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Sultan Ibragimov
(Sultanahmed Ibzagimov)

BORN   March 8 1975; Tlyarata, Dagestan, Russia
HEIGHT.. 6-2
WEIGHT 205-231 3/4 lbs
MANAGER Boris Grinberg
TRAINERS.. Panama Lewis, Jeff Mayweather

Ibragimov is a natural left-hander who carries a good punch in each fist; He is not a polished boxer but generates action with his style; He is light on his feet, moves quickly and has a solid chin

During his career, he has won the WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World and the WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Championship

Ibragimov has defeated such men as Shannon Briggs, Zuri Lawrence, Alfred Cole, Lance Whitaker, Friday Ahunanya, Javier Mora and Carlos Barcelete


       -Ibragimov placed second in the European Amateur Heavyweight Championship 
        at Tampere, Finland

       -Ibragimov placed second in the Olympics Heavyweight Championship
        at Sydney, NSW, Australia

       -Ibragimov placed third in the World Amateur Heavyweight Championship
        at Belfast, Northern Ireland

May 25 Tracy Williams             Delray Beach, Fl                   KO  1
Jun  7 John Phillips              Southaven, Ms                      TK  1
Oct 18 Leroy Hollis               Orlando, Fl                        TK  1
Dec  6 Clarence Goins             Davie, Fl                          TK  1
Dec 20 Lincoln Luke               Miami, Fl                          TK  2

Mar 26 Chad Butler                Coconut Grove, Fl                   W  6
Apr 22 Carlos Barcelete           Moscow, Russia                     KO  3
Jun  6 Marcus McGee               Rostov, Russia                     TK  8
Sep 12 Cedrak Agagulyan           Donetsk, Ukraine                   TK  1

Jan 29 Piotr Sapun                Moscow, Russia                     KO  1
Mar 10 Alexei Osokin              Moscow, Russia                      W  8
Aug 28 Onebo Maxime               Boynton Beach, Fl                  TK  5 
Oct 16 Najee Shaheed              Boynton Beach, Fl                  KO  3 
          -WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Championship
Dec 11 James Walton               Brighton Beach, NY                 TK  6 
          -WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Championship

Mar  3 Alfred Cole                New York, NY                       TK  3
          -WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Championship
Apr 22 Zuri Lawrence              Atlantic City, NJ                  TK 11
          -WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Championship
Jun 24 Andy Sample                Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  1 
          -WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Championship
Sep 16 Friday Ahunanya            Duluth, Ga                         TW  9
          -WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Championship
Dec 15 Lance Whitaker             Hollywood, Fl                      TK  7
          -WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Championship

Jul 28 Ray Austin                 Hollywood, Fl                       D 12

Mar 10 Javier Mora                New York, NY                       TK  1
Jun  2 Shannon Briggs             Atlantic City, NJ                   W 12 
          -WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World
Oct 13 Evander Holyfield          Moscow, Russia                      W 12
          -WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World

Feb 23 Wladimir Klitschko         New York, NY                        L 12
          -IBF Heavyweight Championship of the World;
          IBO Heavyweight Championship of the World;
          WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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      Tracy Callis, standing in front of a bulletin board in Moscow prior to the Ibragimov-Holyfield bout in 2007