Andre Anderson
(Frederick Boeseneilers)

BORN   March 4 1891; Chicago, Illinois (Some sources report 1890)
DIED   April 1 1926; Oak Park, Illinois (shot by Leo McGovern [Mongoven] in Cicero, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago)
WEIGHT 211-247 lbs
MANAGER James J. Johnston

Anderson was a distinguished military veteran, a boxer, wrestler and all-around athlete; He was big and strong and carried a good punch; He caught the eye of many boxing people in his early career; Many felt he had great potential; But, after his 1916 battle with Jack Dempsey, he was viewed with less enthusiasm and handled poorly by those who managed his career

Among those he defeated during his career were "Battling" Jim Johnson, Al Palzer, Bob Devere, George "Boer" Rodel, Jim Stewart, Walter "Farmer" Lodge, and "Wild" Bill Hart

He is probably best remembered as Jack Dempsey's first New York opponent; Anderson knocked Dempsey down in the course of a bruising 10-round "No Decision" bout

He was a White Hope of the teens

         -Anderson began wrestling as a youth in Chicago, Illinois;
          He worked with the Cutler brothers tediously;
       Dr. B.F. Roller                                              L   
       Yussiff Hussane                                              L   

         -Anderson began working on boxing with Kid Howard in 
          Chicago, Illinois

May  5 Jack Dillon                 Lexington, Ky                   LK  5
Oct  4 "Battling" Jim Johnson      New York, NY                    KO  9
          -Some sources report 11/04/15;
           Some sources report "LT 9"
Nov 17 Fred Fulton                 Milwaukee, Wi                   LK  4
Dec 21 Al Palzer                   St. Paul, Mn                    KO  1

Jan 29 Frank Kendall               New York, NY                    KO  4
Feb 11 Bob Devere                  New York, NY                    KO  3
          -Some sources report 2/09/16
Feb 17 George "Boer" Rodel         New York, NY                    KO  5
          -Some sources report 2/16/16
Feb 19 Willie Meehan               New York, NY                    ND 10
Feb 22 Jim Stewart                 Brooklyn, NY                    TK  6
Mar  4 Jack Keating                Brooklyn, NY                    ND 10
          -Some sources report 5/04/16
Apr 15 Charley Weinert             New York, NY                    LK  2
May 12 -Anderson and another Chicago fighter, Joe Welling,
           took a boat trip near Sandy Hook, NJ where their
           boat capsized; The men were dumped into the water, 
           but swam around for several hours awaiting rescue;
           Both man survived without serious injury
May 24 "K.O." Bill Brennan         Providence, RI                   D 12
Jun 24 Jack Dempsey                Bronx, NY                       ND 10
          -Most sources report that Dempsey won;
           Some sources report that Anderson won
Sep 11 Jack Hemple                 Kansas City, Mo                 TK  5
Oct 26 Fred Fulton                 Eau Claire, Wi                  LK  1
          -Some sources report 10/27/16

          -Manager Johnston's interest in Anderson as a boxer waned;
           Anderson engaged in some wrestling contests
Feb 26 Tom Cowler                  Rochester, NY                   LK  1
          -Some sources report "Providence, RI"
Mar 26 Jack Sims                   Baltimore, Md                   TK  3
Apr  9 Carl Morris                 Baltimore, Md                   LK  3
Jul 20 Joe Jeannette               Brooklyn, NY                    ND 10
Aug 17 Sam Langford                Buffalo, NY                     LT  2

Feb    -Anderson served in the United States Army
May 23 Homer Smith                 Rockford, Il                    ND  4 
          -Some sources report "D 4"
Jun 15 Jim McLaughlin              Battle Creek, Mi                TK  2 
Jul  4 Homer Brantford             Camp Grant, Il                  TK  4

          -Anderson returned from the United States Army
           and worked as a machinist in Chicago, Il
Sep  1 Homer Smith                 Kalamazoo, Mi                   LK  1
          -Some sources report "LK 2"

Mar 10 Ed "Gunboat" Smith          Fresno, Ca                       L  4
          -Some sources report 3/09/20
Mar 24 "Tiny" Jim Herman           Hanford, Ca                      L  4
May 21 Young Hector                Seattle, Wa                     KO  3
Jun 11 Clem Johnson                Portland, Or                     W 10
Jul  7 "Tiny" Jim Herman           Seattle, Wa                      D  6
Sep 23 Frank Farmer                Tacoma, Wa                      LK  1
          -Some sources report "Seattle, Wa"
Oct    "Tiny" Jim Herman           Vancouver, BC, Can              LK  2

Apr  8 Walter "Farmer" Lodge       St. Paul, Mn                     D  6
          -Some sources report "L 6"
Sep  7 Jack Dempsey                Michigan City, In               EX  2
Oct 30 "Guardsman" Charlie Penwill London, Eng                     LT  8

Feb  9 Walter "Farmer" Lodge       Duluth, Mn                      WF  5
Mar  5 Walter "Farmer" Lodge       East Chicago, In                LK  6
Mar 29 "Tiny" Jim Herman           Omaha, Ne                       LK  6
Dec 25 Bob Fox                     Drumheller, Alta, Can           LK  3

Undated (1920-1924)
          -Anderson wrestled and lost to a number of competitors 
           such as Allen Eustace, Frank Havelki, Mike Romano, 
           Fred Meyers, Stanislaus Zbyszko, George Hills

Feb 15 Frank Dietz                 Portland, Or                    KO  1
Mar 19 Tommy Gibbons               Urbana, Il                      EX  6
          -Anderson worked as a sparring partner for Tommy Gibbons
           in preparation for Gibbons bout vs Georges Carpentier
Apr 29 Wayne Munn                  Chicago, Il                      L   
          -This was a wrestling match
Aug  9 Phil Scott                  London, Eng                     LK  7
Dec 18 Soren Petersen              Copenhagen, Den                  L 15
          -Heavyweight Championship of Denmark

Dec  8 "Wild" Bill Hart            Kansas City, Ks                 KO  2
Dec 23 Wayne Munn                  Kansas City, Ks                 KO  1

Jan 19 Buck Brady                  Kansas City, Ks                  D 10
          -Some sources report "W 10"

Mar 31 -Anderson was shot at a soft drink place in Cicero, Il
           by Leo McGovern [Mongoven] during an argument

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Feb 14 Harry Persson               Stockholm, Swe                  LK  9
          -Some sources report this bout but Persson
           fought Emil Andreasen, not Andre Anderson

*** Much Data Was Provided By Tim Hornbaker ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization