Table of Contents:

Gender Discrimination in Amateur Boxing
By Adam Pollack

Two Pieces on Jones-Ruiz
By Juan C. Ayllon

Killer Instinct... NO Patience!
By John Garfield

The Grand Champion Calls It A Career
By Steve Coughlin

Five Fine Fighters
By Jim Amato

Interview: Emanuel Steward
By David Iamele

Baer Essence [PDF]
By Don Cogswell

The Latino Championship
By Jim Amato

Interview with Jackie Graves
By Jake Wegner

Race and Boxing
By Tom Donelson

Ali Would Have Beaten Louis
By Don Colgan

The West Coast Featherweight Wars
By Dan Hanley

Gentleman Gerry Cooney:
What could have been!

By Don Colgan

Kid Gavilan: the Sparrow Hawk
By Enrique Encinosa

Jeffries and Other Heavyweights
By Tracy G. Callis

Scoring Even Rounds:
It's not a Cop Out

By Frank J. Lotierzo

The Puerto Rican Parallel
By Jim Amato

My Boxing Memories of the 1980s
By "Iceman" John Scully

As the Wallets Fly
By Juan C. Ayllon

Mann Act and Jack Johnson
By Tom Donelson

The 2002 CBZ Year End Awards
Compiled by the CBZ Staff

CBZ Book Excerpt:
Norman Mailer on Being A Pro [PDF]
By Norman Mailer
From “The Spooky Art.
Some Thoughts on Writing”

CBZ Book Reviews:
“Facing Ali: The Opposition Weighs In”
Reviewed by Cliff Endicott


  It was Friday Night
  At the San Leandro Boys Club
  1963 and I was looking good!
  My jab was working, right hand
  was getting in, I even heard
  my brother in the audience. I felt
  like a white guy with Floyd Patterson
  in my shoes. I was boxing a black kid
  from Oakland named Lonnie. I had
  imagination. Lonnie had talent.

  I remember waking up floating
  on my back with radiant white light
  blazing down on me with a silhouette
  Standing over me asking "are you alright?"
  I don't know if I'm knocked out
  Or if this is a near death experience
  But I figure that must be the referee
  because if it was God he wouldn't 
  have to ask.

                 --Tom Smario

Audio from the CBZ Archives:
Jack Dempsey Story w/ Brief Comment [MP3]
From Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel, 04-02-1948

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