Tom McCormick

BORN   August 8 1890; Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
DIED    Summer 1916; in France
WEIGHT 145-146 lbs
RACE   White; Irish

McCormick was a decent boxer with a fairly good punch; His life in the ring got tougher as he moved up in competition

Unbeaten when he ventured to Australia, he won the British Empire Welterweight title in 1914 from Johnny Summers and subsequently won the World Welterweight title from Waldemar Holberg; Then, he lost the crown to Matt Wells and was never the top flight man he had been after that loss
Tom was killed in action in France during World War I; The exact date in the summer of 1916 is not known but it is believed to be in June, July or August

       Seaman White                                                 W   
       Private Burnam                                              KO   
       Lieutenant Corporal Spaulding                                W   
       Sapper McNeil                                                L   
          -Some sources report "Sapper O'Neill"
       Gunner Lockhart                                             KO   

Jan 15 Bill Mansell               London, Eng                     TK  3
Jan 20 Private Hutton             London, Eng                     KO  6
Feb    Private Walker             London, Eng                     KO  1
Mar  4 Albert Bayton              London, Eng                      W 10
          -Some sources report "KO 10"
May 20 Albert Bayton              Sheffield, Eng                  KO  2
Jun 21 Private Marks              Plymouth, Eng                   KO  1
Jul  5 Battling Taylor            Plymouth, Eng                   KO  6
Jul 26 Jack Meekins               Plymouth, Eng                   TK  4
Aug 16 Dick Knock                 Plymouth, Eng                   KO  5
Aug 23 Boss Edwards               Plymouth, Eng                   TK  2
Aug 28 Private Ponsford           Exeter, Eng                      W 15
Sep 20 Harry Duncan               Plymouth, Eng                   WF  7
Oct  3 Eddie Beattie              Liverpool, Eng                   W 20
Oct 18 Jack Goldswain             Plymouth, Eng                    D 15
Nov  8 Jack Goldswain             Plymouth, Eng                    W 20
Nov 29 Young Joseph               Plymouth, Eng                    W 15
Dec 20 Joe Goodwin                Plymouth, Eng                   TK  3

Jan 17 Sid Burns                  Plymouth, Eng                   TK  7
Feb  8 Albert Badoud              Paris, Fr                        W 15
Mar  3 Arthur Evernden            London, Eng                      W 15
Apr 21 Gus Platts                 London, Eng                      W 20
May 31 Albert Badoud              Devonport, Eng                   W 15
Jun 27 Tom Tees                   Plymouth, Eng                   WF  3
Jul 18 Eddie Elton                Plymouth, Eng                   TK  5
Jul 31 Johnny Basham              Liverpool, Eng                   D 15
Aug 15 Eddie Beattie              Plymouth, Eng                    W 15
Sep  5 Alf Goodwin                Plymouth, Eng                   TK  6
Sep  8 Gus Platts                 Sheffield, Eng                   L 20
Oct  3 Sergeant Baker             Plymouth, Eng                   TK  1

Jan  9 Johnny Summers             Sydney, NSW, Aus                 W 20
          -Welterweight Championship of the British Empire;
           Welterweight Championship of Britain;
           Some sources report 1/10/14
Jan 24 Waldemar Holberg           Melbourne, Vic, Aus             WF  6
          -Welterweight Championship of the World
Feb 14 Johnny Summers             Sydney, NSW, Aus                KO  1
          -Welterweight Championship of the World;
           Welterweight Championship of the British Empire;
           Welterweight Championship of Britain
Mar 21 Matt Wells                 Sydney, NSW, Aus                 L 20
          -Welterweight Championship of the World;
           Welterweight Championship of the British Empire;
           Welterweight Championship of Britain
Mar 28 Fritz Holland              Melbourne, Vic, Aus              L 20
Apr 18 Milburn "Young" Saylor     Sydney, NSW, Aus                LT 10
Sep    Alexandrescu Costica       Plymouth, Eng                   LF 10  

May 10 Johnny Basham              London, Eng                     LT 13
          -Welterweight Championship of Britain
Aug  2 Harry Paddon               London, Eng                     KO  9
Aug 20 Henri Tyncke               Plymouth, Eng                    W 15
Sep  2 Albert Badoud              Liverpool, Eng                   L 15
Nov 22 Eddie Beattie              Newcastle, Eng                  LK 14

*** Assistance Was Provided By Tony Triem ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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