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  • Editorial: Rinsing Off the Mouthpiece
    By GorDoom

    Yeah, well ... What can I say? The CBZ has been a li'l loose this annum due to unforeseen circumstances. The Ol' Spit Bucket & his partner, The Scourge Of The New York Islands, Michael De Lisa, have hit some unexpected lumps in the road.

    As you dear readers may or may not be aware, the CBZ is a nonprofit endeavor. We take no advertising nor do we have any other compromising revenue streams. We be a purist boxing site. But even though nobody gets any geats for the work they do, it still takes the old do-re-mi & a lot of attention to keep the site up & running.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances like, lives, wives, dwindling bank accounts, & a balls-to-the-walls attempt to fill personal coffers, attention hasn't been fully focused on the CBZ.

    But We Be Back ...

    Our new issue is a varied one & I won't go into a blow by blow of each article. Suffice it to say, each one is of interest ... But, there is one that I need to expound on a little. Our lead off article, Katherine Dunn's interview with esteemed boxing historian, Herb Goldman, is of special personal interest to The Bucket.

    Mr. Goldman, who's erudite treatises on boxing history fascinated "Lil' Bucket", as he devoured ring history as a youth; was an especially interesting piece for me to read. His articles have always given me food for thought & while I didn't always agree with him, I have always most certainly respected him as a diligent historian. I find this interview to be facinating. Goldman is a complex & serious man who has devoted his life to the mysteries of the sweet science. & his views on boxing are not to be taken lightly ...

    Anyways, enjoy the new ish & we will be back on a regular basis from this point forward.



    A R.I.P. to noted boxing writer, Phil Berger, who passed away this month. The Bucket will delve into Mr. Berger's career as a boxing writer in more depth for the next issue ... Also, A Tip Of The Fedora to Marco Antonio Barrera for his unexpected - at least to this wizened scribe - victory over Prince Naseem Hamed. & another "Tip" to the Nazz, for handling his defeat in world class style ...


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