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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion

Jack Broughton
(the "Father of Boxing")

BORN   1704; Baunton, Cirencester, England
DIED January 8 1789; Lambeth, London, England (Some sources report January 20 1789; Some sources report he was buried on December 21 1878)
HEIGHT.. 5-10 1/2
WEIGHT 196-200 lbs
BACKER William, Duke of Cumberland

Broughton was the best boxer of the early period of the British Prize Ring; He was scientific, fast, strong and tough; His favorite punch was the "peg to the stomach" that became the terror of his contemporaries

John was intelligent, communicative and not destitute of wit; He possessed a sharp and penetrating eye that almost "looked through the object before him;" His form was athletic and commanding and denoted uncommon strength and bottom

He brought solid methodology into boxing, introducing scientific moves and the delivery of punches, especially "milling on the retreat" (i.e. moving backwards and drawing an opponent into punches so their effectiveness is doubled; He was distinguished for giving some remarkable hits, which were not easily forgotten; His stomach blow often decided the battle and his "lungeunder the ear" generally produced terrible consequences to the opponent

In 1741, Jack Broughton beat George Stevenson so badly in a 35 minute contest that a few days later Stevenson died; The tragedy upset Broughton and in an effort to ensure that it would not happen again, he called together some of the patrons of his academy and drew up a set of rules; "Broughton’s Rules" governed boxing from August 16, 1743 until 1838, when a new code, "The London Prize Ring Rules," was adopted

Broughton also invented, or rediscovered, the boxing glove; It has been suggested that seeing a statue of a Greek boxer wearing the cestus gave him the idea of the padded glove; Broughton's padded gloves were lightweight "mufflers" and used only in sparring - since matches were still bare-knuckle; The gloves were really to prevent damage to his aristocratic patrons

Broughton was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1954 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990

          -Broughton began his career with some turn-up matches in Bristol, Eng

Sep    an unnamed opponent                                            W 10

          -Broughton defeated a number of opponents and became a favorite of James Figg

May  6 James Figg                London, Eng                         EX  6

       Tom Pipes                                                      W   
          -Some sources indicate possible Championship of England contest
       Tom Pipes                                                      W   
          -Some sources indicate possible Championship of England contest

       Bill Gretting                                                  W   
          -Some sources indicate possible Championship of England contest
       Bill Gretting                                                  W   
          -Some sources indicate possible Championship of England contest

       George Taylor             London, Eng                (20:00)   W   
          -Championship of England

       "Buckhorse" John Smith    London, Eng                          W   
          -Championship of England
       Prince Boswell            London, Eng                          W   
          -Championship of England
       Will Willis               London, Eng                          W   
          -Championship of England
       Sailor Field              London, Eng                          W   
          -Championship of England

Apr 24 George Stevenson          London, Eng                 (35:00)  W  4
          -Championship of England;
           Stevenson died

May    -Broughton announced his retirement from the ring (only to return later)

Mar 10 -Broughton opened the amphitheatre, Oxford Street, London, Eng
Mar 13 -Broughton announced his comeback and reclaimed the Championship of England
Aug 16 -Brought published his famous "Rules of the Ring"

       Chicken Harris            London, Eng                          W
          -Championship of England   
       Jack James                London, Eng                          W
          -Championship of England
       Tom Smallwood             London, Eng                          W   
          -Championship of England

Feb    -Broughton invented mufflers (boxing gloves) used in sparring contests

Apr 10 Jack Slack                London, Eng                 (14:00)  L  4
          -Championship of England;
           Some sources report 4/11/1747

Apr    an unnamed opponent       Lambeth, Eng                (15:00)  W   

*** Assistance Was Provided By Sergei Yurchenko ***

Record courtesy of Jan Skotnicki, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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