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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Alfredo "Preciso" Layne

BORN   October 9 1959; Panama City, Panama
DIED June 25 1999; Panama City, Panama
WEIGHT 128-141 3/4 lbs

Layne was a fighter with talent but one who had only a mediocre career; In spite of this, he accomplished what few other men could - he defeated Wilfredo "Bazooka" Gomez and won the WBA Super Featherweight Championship of the World in the process

defeated such men as Gomez, Tomas Rodriguez and Alcibiades Blandon

Mar 29 Alexander Sanchez          David, Panama                       L  4
Apr 25 Armando DeSedas            Panama City, Panama                TK  6
May 23 Armando Quiroz             Panama City, Panama                WF  3
Jul 18 Marcos Vasquez             Santiago, Panama                   KO  2
Aug 15 Antonio Isaza              Panama City, Panama                TK  2
Oct 31 Ezequiel Mosquera          Colon City, Panama                  W  6

Jan 16 Isaac Moreno               Panama City, Panama                TK  3
Mar 20 Alcibiades Blandon         Panama City, Panama                NC  3
Apr 23 Nelson Bolanos             Guayaquil, Ecuador                  L 10
Aug 14 Alcibiades Blandon         Colon City, Panama                 TK  7
Oct 16 Rafael Williams            Colon City, Panama                  L 10

Feb  5 Aquilino Asprilla          Panama City, Panama                 L 12
          -Super Featherweight Championship of Panama
Jun 11 Roberto Collins Lindo      Panama City, Panama                TK  2
Jul 16 Rudy Alpizar               Panama City, Panama                TK  9
Sep 17 Jose Santana               Panama City, Panama                TK  6

Feb 18 Dennis Moran               Panama City, Panama                KO  2
Jul 14 Manuel Julio               Panama City, Panama                TK  4
Nov 17 Kamel Bou-Ali              Riva del Garda, Italy              LT  6

May 19 Tomas Rodriguez            Hato Rey, Puerto Rico              TK  9

May 24 Wilfredo "Bazooka" Gomez   San Juan, Puerto Rico              TK  9
          -WBA Super Featherweight Championship of the World
Sep 27 Brian Mitchell             Sun City, Bophuthatswana, SAfrica  LT 10
          -WBA Super Featherweight Championship of the World
Dec 20 Pernell Whitaker           Norfolk, Va                         L 10

Aug 29 Mauricio Aceves            Los Angeles, Ca                    LT  5
Nov 27 Amancio Castro             Miami Beach, Fl                     L 10
Dec 18 Carlos Sole Ruiz           Madrid, Spain                       L  8

Jan 30 Steve Larrimore            Nassau, Bahamas                     L 10
Oct  8 Ivan Vanegas               Panama City, Panama                 W 10
Dec 17 Rafael Williams            Colon City, Panama                  L 10

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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