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By Matt Donnellon

Matt Donnellonís book, The Irish Champion Peter Maher, is a wonderful work that is well-researched and contains many factual accounts of his ring career and personal events too. The book focuses on Maherís boxing career, from rural Galway to the bright lights of the large cities such as New York and Philadelphia.

As stated on the back cover ďThis is the great untold story of Peter Maher, Irelandís only World Heavyweight Champion, a man blessed with a knock out punch the equal of any man before or sinceĒ

Included are accounts of fights and events from newspaper reports and various other publications. Brief discussions of fighters, personalities and situations are included that shed light on the happenings in Peterís career. Opinions of Maherís fighting skills by many boxing people are included as well as a section containing Peterís career record and those of many fighters from the pre-1900 and early 1900 years. A variety of interesting and informative rare old photos and images that enhance the presentation are displayed. Many rare facts are discussed that give a more exact description of Maher than ever provided before.

This book is a real collector's item - interesting, informative and destined to become a major source of facts regarding the clever, two-fisted boxer. It is a must read for die-hard historians and fans. As a result of this book, I will update my Maher record on the Cyber Boxing Zone.

Matt Donnellon resides in Ireland, is an Irish Amateur Boxing Association (IABA) judge, a boxing coach with his local Kilmaine boxing club, County Mayo and a member of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO). He is married to Mary Steede, of Kilbannon, birthplace of Peter Maher, and they have six children Ė three girls (Grainne, Niamh and Tara) and three sons (Shane, Niall and Brian). The sons were all boxers and have won Connaught (West of Ireland) regional championships.

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Callis description --

Maher was the most dangerous hitter of the pre-1900 years, bar none ! He moved quickly and struck with vicious paralyzing blows - on the order of Bob Fitzsimmons and Pat Killen; His weakness lay in his lack of refined boxing skills and a fairly weak chin

During his career, Maher defeated such men as Gus Lambert, Jim Daly, Jack Fallon, Nick Burley, George Godfrey, Frank Craig, Steve O'Donnell, Frank "Paddy" Slavin, Joe Choynski, C.A.C. Smith, Joe Goddard, Joe Kennedy, Jim Jeffords, Joe Butler and Morris Harris

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization

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