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Team Wright Press Release - 9/20/00

Ronald “Winky” Wright

Numerous requests have been made, by the media, regarding  “Winky’s” future boxing plans.  The following outlines, in detail, what is currently taking place regarding “Winky’s” future plans.

Winky’s record now stands at 40 wins, 3 losses, with 26 KO's.  Wright’s 40th win came on September 9, 2000 against Bronco McKart. Currently, Winky is both the USBA and NABF Jr. Middleweight Champion. Additionally, Winky is the IBF mandatory contender to the winner of the Felix Trinidad vs. Fernando Vargas fight tentatively scheduled for December 2, 2000. Winky's three losses were all via split decisions in the other fighter's venue.  His loss to Harry Simon was initially ruled a draw, then was changed 30 minutes later while "Winky" was in the dressing room.  Wright has never been stopped.

This coming Saturday WBO Champion Harry Simon defends his title against Rodney Jones. On August 22, 1998 Winky traveled to Simon’s hometown in South Africa to defend his then WBO Title. At the time the Acarie brothers Michel and Louis promoted Winky. British promoter Frank Warren acted as co-promoter for the Acarie’s. Warren wanted Winky to join his promotional company Sports Network, but since Winky was satisfied with the Acarie’s for their efforts as his promoter, he decided to remain loyal to them and told Warren thanks but no thanks. Simon, on the other hand agreed to work with Warren and unbeknownst to Winky, he was about to make one of the biggest mistakes of his boxing career, that being going to South Africa to defend his title while rebuffing Warren’s offer.

The fight with Simon was a tough fight that went the distance. When the decision was announced a draw, Winky was disappointed, but as always, Winky showed his class and told the public that Simon was a tough fighter. But while Winky was in his dressing room, someone said that the scorecards were added wrong and Simon was given a split decision win. Immediately, Winky realized that the outcome of the fight has already been predetermined. My refusal to join Sports Network in all likelihood cost me my title. Both Harry and I gave it our all. But as is often the case, individuals who never put their lives in harms way decide the outcomes of fights. We the fighters leave everything in the ring, while the promoter leaves everything in his bank account.

Winky would like Harry Simon to know the following: I respect Harry for his accomplishments and always wish him the best in his career. However, in 1998, I went to his country and defended my title. It would only be fair that Harry gave me a rematch here in my country. I have an open date this coming December on HBO, and I would be more than happy to fight Harry even though I am the mandatory challenger to the winner of the Trinidad vs. Vargas fight. I would even be willing to give Harry my share of the purse as an added incentive if he beat me. I would hope that Harry would take this challenge since he very well knows that his win against me was strange and highly controversial. Regardless of the outcome, Harry and I will always remain friends. It’s time to tell the promoters to get out of the way and allow our business to be completed in a fair an unbiased manner.

Regarding Fernando Vargas, who everyone knows I beat last December, Vargas has been pleading with his promoter Main Events to keep me away from him at all cost. Recently, Main Events tried unsuccessfully to not allow me to be the IBF’s No.1 contender. Thankfully, I have the sharpest advisor in the boxing business and with his guidance; I’m on Fernando’s heels once again. I would like the public to know that the biggest challenge out there for me is Felix Trinidad. A win against Tito would establish me as one of the best fighters today. Should Tito beat Vargas, I hope that he keeps his IBF title and fights me before moving to middleweight. In the mean time, I want to fight Harry this December.

In December I will be fighting once again on HBO. Hopefully my opponent will be Harry Simon.

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