Arthur Pelkey
(Andrew Arthur Pelletier)

BORN October 27 1884; Chatham, Ontario, Canada
DIED February 18 1921; Windsor, Ontario, Canada
HEIGHT 6-1 1/2
WEIGHT 206-210 lbs

Pelkey was a rugged, hard-hitting fighter who was tough and durable - until he defeated Luther McCarty, who died at ringside; Up to that bout, Pelkey had lost only one contest officially; Following that bout, Pelkey was never the same and won only a handful of bouts

He was a White Hope of the teens

Dec  8 Kindall Salisbury          Boston, Ma                        W  6
          -Some sources report "D 6"

Jan 21 George Christian           Westfield, Ma                    LK  1
Jan 23 Tom Tracy                  Westfield, Ma                    KO  2
Apr    Kindall Salisbury          Westfield, Ma                     W 10
          -Some sources report "KO 2"
May    Al Benedict                New York, NY                     ND  3
          -Some sources report "W 5"
Jul    Jim Sullivan               Adams, Ma                         W 10
Sep 15 Jim Barry                  Chatham, Ont, Can                KO  5
Dec    Kindall Salisbury          Adams, Ma                         W 12
          -Some sources report "W 10"
Dec 10 Jack Winrow                Adams, Ma                        KO  1

Jan 11 Robert McAvery             Adams, Ma                        KO  3
Jan 25 Charles Haghey             Adams, Ma                        KO  4
Jan 31 Tug Kennedy                Adams, Ma                        TK  4
Mar 28 Albert "Soldier" Kearns    Adams, Ma                        KO  5
Mar 31 Ray Simmons                Westfield, Ma                     W 10
          -Some sources report "North Adams, Ma"
Apr  8 Jeff Madden                Westfield, Ma                     D 10
          -Some sources report "Adams, Ma"
May  2 Jack McDonough             Adams, Ma                        KO  3
          -Some sources report "W 3"
May  9 Andrew "Andy" Morris       North Adams, Ma                   D 12
          -Some sources report "D 10" at "Adams, Ma"
May 23 Fred Atwater               North Adams, Ma                  KO  2
May 27 George McDermott           New York, NY                     ND 10
          -Some sources report "W 10" against "Jack McDermott" 
           at "Pittsfield, Ma"
Jul 29 Jess Willard               New York, NY                     ND 10
Aug 19 Albert "Soldier" Kearns    New York, NY                     ND 10
Aug 23 Albert "Soldier" Kearns    New York, NY                     TK  6
Aug 26 Sailor White               New York, NY                     ND 10
Oct 12 Buck Harris                Chicopee, Ma                     KO  2
          -Some sources report "KO 3"
Nov  1 Andrew "Andy" Morris       Chicopee, Ma                      W 10
Nov 28 Sailor White               Chicopee, Ma                      W 10
Dec 20 Jack Garrity               Chicopee, Ma                     KO  3
Dec 26 Jeff Madden                Augusta, Me                      ND 12

Jan  2 Bob Williams               Chicopee, Ma                     KO  3
Jan  9 Jim Coffey                 Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Feb 12 Fred McKay                 New York, NY                      W 10
          -Some sources report "ND-D 10" on 2/27/13
Mar    Joe Grim                   Brooks, Alta, Can                 W  4
Mar    Fred Nelson                Emisfall, Alta, Can               W  4
Apr  2 Tommy Burns                Calgary, Alta, Can               ND  6
May  1 Andrew "Andy" Morris       Calgary, Alta, Can               TK  8
May 24 Luther McCarty             Calgary, Alta, Can               KO  1
          -White Heavyweight Championship of the World;
           McCarty collapsed and died from an apparent
           light blow to the head
       Tommy Burns                Eugene, Or                       EX  6
       Charles Horn               Los Angeles, Ca                  EX  6
       Jack Harris                Joliette, Que, Can                W 10
Dec    -Pelkey claimed the Heavyweight Championship of Canada

Jan  1 Ed "Gunboat" Smith         Daly City, Ca                    LT 15
          -White Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jan 24 Kid Kenneth                Taft, Ca                         LK  6
Apr  4 Bill Lang                  Sydney, NSW, Aus                 LT 19
May 11 Les O'Donnell              Melbourne, Vic, Aus               D 20
Jun 12 Sam McVey                  Melbourne, Vic, Aus              LK  4
          -Some sources report "LK 11";
           Some sources report 6/13/14
       "Montana" Dan Sullivan     Indis, Ceylon                    EX  6
       "Montana" Dan Sullivan     Port Said, Egypt                 EX  6
Sep    Dan McGoldrick             Plymouth, Eng                     W 15
Sep    Harry Smith                Plymouth, Eng                     W 15
Sep    Gordon Sims                Plymouth, Eng                     L 15
Oct 10 Frank Hagney               Plymouth, Eng                    KO  5
Oct 26 "Bandsman" Dick Rice       London, Eng                       L 15
Nov    Matthew "P.O." Curran      Salisbury Plains, Eng            EX 10
          -Some sources report "D 10"

Mar  4 Jim Coffey                 New York, NY                     LT  2
          -Some sources report "LK 3"
Mar 24 Al Reich                   Bronx, NY                        LK  3
          -Some sources report "LK 4"
Apr  9 Joe Jeannette              Montreal, Que, Can               LT  8
Apr 30 "Battling" Jim Johnson     Montreal, Que, Can               LK  7
May    "California" Jack Burns    North Adams, Ma                  KO  2
Jun    Soldier DeLaney            North Adams, Ma                   W 10
Jul    Jack McGrath               Chicopee, Ma                      W 10
Aug 27 Fred Fulton                Eau Claire, Wi                   ND 10
Oct 28 Fred Fulton                Oshkosh, Wi                      LT  5

Feb 11 Carl Morris                Tulsa, Ok                        LK  5
May    Joe Cox                    Joplin, Mo                        D 10
Jun  7 Ed "Gunboat" Smith         Memphis, Tn                       L  8
          -Some sources report "D 8"
Aug    Texas Tate                 Oklahoma City, Ok                ND  1

Jan    Fritz Braithwaite          Parloma, Pan                     KO  3
Feb 11 Kid Norfolk                Panama City, Pan                 LK 13
          -Some sources report "LK 14"
Mar    Joe Archer                 Parloma, Pan                     KO  2
Apr    Sam McVey                  Colon, Pan                       EX  4
May    Jack Livingstone           Colon, Pan                       KO  4
       "Black" Gunboat Smith      Santiago, Chile                  KO  2
       Calvin Respress            Santiago, Chile                   L 15
       Guiralechea Vasco          Concepcion, Chile                KO  7
       Ferdinando Priano          in South America                SCH   
          -The previous bout was scheduled;
           The outcome is not known

          -Pelkey had numerous other fights in South America
           during 1917 which were mostly wins by knockout

       Fred McKay                 Winnipeg, Man, Can              SCH   
       Barney Devine              Edmonton, Alta, Can             SCH   
       Barney Devine              Edmonton, Alta, Can             SCH    
       Tex McEwan                 Ottawa, Ont, Can                SCH   
       Jack Lang                  Toronto, Ont, Can               SCH   
       John Duprez                in New Brunswick, Can           SCH   
       Scottie Mack               Toronto, Ont, Can               SCH   
          -The previous 7 bouts were scheduled;
           The outcomes are not known

       Johnny Cipry "Senior"      Buenos Aires, Arg                 W 15
May 29 Jack Dempsey               Denver, Co                       LK  1

Aug  9 Jack Renault               Sherbrooke, Que, Can             ND 10
          -Heavyweight Championship of Canada;
           Some sources report 8/10/19
Oct 11 Horace "Solider" Jones     Sherbrooke, Que, Can             KO  1
          -Heavyweight Championship of Canada
Nov  8 Cleve Hawkins              Sherbrooke, Que, Can              W 10
Dec 16 "Fighting" Bob Martin      St. Louis, Mo                    LK  3

Feb  8 Cleve Hawkins              Winnipeg, Man, Can               ND 10
          -Some sources report 2/10/20 at "Windsor, Ont, Can"
       Leo Gates                  Windsor, Ont, Can                 D 10
Dec  5 "Young" Peter Jackson      Windsor, Ont, Can                 D 10

       Silas Green                                                SCH   
       Spike Sullivan                                             SCH   
       Jack McGinnis                                              SCH   
       Dave Marshall                                              SCH   
       Rocky Knight                                               SCH   
          -The previous 5 bouts were scheduled; 
           The outcomes are not known

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Jan 14 Ed "Gunboat" Smith         in California                     L 15
          -Perhaps, this is actually the 1/01/14 bout

Aug  9 Joe Cox                    Joplin, Mo                       LK  9
          -Perhaps, this is actually the May 1916 bout

Dec 17 Kid Norfolk                Panama City, Panama              LT 13
          -Perhaps, this is actually the 2/11/17 bout

Feb  1 Horace "Soldier" Jones     in Canada                        KO  1
          -Perhaps, this is actually the 10/11/19 bout

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization