug  4 Andy Watson                 Eastport, Me                     D  4
Aug  8 Andy Watson                 St. John, NB, Can                D  6
Oct 20 Cuban Wonder (Frank McLean) Philadelphia, Pa                 L  4
Nov 26 Billy Vernon                Brooklyn, NY                    KO  4
          -Reports vary - "KO 5" - "KO 11"
Dec 15 Charles "Bull" McCarthy     Philadelphia, Pa                ND  4
Dec 26 Billy Vernon                Brooklyn, NY             (1:47) KO  4
          -Perhaps, this is the same as the 11/26/94 bout

Jan 12 Jimmy Fox                   Philadelphia, Pa                TK  4
Apr 19 Dick O'Brien                Boston, Ma                      LT 18
May    Joe Butler                  Philadelphia, Pa                ND  4
Sep 25 Pepper Griffin              Philadelphia, Pa                ND  4
Nov 11 Charles Johnson             Sea Island City, Pa              D  8
Dec 23 Billy Hill                  Maspeth, NY                      D  6
Dec 30 Billy Hill                  Maspeth, NY                     WF  6
          -Hill knocked Dobbs down twice;
          Some sources report "WF 7"

Feb  3 Austin Gibbons              Paterson, NJ                     L  6
Feb 24 Andy Watson                 Shenandoah, Pa                  ND  8
Apr  2 Billy Payne                 Philadelphia, Pa                 D  4
Apr    Cuban Wonder (Frank McLean) Philadelphia, Pa                 D 15
Apr 16 Jack McDonough              Brooklyn, NY                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; 
          McDonough refused to fight; Aitkens substituted
Apr 16 Jack Aitkens                Brooklyn, NY                    TK  4
May 16 Jack McDonough              Brooklyn, NY                    KO  4
May 25 Hugh McWinters              New York, NY                     W  6
May 27 Billy Gibbons               New York, NY                    TK  6
Jun 12 Marty Callahan              Brooklyn, NY                    KO  4
Jul  2 Joe Burke                   Albany, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Jul  3 Tom "Chappy" Riley          Albany, NY                       W 10
Aug  8 Pepper Griffin              Philadelphia, Pa                 W 10
Aug 19 Hugh McWinters              Scranton, Pa                     W 20
Sep 25 Andy Watson                 Philadelphia, Pa                 D  4
Sep 30 Pepper Griffin              Philadelphia, Pa                ND  4
Nov 20 Joe Fielden                 New York, NY                    KO  5
          -The weight limit was 138 pounds
Nov 26 Andy Watson                 Brooklyn, NY                     D  8
Dec 23 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Chester, Pa                      D  4

Jan 11 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Conshohocken, Pa                 W  4
Jan 16 Joe Walcott                 Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6
Jan 23 Cuban Wonder (Frank McLean) Philadelphia, Pa                 D  6
Jan 30 Austin Gibbons              Philadelphia, Pa                LK  3
Mar 24 Joe White                   Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6
Apr  6 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Philadelphia, Pa                 D  4
Apr 15 Billy Hill                  New York, NY                     D 10
Apr 22 Maurice Hagerstrom          New York, NY                    NC  2
          -This bout was stopped; The fighters were faking
May 15 Sam Campbell                Brooklyn, NY                     W 10
Jun    Andy Walsh                  Brooklyn, NY                     D 10
Jun 21 Johnny Young                Brooklyn, NY                     W  4
Jul  2 James "Rube" Ferns          Hartford, Ct                     W  8
Aug  2 Hugh McWinters              Brooklyn, NY                     W 20
Aug 19 Hugh McWinters              Scranton, Pa                     W 20
Sep 16 Martin Judge                Scranton, Pa                    KO  2
Sep 27 Joe Gans                    Brooklyn, NY                     W 20
Nov 18 Joe White                   Carbondale, Pa                  TK  3
Dec 13 Sam Tonkins                 Brooklyn, NY                     W 10

Jan 14 Paddy Sheehan               Wilkes-Barre, Pa                 L  4
Jan 24 Jack Fox                    Trenton, NJ                     KO  8
Feb 17 Charles Parker              Baltimore, Md                   KO  3
Feb 24 Jack Kane                   Scranton, Pa                     W  6
May 16 Dick Case                   Louisville, Ky                   W 20
Jun 30 Dick Case                   Louisville, Ky                  WF  9
          -Some sources report "KO 5"
Sep 15 Billy Ernst                 Brooklyn, NY                    TK 19
          -Some sources report an "W 9" verdict
Dec 12 Dick Burge                  London, England                 WF  8

Feb 12 Jerry Driscoll              London, England                 KO 14
Mar 14 Pat McDonald                Glasgow, Scotland               KO  2
Sep 14 William "Matty" Matthews    Coney Island, NY                LF 25
Sep 29 James "Rube" Ferns          Buffalo, NY                      L 20
Oct    Fred Morris                 Philadelphia, Pa                 W   
          -Morris used the name "Muldoon's Picanniny"
Nov 20 Ed Darrell                  New York, NY                    KO 18
Dec  5 Joe Walcott                 New York, NY                    LK  6
Dec 25 Pete Sheehan                Trenton, NJ                     TK 10

Jan  6 George Cole                 Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6
Jan 22 Martin Judge                Trenton, NJ                      W 20
Mar  9 Shorty Ahearn               Chicago, Il                      W  6
Mar 19 Charles "Rough House" Burns Niles, Oh                       KO 19
May 11 Martin Judge                Bethlehem, Pa                   LK 12
       Joe "Kid" Robinson                                          KO 19
       Joe Welsh                                                   KO 10
       Ed Wall                                                     KO  4
       Chappie Jones                                               KO  3
       Jim Maloney                                                  L 20
Jul  8 Charles Johnson             Rochester, NY                    D 20
Aug 14 Mike Donovan                Rochester, NY                    D 25
Aug 30 Frank Mouldan               Rochester, NY                   KO  4
Aug 31 Mike Donovan                Rochester, NY                    D 15

Jan  3 Kid Ashe                    Memphis, Tn                      D 20
Jan 22 "Young" Peter Jackson       Memphis, Tn                      W 20
          -Some sources report "San Francisco, Ca";
          Some sources report "W 25"
Feb 18 "Young" Peter Jackson       Memphis, Tn                      D 20
Apr  4 "Young" Peter Jackson       Hot Springs, Ar                  D 12
          -Jackson claimed Dobbs fouled him and refused 
          to fight; Referee Bat Masterson then called 
          the bout a "Draw"
Apr  9 Bob Long                    Memphis, Tn                     LF 16
       Bob Long                    Memphis, Tn                      W 10
May 31 Joe Gans                    Baltimore, Md                   LK  7
Sep 30 Herman Miller               Baltimore, Md                    D 20
Dec 13 Joe Gans                    Baltimore, Md                   LT 14

Jan 22 Denny Ward                  Baltimore, Md                    W 10
Feb 28 Herman Miller               Baltimore, Md                    D 20
Aug 21 Joe Tipman                  Baltimore, Md                   EX  8
Sep 19 Herman Miller               Baltimore, Md                   KO 17
          -Some sources report 9/20/02
Nov 20 Jem Maloney                 London, England                  L 20
Dec 22 Joe White                   Cardiff, Wales                   D 20

Jan 24 Dave Peters                 Cadoxton, England                W  8
Mar  5 Harry Lewis                 Liverpool, England               W  6
Mar 12 Fred Higgins                Liverpool, England              KO  4
Mar 26 Joe White                   Liverpool, England               W 20
May 16 Bob Russell                 London, England                  L  6
Jul 18 Spike Sullivan              Newcastle, England               L 20
Jul 23 Mike Flynn                  Liverpool, England               L 20
Oct 10 Jem Courtney                Swansea, Wales                   L  8

Mar  7 Jack Bayley                 Birmingham, England              L 10
May  3 Pat Keogh                   Plymouth, England                L  6
May 14 Jack Clancy                 Newcastle, England               L 20
Jun 18 Peter Brown                 Newcastle, England               W 20
Sep 10 Jack Clancy                 Newcastle, England               D 20
Oct 22 Jack Kingsland              Newcastle, England               W 20
Nov 21 Pat Daly                    Newcastle, England               W  8
Nov 31 Pat Daly                    London, England                  W 15

Feb  4 Peter Brown                 London, England                  W 15
Apr 27 "Young" John L. Sullivan    Liverpool, England              WF  1
Apr 27 "Young" John L. Sullivan    Liverpool, England              LK 18
Oct 30 Billy Edwards               Cardiff, Wales                   W 12
Nov 15 Bill Chester                Cardiff, Wales                  KO  2
Dec  4 Billy Edwards               Cardiff, Wales                  KO 11
Dec 16 George Roache               Cardiff, Wales                   W  8

Feb  5 J. Ripper                   Plymouth, England               KO  2
Feb 17 George Roache               Brynmawr, Wales                 KO  2
Feb 26 James Doran                 Plymouth, England                L  4
Mar 26 Albert Rodgers              Sheffield, England               W 20
Apr  9 James Doran                 Plymouth, England               KO 10
Sep 27 Charlie Knock               Liverpool, England               W  9
Nov 15 Jack Palmer                 Liverpool, England               L 15

Jan  9 Jack Palmer                 Liverpool, England               L 15
Mar  6 Fred Buckland               Plymouth, England                L 15
Apr  6 Jack Andrews                Sheffield, England               W 12
Jun 22 Steve Smith                 Birmingham, England              L  6
Jul  1 Jack Bailey                 Birmingham, England              W  4
Jul 13 Curly Watson                Birmingham, England              L  6

Jan 16 Bombardier Davis            Newcastle, England              KO  7
Feb 22 "Bombardier" F. Morgan      Glasgow, Scotland                W 15
May 10 "Gunner" Gus Rawles         Dundalk, Ireland                TK  4
Dec 18 Dick Knock                  Belfast, Ireland                 L 20
Dec 20 Bombardier Davis            Glasgow, Scotland                L 10

Mar  7 Harry Rowe                  Hull, England                    W 13
Jul 10 Holger Hanson               Copenhagen, Denmark             KO  5
Oct 9  Jim Smith                   Copenhagen, Denmark             KO 11
Dec  2 Dick Green                  Berlin, Germany                 KO 16
Dec 10 Hausen                      Berlin, Germany                 KO 14

Nov 26 Dick Nelson                 Copenhagen, Denmark              L 20

Feb  3 Waldemar Holberg            Vienna, Austria                  L 20

Jan 26 Jack Meekins                Budapest, Hungary               KO 10

       an unnamed opponent         Copenhagen, Denmark              W 12
       Lew "K.O." Williams         Savannah, Ga                    LK  9
*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***
       Billy Patterson             Portland, Or                     D  6

May 10 Tom Foley                   Chicago, Il                      D  6

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization